On Returns and Exchanges

I wish to thank everyone who left me messages. Sorry I have been too sick to really respond to each and everyone of them. I am deeply touched by your well wishes! THANK YOU!


On Returns and Exchanges

The one thing I love about North America is the right of the costumer to return or exchange an item, as long as you have the receipt and its original packaging.

Before we left Toronto, we received 2 advance Christmas gifts, one is a digicam and the other is a portable DVD player for my kids.

I already notice that the digicam's audio is quite low compared to my old digicam. But since I have been busy with our relocation I decided to postpone going to the store to have it check. But I did ask my friend to give me the receipt, just in case.

The portable DVD player was a gift for my kids, they got it on our last day in Toronto. I also had to leave the packaging since I had no way of knowing that I will be requesting for an exchange. Once we got on the plane, I found out that it was defective. It can't read the disk. And I thought that was it! I don't have the packaging nor the receipt.

Once in Calgary, I decided to exchange my digicam. I didn't have all the packaging with me then [I left it at home], I was just at the store and decided to ask. Its a good thing I have the receipt with me. And the girl just willingly exchange the unit without any question. On top of that, I got a refund. You see, that model was on sale that day, $50 off! So when she did the exchange, she has to give me the difference in the amount. Yey! Of course, I'm returning the refund to my friend K.

This gave me an idea that maybe I can exchange the DVD player too, even without the packaging. So I have to ask my friend Junnie to mail me the receipt. The problem with this DVD player is that it is being phased out, so there are limited units available in Calgary. I have to go to 3 different stores before they finally got one. They willingly exchanged it, with no hassle! And they were quite amuse that my receipt was from Erin Mills, Mississauga, Ontario.

Now, this is what I call a good customer service!


Patrice said...

True! I do not think it is offensive if someone returns my gift or exchanges is. I would be appier because at least they will get something they want. Unlike sa Pinas na may tatak pa na "No Return, No Exchange". Dito sa US, they are trying to be stricter because of people taking advantage of this. They buy something for the purpose of using it once then return it.

Raquel said...

You are absolutely right! What amazes me, we can return the item with no questions ask and also money back. Any branches will allow it too.

It's a big difference in pinas, we can only exchange the item kung may defect lang with no money back at ang dami pang procedure.

niceheart said...

I also love that we can return and exchange goods here in Canada. But watch out when buying electronic items at Superstore. They won't accept returns, only on electronic items that have been opened naman. They will ask you to contact the manufacturer.

JO said...

Hi Patrice and Raquel,
I don't usually exchange or return gifts I received, but in these 2 cases, the items were defective, that is why I ask for replacement.

Hi Irene,
Thanks for the heads up. I didn't know about that.

Iskoo said...

ang galing naman dyan, dito sa pinas, nagbabalik ako sa SM, nakipag-away pa ako kasi ang sususngot ng empleyado, parang kanila yung item, ayaw palitan basta basta.

ethel said...

Jo, kung sa pinas pa yon dami sigurong ka ek ekan hehhe

Happy New year!

dangkin said...

that's what i like here, too.. we can return/exchange anything we don't like, anytime.. and sometimes, if you're really disappointed about the item, they'll even send you some gift cards! ;)

JO said...

Hi Iskoo abd Ethel,
Kung sa pinas kasi ni-allow nila ang returns/exchanges, I'm sure a lot of people will just take advantage of it.

Hi Dangkin,
I've never return an item and received a gift card yet.

Soulful_SensitiveStreak said...

Before anything else, I'd like to wish you and your family a prosperous New Year. May it be the start of great opportunities for you at Calgary.

Great that you were able to return the items without difficulty. As you may well know, it's more complicated here. You may return the item within 7 days but you have to state the defect of the item. More often than not, the policy here is to return it to the same branch where you bought it. But in fairness, some stores are now becoming more lenient and accomodating to returns and exchanges. But I wish more and more stores will do the same.

Thanks for dropping by my blog. I read your list of favorite rides and I'm amazed. You're definitely several times more courageous than I am. Come to think of it, I don't think I'm courageous at all considering that I close my eyes during roller coaster rides. ha! ha! I read how your husband always wants to take the first row on roller coasters. My husband also likes the front seats but I always beg to take the middle seats. I enjoyed reading the details of your favorite rides. Thanks for sharing.


Junnie said...

woohoo!!!! it's really a Happy New Year with your New Toys now working. Sorry about that...but as it turns out, mas maganda pa!

Have a Happy New Year and definitely this one is indeed a New life for you and the family in a New place....

JO said...

Hi Rach,
I never returned a lot of items, but so far, all my returns/exchanges has been smooth.

Our family loves roller coaster rides except my son!

Hi Junnie,
Woohoo talaga! Peace and quiet na ang mga car rides namin since they got the portable dvd player. They don't mind watching it even for short rides to the grocery stores. Thanks!

Tani said...

Ako din. When I give appliances as gifts, I keep the receipt just in case the item doesn't work. So far naman, wala pa ako recipient na nagtatanong for the receipt. I would usually test drive the item at the store before buying it.

May mga kilala ako from North America na bumibili damit and sinusuot mga yun without removing the price tag. Para daw maibalik pa sa store pagkatapos masuot in exchange for another new set of clothes.

JO said...

Hi Tani,
Electronics are a little harder to give, coz it may be defective or the receiver may not like it. But in my case, I love them both. So it was really a relief that I was able to replace them without hassles.

Yes, a lot of people do take advantage of the returns/exchanges... so they are becoming strict too -- like you can't return formal dresses for bridesmaid, flower girls, graduation... christmas decors... or halloween costumes... etc.