Art Attack

[Title stolen from Leah's blog]

My daughter loves to draw, that is why my fridge is always full of her drawings! Even the walls in my bedroom and her bedroom. Then she took drawing classes in October and she started to draw more.

But with our move, I really have to dispose most of them! I can't be sentimental about it and bring it ALL with me. There were just too many of them!

In order for me to remember those drawings and to monitor how her drawing keeps on improving, I dated and scan each and everyone of them! Now, I have a paperless copy of all of her drawings, in my HD.


Soulful_SensitiveStreak said...

Pretty drawings. You're blessed to have a creative daughter. I think it's wonderful that you take time to scan every drawing. I'm sure she will also appreciate it when she grows older because she can look over all her past drawings.

My mom has kept several of my art work when I was younger. She framed and gave me one. It will always be one of my little treasures.

Thanks for the friendship rose. I appreciate it. Hope you have fun putting up your own board too.


niceheart said...

I also keep my children's drawings. I keep them in a binder. There aren't too many of them so I still get to keep them. :)

Raquel said...

I think it's a good idea for a keepsake on your HD. Sounds good you enrolled Patricia in a drawing class for her to improve her skills, malay natin she will become a designer.

Nakakatuwa ang mga drawings, akala ko si garfield dini-drawing...may pangalan pala na Patricia.

Iskoo said...

sarap i preserve yang mga ganyang art ng bata, when they grow up pakita mo ulit. I'm sure they will appreaciate it.

Meron isang exhibit dito pinag drawing mga bata tapos itatago sa isang malaking box, after 10 years they will display it again on the same venue wehre the exhibit was held :)

fennymun said...

very nice drawings! I have also tried to keep all the drawings and 'art pieces' made by my elder son. But, given the limited space, gradually I take digital photos of them and keep some of them. Anyway, I'm sure it'll be a precious memory for our kids.

Tani said...

what a lovely tribute to your daughter. thank you, Jo. for giving me lots of ideas on how to preserve my memories with my young ones. :)

ghee said...

kakatuwa yung mga drowings nya,Jo!
but you gave me an idea..oo nga,iscan ko na lang pala bago ko itapon,ang gandang souvenirs pala pag laki nya.

ethel said...

wow! buti naman at iniscan mo as big remembrance din yan, who knows one day maging famous artist sya at pati yan bibilhin pa dibah?! hehehhe
talented pala ng daughter mo Jo,.

Ann said...

Dati ako rin iniipon ka yan, kaya lang ang dami na kaya nagtapon na rin ako. Lalo dito sa flat namin limited talaga ang space, sa mga books pa lang nila from pre-school halos naitapon ko na yung iba. Di na rin naman magagamit dahil dun sila mismo nagsusulat at nagsasagot.

JO said...

Hi Rach,
Wow! That's a great gift from your mom!

Hi Irene,
I still have some copies in the binder too. Especially those art work from the school.

Hi Raquel,
Si garfield nga yon, kaya lang this was done during the first session of her drawing class, kaya mukha lang. But she can draw the body too.

JO said...

Hi Iskoo,
Galing! Sige, after 10 years I will post it again in this blog... hehehe... that is, kung buhay pa ang blogging after 10 years.

Hi Fenny,
It's a good thing that my son doesn't draw as much as my daughter, or I will have mountains of paper around the house.

Hi Tani,
You're welcome. We all wanted to treasure all those memories from their youth as much as we can.

JO said...

Hi Ghee,
Galing ng technology ngayon, we need to take advantage of them! ",)

Hi Ethel,
Artist in the making nga ba ang anak ko??? Sana maging magaling din siya sa pixeling kagaya mo!

Hi Ann,
And if you plan to relocate, you will need to dispose more of the kiddie stuff... so yun puwedeng i-scan, gawin mo na ngayon pa lang. ",)

jenee said...

hey this is a great idea!i would definitely do this when gabby gets older.or i can feel my baby's going to be a singer when she grows up, probably i'll record her voice from year 1 upwards hehehe

girlie said...

those are pretty drawings...parang ang ganda ilagay sa frames and hang it on the walls...don't forget to burn it in cds, di natin alam kelan magcrash hd natin...just a thought JO

JO said...

Hi Jenee,
You should do that. An auntie of my hubby did record his singing when he was like 5-6 years old, and we still have it. It was indeed a good keepsake!

Hi Girlie,
Oh yes, I've learn my lesson, will definitely keep double copies of it. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

how nice naman yung drawing nila.. your so lucky kase may talent ang anak mo.. =)


JO said...

Thanks Faye!


ako: water overflowing, close it, then gather washed clothes not to get wet by rain, then baby crying, I carry him going to the phone and answer the phone. The last is the one knocking in my door, its my only my mother in law, she can buzz off!lol
ewan if tama ako, basta ganun ako, most important muna, hirap na mabasa carpet ko, haha!


francesca said...

Dito ko nilagay and ayaw don mag post sa dapat na post topic,ten times ko nigawa!
nobayan, kaka buang beta blogger, pede sa isa ,di pede sa iba, hahaha!

JO said...

Hi Francesca,
Bakit kaya no? Anyway, lipat ko na lang yung comment mo doon sa tamang post.

cruise said...

cute nung mata ng sa huling sketch, malalantik! i encourage mo siya, she has potentials :)

JO said...

Hi Cruise,
Hopefully ma continue niya yun drawing class... still have to look for one close to home.