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My Virtual Pinboard

I saw this at Rach's blog and decided to create my own virtual pinboard... Please take time to upload any pictures [nudity not allowed] that will describe who you are! And please don't forget to leave me a comment on the pinboard.


Test your priorities:

Five things are happening at the same time in your house which need your attention. Rank them accordingly...
  1. the phone is ringing
  2. the baby is crying
  3. somebody is knocking at your door
  4. you hung your washed clothes to let it dry outside but it has started to rain
  5. you did not turn off the tap in the kitchen and the water is starting to overflow
In what order will you solve these problems? Each point represents something in your life.

Interpretation of your answers will be posted in the next entry!


Fishy fishy so cutie! -- I've always been an admirer of body paintings, just don't want to post them as most of them involves nudity.

Reading for the day: The Scars of Life and the Caller ID.


JO said...

My order is 2, 3, 5, 4, 1

Raquel said...

I think you did a good decision Jo...#2 should be the first talaga.

Here's mine:
2, 3, 5, 4, 1...ops I didn't realize we have the same order.

About the V Pinboard, I don't have new pic pa eh, pass muna ako ngaun.

JO said...

Hi Francesca,
I transferred your comment here --

ako: water overflowing, close it, then gather washed clothes not to get wet by rain, then baby crying, I carry him going to the phone and answer the phone. The last is the one knocking in my door, its my only my mother in law, she can buzz off!lol
ewan if tama ako, basta ganun ako, most important muna, hirap na mabasa carpet ko, haha!

5:53 PM, December 12, 2006

Leah said...

ako din, 1st is to turn off tap, then check on the crying baby, answer the door (might be an important package), the phone (by that time, the machine must have picked-up already, i'll just check the message) and then the clothes (i'll just redo them in the machine -he!he!)
can't wait for the personality interpretation..

for your board - i'm camera shy, so picture na lang siguro ng baby ko.

Ann said...

Here's mine,

#2 -baby muna syempre
#5 -mahirap magpatuyo ng carpet,
lalo at winter.
#3 -hintay sya sandali
#4 -ilagay na lang sa
#1 -there's a caller id, i'll
just call him back.

evi said...

i'll first attend the needs of the baby (maybe just needs to be carried). while carrying the child, turn off the tap as i do not want to wsste water. water is essential. then i check who's knocking. by this time the baby is fine, i go get the clothes. i will answer the phone the last because chances are it's only a marketing call. and because I have a caller ID, i can always call the person back or that person will call again for sure.

so, it's 2, 5, 3, 4, 1

cess said...

nakita ko na ito dati, pero nakalimutan ko na ang resulta ko.

anyway, ako:
5 - sayang ang tubig, pumapatak ang metro (if im not mistaken something about finances ito e)
2 - pick up the baby (family yata)
3 - answer the door (career yata)
1 - answer the phone (limot ko na)
4 - hayaan ko na mabasa kasi babanlawan ko naman uli. ayoko ng damit na natuyo na naulanan e. (limot ko na rin ito)

it may be in that order, pero take note, faster than a speeding bullet lahat yan :D

Joy said...

Hi JO,

Mine's 5,2,3,4,1... I wanted to put 2 first, but then I was thinking it would only take me 10 seconds, even less to turn off the tap, so why not do it first to avoid consequential damage.

How can I post my pic in your pinboard? Where would I upload it? Very interesting!

Joy said...

Hey, sorry about those stupid questions above... I saw the instructions down under. Didn't take a glance at it at first. Thought it was all about advertisements. :-)

ghee said...


5 4 2 1 3..
last sa kin ang taong kumakatok,dahil dito,may patience ang bawat taong kumakatok esp alam nilang busy ang lahat ng tao :)

ang ganda ng lay out mo sa kabilang blog mo Jo :)

tintin said...

Test Personality..hmmm..interesting.

From most important to least important
1. Turn off tap in the kitchen.
2. Immediately check on baby
3. answer the door (And not answer if I don't know the person at the door).
4. get to clothes
5. ignore phone most likely.

LhadY_miTcH said...

23451 tama ba hee

Soulful_SensitiveStreak said...

Hi Jo. Just posted a photo on your virtual board.

Here's my sequence of events:

2 - Check on my baby. Carry him.
5 - Turn off the faucet while I'm carrying my baby.
3 - Check who's at the door.
4 - Get the laundry out of the rain if it's not too late.
5 - Answer the phone. Hopefully, if it's an important phone call the person at the other end will call back again if I fail to answer the first call.


JO said...

Hi Raquel and Leah,
Any pic will do, even pic of baby will do.

Hi Rach,
Thanks for posting your picture!

JO said...

The interpretation of the priority test is here!

fennymun said...

Hi Jo, I did this before and here is the order (the first answer remains the same):
Seems that most of us place family on the top priority.

JO said...

Hi Fenny,
Most mothers prioritize the baby first.

Anonymous said...

ngeh, running water is: sex? I didnt think about that when I choosed it, lol

our pipe in the building was blocked, water coming out of the toilet bowl, all I did is to squeeze dry the floor, to avoid it coming to the living room.
I didnt think of having sex in doing that, hahaha.

Mind you, to know I prioritize sex, not money first, Lolo would be glad and relieved. Hahaha!
dito ko pinost, kc bat ayaw don sa kabila