I'm 95% done with my packing [except for Kitchen stuff that I am still using]. Movers are coming to pick up my stuff this Friday and this weekend will be our last weekend in Toronto.

I can relax a little more this week. So I am blogging my heart out!


Thoughts to ponder: Please take time to read this post @ Ka Uro's blog -- Blogging, Incivility and Negativity


Why do we wear our wedding ring on the fourth finger?


No one won my TT's True or False game! I would like to thank anyone who participated and especially those who spent time reading through my archives. ",) Here's the answers --
  1. Hubby is my 3rd boyfriend.
    FALSE - Hubby is my second BF.
  2. My first crush was a girl and not a boy.
    TRUE - They say you start to be a lady when you start to appreciate the beauty of another lady. I was in first year high school then and she was the cousin of my classmate who was a fourth year student. My friend told her I have a crush on her and she was pretty cool about it. She would always wave at me or say "hi" when we meet.
  3. I went to an all girl school back in College.
  4. My first real job in Manila was also my last job in Manila.
    TRUE - This is actually 2 companies that merge together, hence it is still 1 employer for me. I worked there for 10 years and have to resigned when we migrated!
  5. I have 2 brothers, 2 sisters, 4 brother-in-laws and 3 sister-in-laws.
  6. I took up Accounting in College.
    FALSE - I took up Lia-Com.
  7. I beat up a boy in grade school.
    TRUE! We girls were playing volleyball in the school yard, it had rain that day, so the ball was already wet with dirt. Then this boy started to bother us, and hit the ball directly to my eye. I ran after him and beat him up. Hahaha... And he never bothered us again. I was in grade 6 then.
  8. I had my first BF when I was 18.
    FALSE. I was 21... a late bloomer. It's a long distance relationship that didn't last very long.
  9. I never attended my prom.
    FALSE. I did attend my prom with my 2 bestfriends, we were without a date.
  10. I got married when I was 25.
    FALSE. I was 26.
  11. I'm a Cancer.
    FALSE. I'm a Leo.
  12. I have never been to Europe.
    TRUE. But I do wish I could go and see Europe soon.
  13. My maternal grandmother is still alive today.
    TRUE. And she lives in Cebu with my other cousins.


Raquel said...

At least 7 ang tama ko.

100% sure ako sa #7 kase nabasa ko sa 2005 achives, hahaha.

JO said...

Hi Raquel,
I don't remember blogging about beating up a boy before...

evi said...

i made 5 mistakes. tsk! tsk!

I never backtracked your entries coz i can still remember what i've read. naks! i know you wrote a post about your grandmother in cebu. i can recall the 13 states you've been but you never mentioned europe in any of your posts. i thought you took accounting based on your entry about your job during the tax season. i assumed from that. hehe...

oh well... at least i tried.

evi said...

ay! 6 mistakes pala!

Ann said...

Wow! One mistake lang pala ako sa 2nd try ...sayang.

fayenget said...

wow! you beat up a boy? ang tapang hehehe..

cess said...

lasalista ka ba?

Soulful_SensitiveStreak said...

Hi Jo. Sorry to hear that no one got everything correctly. Glad I was able to get a few correct ones.

What a nice coincidence. Lia-Com din ako (Psych-Marketing). ID 91. How about you?


Raquel said...

Hi Jo, I stand to be corrected...number 11 yun. I still have the note on my table na Leo ka. Kaya I mentioned 100% sure ako.

Sorry again.

JO said...

The scores are as follows:
ANN and GHEE = 9/13
EVI and RACH = 7/13
RAQUEL and ETHEL = 6/13

Hi Evi,
Ang galing mo naman. Thanks!

Hi Ann,
You identified 2 wrong "F" stmt, hence 4 ang mali mo.

Hi Faye,
Yup, matapang ako noon, tomboyish pa! hahaha

Hi Cess,

Hi Rach,
Batch 86 ako! Japan studies and Marketing.

JO said...

Hi Raquel,
Ah ok. Tinignan ko tuloy yun archives ko about beating up a boy... hehehe...

ethel said...

hehhee ang hirap kase ng pinahulaan mo Jo :)
Good luck nalang sa pag move nyo.
God Bless...

toto said...

Shoot! I just got to late for this quiz! What prizes did I miss??? :0)

Btw. Thanks for hopping by on my blog! :-)

cruise said...

wala atang tumama sa mga hula ko, hehe. pero glad to know more about you...

Iskoo said...

bakit kapag ang babae eh nagsabi na crush nila babae oks lang pakinggan at minsan sexy pa sa pandinig ng mga lalaki.

kapag lalaki nagsabi na may crush sa kapwa lalaki, kadiri.. hehehe.

JO said...

Hi Ethel,
Ok pa din naman ang hula mo eh.

Hi Toto,
Thanks for returning the visit and welcome to my blog!

Hi Cruise/Iskoo,
Para din yang pag mas matanda ang lalaki tapos super bata ng babae, mas accepted ng society... but not if its the other way around.

Tani said...

I got 7 out of 13. I answered everything's true except #8. Pasado lang... heheh.. nice knowing more about you, Jo. :)

JO said...

Hi Tani,
That's not bad at all.