Relocation Update #6: Schools and Homework

In a matter of speaking, they say that schools here are generally much much better than the schools in Ontario. I still have yet to find out since my kids just started school here last week, but so far, here's what I've discovered:

  1. There are 4 types of school available: regular Public school or Catholic school, and Public French Immersion school or Catholic French Immersion school.

    In Ontario, there are only 3 types of school. There is no Catholic French Immersion school. So my kids have to attend the Public French Immersion school.

  2. My kids now go to the Catholic French Immersion school and have religion subject. They say they have to pray 4 times in one day, and in French! They only have 1 hour of English class every day, irregardless of the grade level. The chances of them being able to converse in French are higher here.

    In Ontario, from Grade 1-3, about 90-100% are taught in French, but once the child enter grade 4 onwards, its 50-50 in English/French. I once talk to a father who speaks French and his daughter goes to the same school as my kids, her daughter is already in grade 6 then and he told me that she is not able to converse fluently in French.

  3. Schools here are not free! I have to pay for the school bus [$230/family/year], school fees [$70 each], buy them their own school supplies and even pay for lunch supervision [$150/family/year] since my kids will be having lunch at school. These are one-time fee I have to pay upfront.

    In Ontario, I never did pay for anything! There's a school fee of $20/child/year, plus I have to pay for extra-curricular activities like ice skating, skiing, swimming... etc... and field trips. These I have to pay staggared throughout the school year. But other than these, I didn't have to provide school supplies, lunch supervision nor pay for school bus. It was only when my son started grade 4 that I have to buy him 2 binders and lined papers. That's it!

  4. My daughter [grade 1] gets homework every Friday. My son [grade 4] have homework everyday [in French]! That is why I am thankful for online sites that translate French to English and vice versa. Without it, I'd be totally lost since I don't know the French Language.

    In Ontario, my kids hardly get any homework. Well, maybe one homework once a week or every other week and 1-2 project per school year.
I thought that FREE schooling is across Canada, I stand corrected. I'm sure there's still more differences, but this is it for now.


evi said...

catholic schools are considered private schools. it's not free. here in vancouver, you pay $250 a month or a little less like around $150 if you use the offering envelopes. and on top of that, the parents should do volunteer work for the school or church like bingo night. in lieu of your time and service, you pay $1,500.

come to think of it, it is still cheap there. from what you pointed out, i do believe calgary offers better education system. i thought all provinces have the same.

JO said...

Hi Evi,
I don't think Catholic schools here and in Ontario are considered private. They do use the term "separate" for catholic schools.

Even the public french immersion school here have fees. My friend paid a total of $530 for both her kids in public french immersion school.

Is Axel in Catholic school? $1500 is a lot!

fennymun said...

Excuse me for my ignorance - it sounds amazing that you daughter gets homework every Friday (only) and it only costs $70 each! My son (at kindergarten) has to do homework every day. I heard that there are other kindergarten which has test in every semester. Education system at Canada really sounds like a 'heaven' to me. We are struggling for my son's primary education next year (i.e., grade 1 in Canada) and it really costs a lot if we want him to escape from the "traditional" type of exam/result-oriented schools here.

iskoo said...

marami palang dapat i consider sa bawat state na lilipatan sa Canada, meron palang lugar na may bayad education. magandang info ito, my borther and his family is about to migrate in Canda, they already got their visa, i will tell them to consider the education of their daughter

niceheart said...

So it's different pala in every province.

My kids attend public schools and there's only a minimal fee at the start of the school year. And we buy all their school supplies. For my elementary child, I also pay a lunch program fee, $1.25/day. We have the option of paying monthly or yearly. My kids walk to and from school, but I think school bus service is free. My kids are all in the English program, although French immersion classes are offered in their schools.

JO said...

Hi Fenny,
I would welcome homework than no homework at all. It's establishing a good study habit that's important to kids.

Hi Iskoo,
A lot of things have to considered before migrating... tell your brother to do research on his own about the city of his choice. Kung trabaho din lang, ang dami dito sa Calgary.

Hi Irene,
Yes, its different per province. I don't mind paying as long as I know that my kids are getting a much better education! Nakakapanibago lang coming from Ontario where everything is free. ",)

evi said...

no, he's not. i'd rather start investing on his college funds now than send him to a private grade school. we do have a semi-private highschool here. i think being in a catholic school here is more of a status quo. unlike in the philippines, it's a must coz you can clearly see the difference on the curriculum. maybe if we are financially in abundance, i will consider it.

KaDyo said...

Great info tita Jo.

Dito naman we have 2 types of schools for Pinoys; Community school(run by the filipino community & the Philippine embassy) and Private School.
Average tuition fee for these schools: US100/month, school bus: US 500/student/yr, kami ang bumibili ng school supplies, projects at iba pang fees sa school.
Araw-araw may assignments, weekly ang quizzes, monthly ang major exams.

I guess na mas mura pa rin ang education dyan sa Canada

Raquel said...

Maganda yan kay Patrick everyday may assignment kaya lang nakakapagod din with your supervision.

This is a good information for me Jo. We are planning to move pa naman so I guess, we will consider the school din...yan lang muna, no how pa kase ako sa mga ganito eh.

JO said...

Hi Evi,
That's true! Better to spend on their college than elementary.

Hi KaDyo,
Thanks! These are just based on my own observation. Cheaper lang naman dito kasi subsidized by the government. Maganda din pala diyan at least may schools run by Filipinos.

Hi Raquel,
Where are you moving to?

HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

wow Jo, you are on your way to speaking FRENCH! That's wonderful =)

JO said...

Hi Girlie,
I wish! haha