Relocation Update #5: Movers

I was surprised when the movers told me that the total weight of my stuff has reached 2020 pounds. And immediately I questioned it since based on my own estimate it should only be at 1600 pounds. So I insisted on having it re-weighted when it reached Calgary. The lady at the customer service told me that the re-weight is going to costs me additional $50, but if they indeed made a mistake, then I don't have to pay for the $50.

So on the day of the delivery, I have to meet the driver at the weighing scale at 7am to have it re-weight, and true enough, my total weight was only at 1780 pounds. This is more acceptable to me than 2020 pounds.

I am so glad I insisted on the re-weight, they must have weigh it [unintentionally] with the driver still in the truck.

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Ann said...

Hello Jo! Andyan na pala kayo, nakapag ayos ka na ba. Ang hirap mag unload nyan pero nakaka excite din at the same time. Mukhang yung pc ang unang inayos agad.

Raquel said...

Buti nalang you insisted to re-weight it. I am confuse, meaning mali ang 2,020 pounds? Grabe ha, from 2,020 down to 1,780.

JO said...

Hi Ann,
Day 1 pa lang may internet at telephone na kami, yun talaga ang pina una ko kay hubby. Di lang ako maka pag blog hop kaagad. Pero online na ako in a matter of hours.

Hi Raquel,
Yes, initially they weigh it with the driver in it. Basically the difference is the weight of the truck driver.

Girlie said...

oh, so you're finally there na a pic of your new home ha once you're settled. Thank God everything turned out well...enjoy the new place, the new home, new friends...

evi said...

i'm sure they do this everytime because some don't really care or some may not have the time. you know what i mean. i'm like you. i won't let them fool me. besides 400 pounds excess is hundreds of dollars more than 180 pounds excess from your expected weight. ano sila hilo?! haha...

anyway, how do you find calgary now that you are there?

evi said...

you mean 220 pounds yung driver? they're just reasoning out kasi napahiya sila. haha... i had to comment again just to express my doubt. ang kulit ko noh?

Soulful_SensitiveStreak said...

Hi Jo,

Welcome to your new home! May your new home be filled with happiness and good luck for years and years to come.


Anonymous said...

haha, mautak sila! nokayayun, bayaran ang timbang nong mama, eh kung dambuhala yun?

ghee said...

yan si JO,marunong ipaglaban ang right nya :)

goodluck sa pag a unpack,sa akin,yan ang pinakahate na part ko,pero pag natapos yun,hayy,sarap ng feelings :)

glad that all of you are safe :)

LhadY_miTcH said...

ellow muzta? usapang weight ha.

JO said...

Hi Girlie,
Soon... still busy unpacking...

Hi Evi,
The driver weighs 240 lbs! Feeling ko nga yung excess na 180 lbs could be the weight of one of the movers pa. But since I don't have proof, ok na din yun 1780 lbs. vs. 2020 lbs.

Hi Rach,

JO said...

Hi Francesca,
May mga narinig na din kasi akong ganitong story, I'm sure its not intentional naman... buti na lang at ng pre-weigh ako.

Hi Ghee,
Hahaha... yes, marunong akong lumaban! Unpacking is actually easier than packing... almost 70% done na ako.

Hi Mitch,
Thanks for stopping by.