Test Your Priorities: Interpretation

It seems that 5 out of 11 participants choose to attend to the baby first and 6 of the participants decided to turn off the water first...

Five things are happening at the same time in your house which need your attention. Rank them accordingly...

  1. the phone is ringing
  2. the baby is crying
  3. somebody is knocking at your door
  4. you hung your washed clothes to let it dry outside but it has started to rain
  5. you did not turn off the tap in the kitchen and the water is starting to overflow
The succession of numbers you have chosen here define the order of your priorities in life. You can see on the following list the definition of each point :
  1. Ringing phone: work
  2. Crying baby: family
  3. Knock on door: friends
  4. Washed clothes: money
  5. Overflowing water: sex


evi said...

i have to disagree about the 'turning off the tap' interpretation. i don't think that 'that' comes second in my priority list. or ayoko lang aminin. haha...

JO said...

Hi Evi,
Aminin na kasi eh... hehehe...