Thursday Thirteen #12: Amazing Race

I'm a die hard Amazing Race fan! And I can't wait for the 11th season -- an all-star cast edition which premier in February 2007.

Thirteen reasons why I should be in The Amazing Race

  1. I love to travel
  2. and I love to see the world
  3. I love to see/learn different culture.
  4. I'm willing to try anything [especially if it's free!] -- like bungee jumping, sky diving, parasailing [even though I can’t swim]
  5. I'm a good driver
  6. and I can drive stick shift and automatic cars, even SUVs [though I haven't tried driving a trailer or on the left side of the road, but that shouldn't be hard to do, right?]
  7. I would like to see how far I would go to win a million dollar. Do I dare shave off my hair like Joyce? [AR-7 Ep-8]
  8. Or do I dare eat a Korean delicacy like the live octopus? [AR-4 Ep-10]
  9. I am not afraid of heights, well, maybe a little, but its something I am willing to try, like the face-forward angel dive down the Olympic Tower in Helsinki [AR-10 Ep-10]
  10. I would love to meet Phil
  11. Maybe this will help me learn how to navigate
  12. Maybe this will help me overcome my fear of water like Wanda? [AR-9 Ep-3]
  13. And I would love to win a million dollars for my kids!
If hubby and I are in the Amazing Race, he will be eating delicacies and do everything water related while I do other daring stunts... He is the navigator while I am the driver... He will deal with taxi drivers while I deal with travel agencies...


suki said...

Oh, I love the show!! I wanna be on it too, just so I can travel the world. :P I love adventure too - hehe. Great list!

Anonymous said...

You should try out for it!

Caylynn said...

Cool list! Sounds like you would do great on the show. :) I love to travel too.

Happy T13. :)


I hope that you do get on the show. I hope that you actually try to get on the sound like you would really enjoy it.

Raquel said...

Great list Jo...milyones na to ah and you are aggressive with this game too.

The last message is cool! Wooowwtwooot...

jenee said...

i want to be on it too! kaso wala ako sa US harharhar! mas better mga tasks dito kesa sa tar asia! TARA sucks! hehehe... hey, i've tried the face forward rapel pero mga 4 floors lang during our COCC days in highschool! scary!! ano pa kaya ung sa olympic tower?!!

JO said...

Hi Suki, Chelle, Caylynn and Butterfly,
I hope they would have the Amazing Race - Canadian version so I can qualify. ",)

Hi Raquel,
Thanks! I need to do a lot of pre-workout before I can even consider applying, that is, IF there is a Canadian version of it.

Hi Jenee,
Talaga? TAR-Asia isn't good? Who won? May Filipino team ba on the show?

Soulful_SensitiveStreak said...

I enjoy watching Amazing Race too. I'm afraid that if my husband and I are in it, he'll end up doing most of the work.


Alison said...

i also love The Amazing Race. i'm a good navigator, but i really would NOT be able to eat some of that stuff!

happy TT!

p.s. i can't comment with my blogger account, but you can find me here

Rashenbo said...

Heheh, awesome. Those are some great reasons to be on the show! I'd root for ya. I used to like sushi... at least until I had sushi in Seoul, Korea.... oh man... *shiver* I've been ruined. I can't even think about eating it now.

Junnie said...

you have to beat me and mitzi to the finish line as we are strong competitors like you and hubby are...

i can eat anything and have left all fears since i cant remember, heights, dont scare me no more and if there's always a mental challenge, its me who's always up for it.

oh yea, add too the fact that im very competitive and will always be on the lookout for alliances...:)

JO said...

Hi Rach,
I'm sure you will do your share, its part of the rules. haha.

Hi Alison,
Thanks for visiting my TT.

Hi Roshenbo,
Thanks! I don't eat sushi, so it doesn't matter to me! haha

Hi Junnie,
I'm sure you will be a good competitor in TAR! It would be good to form alliance with you and Mitzi!

Mikala said...

Wow - I admire that! I could never be on that show. Somethings just scare me too much! I'm a wuss, what I can say?

Happy TT!

iskoo said...

magkakasundo pala tayo, pangarap ko mag travel, sana naging piloto or flight steward nalang ako :)

Gina said...

Hi Jo!
Okay, let me try leaving a comment again. =)
If I told you that I have never ever watched an episode of The Amazing Race, would you think I'm odd? I've only seen the trailers on TV but I grasp the concept of the show though. I would definitely watch & root for you if you get into the 4rth season (hehe)

Jenny Ryan said...

Wow! They've already had 10 seasons? I had no idea it had been on that long!

JO said...

Hi Mikala,
Me too. And I am hoping that this would help me overcome some of my fears.

Hi Iskoo,
Sarap mo nga, halos naikot mo na ang pinas!

Hi Gina,
Really??? Try it, it is such an amazing show. I just love seeing places and its "yucky" delicacies and different culture.

Hi Jenny,
Yes, it's been that long and won some awards too!

dangkin said...

i love to travel..i'm beginning to become an excellent navigator... but, my fear of heights would kill me! :(

btw, i'm back :-)

MommyBa said...

I like watching The Amazing Race when I have the time. It's quite lovely to watch these pairs do their best in terms of diskarte to actually get to their destination ahead of all the other teams.

This was a great list this week. I had fun reading it.

Happy weekend!

niceheart said...

I'm also a fan of The Amazing Race. And I also loved Uchenna and Joyce. I was happy they won that season.

If I had to do The Amazing Race, I can't do it with my husband. We'll be one of the couples who's constantly arguing. :)

KaDyo said...

wow amazing race, sana nga makasali kayo ifever na magkakaroon ng Canada version..Goodluck sa inyo =D

wow million bucks andami mo nang mapapasyalan nun

evi said...

ako naman hihingi na lang ng balato from you, jo. i'm not a daredevil. i love to travel and that's about it. hehe...

Tani said...

i also love amazing race. :) pero baka magaway lang kami ni hubby ko. hehe. :) di pa nya matanggap na i am the "navigator" between us.

JO said...

Hi Dangkin,
Welcome back!

Hi Liz,

Hi Irene,
Me too! I think hubby and I would argue a lot... but he's the best partner for the task.

JO said...

Hi KaDyo,
Oo nga, sarap manalo ng $1M! [kahit sa panaginip na lang, hehehe...]

Hi Evi,

Hi Tani,
Magaling ka pala sa direction, good for you. Bobo ako pag dating sa direction eh.

Ann said...

Kaya pala hindi takot si Patricia sa mga matataas na rides eh may pinagmanahan.

cess said...

ako rin, super die hard fan ng amazing race. my daily schedule would revolve around when it's showing :D

JO said...

Hi Ann,
Oo nga, may pinagmanahan!

Hi Cess,
Same here.