Relocation Update #4: Job hunting

This is a continuation of Relocation Update #2: Moving on.

The one good thing about hubby's job hunting in Calgary is that almost all of the job that he applied for, he got a call for them, either phone interview or a face-to-face interview.

There were 3 jobs that hubby applied for the night before and the next day he got a call from them already. They really act very fast! It's a sign that employers DO read resumes.

Unlike here in Toronto, you don't even know if they received it or not... nor if they even bothered to read it or not... out of 10-20 applications hubby sent out, if he is lucky, only 1 will call and do a phone interview.

Someone once ask hubby if he can recommend someone for a job like his, he claims that he put up an ad on the internet for 1 day and received 600 applications for it. He didn't want to go through the resumes, so he decided to ask hubby for referral.

Anyway, it still took hubby 10 weeks, turning down 2 job offers, before he found the job that he really likes. The job description fits him perfectly, with lots of project line up, and definitely a lot of room for career growth. It is a big corporation and supported by the government. Very stable indeed. So even though we didn't get any relocation package, the offer is good enough for us to consider relocating.

Hubby received his job offer on a wednesday and started working the next day! He is that excited about his new job. It's been 6 weeks since he started and he is still enjoying it. This is hubby's fourth job in Canada and hopefully its for keeps.

For those who are planning on migrating... do consider Calgary... even if your relatives are all in Toronto. If I had known about this sooner, I would have not hold hubby back before.

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ethel said...

HI Jo, congrats to your hubby :)
IT ba sya? :)

gracita said...

hey jo, i love these relocation updates. sobrang dali naman palang makahanap ng work sa calgary? good for your hubby and family! good luck on the move! gosh, ang dameng boxes. yan ang pinaka hate ko, maglipat ng bahay...hirap mag-ayos! take care :)

Raquel said...

Hi Jo, ito na cguro ang pinakalaking swerte dumating sa buhay nyo. Everything turns into good talaga.

Masarap mag impake, mahirap naman mag-ayos. Good luck and take care you guys.

JO said...

Hi Ethel,
Yes, IT, Networking.

Hi Gracita,
Yup, everybody says it is really very easy. Thanks!

Hi Raquel,
Yes, it is a blessing indeed. Now that packing is over, I can get to relax for about 2 weeks before I have to start unpacking again.

cess said...

wow! inuulan kayo ng swerte ha :D really happy for you and your family.

JO said...

Thank you Cess! We are truly bless this time.

Soulful_SensitiveStreak said...

Hi Jo,

Congratulations to your husband. I'm sure he's very good at what he does because of the many job opportunities that has opened for him. Good luck on his new job.

BTW, I tagged you (A-Z Meme). I know you're busy with the upcoming move. Don't worry, there's no hurry. You may do it whenever you have extra time to spare.

Take care.


evi said...

things happen for a reason. the year that you emigrated, alberta wasn't doing that well yet. it was only after they paid off their debts that opportunities became bountiful.

fayenget said...

that's nice to hear.. more blessings to come JO!

Ann said...

Ang galing naman sa Calgary ikaw pa pala ang pipili sa job na gusto mo, it means marami talagang trabaho. Malamang dun na lahat destination ng mga bagong salta dyan.

JO said...

Hi Rach,
Thanks! I'll do your tag soon... after our move na.

Hi Evi,
Hubby initial plan for Calgary was about 2 years ago, ako yun takot sa "unknown" and the fact that we don't know a single person there. But maybe, that wasn't the time too. So ok na din.

Hi Faye,

Hi Ann,
Yup. It is not a most liked city kasi nga it is very very cold and it has longer winter days... Plus ang salta talaga ng tao ay Toronto!

kaberns said...

Hi Jo,

Enjoy Calgary and keep us posted sa mga new adventures ninyo. I haven't visited your blog in a while and I was suprised to hear that you're moving. I'm sure you'll love it there.

Take care!

Kevin Lam said...

Reading your husband job hunt account, we felt like Calgary has a lot of jobs to offer, and it seems easy to find one.
But no no no, its the other way around, I think it is looking for someone who has the abilities like your husband is hard, he must be so demanded at Calgary.
Like his boss said, he could received 600 applications for a single job advertisement, it must be all garbage.
Your husband should possessed capabilities that others don't.
Bilib talaga ako!

Good Luck to your new home.


Junnie said...

we didnt have doubts that hubby will have an easy time getting work...the only thing was in choosing what's the best one and the best sure it all worked out best in the God's time talaga!

JO said...

Hi Kaberns,
Will definitely keep you all updated on our new adventures.

Hi Lam,
Naks naman! Thanks for believing in hubby.

Hi Junnie,
Yes, in God's time talaga... otherwise we might not have the chance to meet, di ba?

JO said...

Hi Lam,
It isn't 'garbage', the employer just didn't want to spend hours and hours reading through 600 resumes. So instead he ask for referrals which will be easier and less time for the employer.

Iskoo said...

i have a relative that have passed the migration qualification, they are expecting to receive their visa before the year ends, I will tell them about Calgary :)

congrats to you and your hubby!

Techguy (hinde guapo pero medyo bastos) said...

maganda sa alberta, i was there last year, you must visit Banf national Park, kaya lang mataas na ang housing cost sa alberta cause by boom.

Mich said...

hi Jo. wow, galing naman ni Hubby mo! dami pala opening for IT people dyan? hmmmm... :)

JO said...

Hi Iskoo,
These information are based on our personal experience and what we've heard. It may not work for everybody. But there's no harm in trying di ba? Work wise, it is definitely much harder in Toronto than in Calgary.

Hi Joey,
One of the exciting part of our move is the chance to visit a whole lot of places like Banff, Jasper, Lake Louise, Whistler... etc... What did you do in Alberta? Did you work? or pasyal lang?

Hi Mich,
Thanks! Not only for IT, but more opportunities for skilled workers like CADD operator, and those whose line of work is in the oil and gas.

Joy said...

You've got blessings overflowing in the household, JO. God is so good!

I hope the moving is fun. I'm sure you are vey busy unpacking this time. Keep it up!

tin said...

congratulations, jo and hubby! everything in God's perfect time. :-)

Techguy (hinde guapo pero medyo bastos) said...

i am working for a telecom company, meron akong project sa alberta last yr, then nakapasyal din ako sa Banf

JO said...

Hi Joy,
Thanks! Still busy packing... our flight is tomorrow and I am still bloggging... hehehe...

Hi Tin,

Hi Joey,
So do you agree to everything I've said? about job opportunities? My husband has been to Banff too, and it was really pretty up there.

niceheart said...

I just heard on the news today that there are quite a few Winnipeggers that have been receiving invitations from employers in Alberta for job positions in their companies. All out na talaga ang campaign nila. And to think that we are beginning to have labour problems here because people are being lured away to go to Alberta.

alynn said...

love calgary! its cleaner and youre right and mas marami opportunities...

JO said...

Hi Irene,
Ang sarap nga pag may relocation package na kasama, at least mas less ang pro-problemahin. Will you be moving to Alberta soon? Hehehe...

Hi Alynn,
So you've been here na?