Thursday Thirteen # 14: Highs of 2006

Thirteen Highlights of 2006

  1. 2006 greeted us with the loss of baby Trissi Gabriel.
  2. Hubby finally bought me a new computer as an early pre-valentine gift.
  3. This was followed by an overnight trip to Blue Mountain where I tried skiing for the very first time.
  4. Summer where spent at Canada's Wonderland, where we bought our first season pass. It was good timing, since we didn't know we will be moving out of Ontario later in the year.
    From Patricia's first to discovering she is as daring as me... and in trying more daring rides... and here's the picture to prove it... and of course, still daring at the water park.
  5. Our summer is also filled with out of town trips to New York City...
  6. An overnight trip to Tobermory, Ontario...
  7. and back to the USA for a family gathering/reunion.
  8. I joined and become part of the Thursday Thirteen group.
  9. And here's my entry about my problem with kids and TV and my new house rules is working perfectly! Now my kids are used to the idea of no TV. Since we moved, buying TV is at the back of our list and kids are not complaining at all.
  10. I held my first contest and the winner received a $20 GAP gift card. Sorry, nobody won my second contest.
  11. Of course, the biggest highs of all is our relocation... from Ontario to Alberta! Feels like we are migrating all over again!
  12. Our new car! [which I haven't blog about]
  13. December 24, we spent the day on a trip to Banff National Park and Lake Louise. Hubby visited Banff last September, here's what it looks like in the summer time.

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alisonwonderland said...

what a full year!

someday i'm going to visit banff! :o)

happy TT, and happy new year!

Christine said...

Loved the slide show.
Banff looks gorgeous! I'll have to add this to one of the places I'd like to visit.

Wishing you the best in 2007!
Happy TT!

elementaryhistoryteacher said...

It would seem you had some ups and downs. I hope you are feeling better. I loved the pictures in your slide show. What application did you use to create it?

JO said...

Hi Alison and Christine,
I do hope you get to see Banff. It is really awesome!

Hi Elemtaryhistoryteacher,
I use Rock You for the slideshow. Thanks for stopping by.

Amy Ruttan said...

So sad about your SIL loss. I almost lost my son this year, so that entry touched close.

My husband almost got relocated to Alberta from Ontario, how funny is that. Great slide show.

Anonymous said...

Loved the look of your blog...very colorful and the video is terrific. I met another blogger from Alberta (who lives in Grande Prarie). I'm always teasing him that he lives among the polar bears and ice floes. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Barbara said...

We were in Alberta this past summer. We had a great time. Thanks for visiting my TT.

JO said...

Hi Amy,
You didn't want to relocate?

Hi Gem,
Thanks! Coming from Ontario, yes, this is not-the-city-you-would-choose-to-live-in! But what can I do? My hubby's job is here!

Hi Barbara,
Winter time is also nice in Alberta, especially if you like outdoor sports like skiing, snowboarding...

Pen said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and welcoming me to TT.

WOW, you had a full 2006!

Cheryl said...

I've had a lot of ups and downs too this year. I'm anxious to see what 2007 brings. Sorry to hear about the loss of your SIL baby earlier in the year.

DK said...

Hi Jo! Looks like you had an extremely eventful year! Glad you like Alberta - your pictures are gorgeous! Wish I was there to see all the snow. Thanks for dropping by today, and I wish you and your family all the best in 2007. Happy TTing!

Teena said...

All the best in 2007!

My TT13 is up :)

Gina said...

HI Jo! Lovely pics in Banff, my aunt was & cousins went there sometime this summer. I read your previous posts linked to this entry and I'm sorry to hear about your sis-in-law & your family's loss. Now you have another angel in heaven. Wishing you the best in 2007...

adtrek said...
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iskoo said...

interesting events for 2006, got amused with no tv policy on your home, wish i could do that as well in our home :)

happy new year!

JO said...

Hi Pen,
You're welcome!

Hi Cheryl,

Hi DK,
Hope you can come and visit Alberta soon... you're going to love it here!

Hi Teena,

JO said...

Hi Gina,
Thanks! Same to you!

Hi Iskoo,
At first, I didn't know if I could do it [the no TV policy], but I did, and it worked just fine!

dawn said...

what a full year - loved seeing the pics 0 Banff looks beautiful.

Happy TT

Thanks for dropping by my TT

Leah said...

Great slideshow...we were in Banff last summer (2005). your slideshow makes me want to go this winter. What a spectacular place indeed!

Tani said...

Happy new year, Jo. Looks like you celebrated the 24th in wonderland. :)

Douglas Cootey said...

Hello, Jo. The year seems to pass by almost uneventfully until we look back and track all that we've done. What a busy year you've had. Good luck in your new hometown.

Have a Happy New Year!

Come back and leave a comment on my Thursday Thirteen. I'd love to hear from you.

My Thursday Thirteen

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Caylynn said...

An eventful year! Alberta is one province that we haven't been posted to yet, but we may end up in Edmonton one of these years (my husband is an officer in the Canadian Forces.)

Great slide show - thanks for sharing the wonderful photos. :)

JO said...

Hi Dawn,

Hi Leah,
You should! It definitely looks different in the summer and in winter.

Hi Tani,
Yup, despite being sick, we still push through with it! Temp there was -12C! brrrr....

JO said...

Hi Douglas,
I love your T13 list! Thanks for stopping by.

Hi Caylynn,
Edmonton and Calgary are just 3 hours away, so I'm sure you'll still enjoy the beauty of Alberta!

YellowRose said...

What a full year you have had!! I'd love to see Banff myself, it's beautiful!!

Happy New Year!

Mert said...

That's quite a list! I hope the new brings more beauty than the last, happy belated TT!

Soulful_SensitiveStreak said...

Thanks for sharing your highlights of 2006. I think it's a great year ender and I'm thinking of doing my own version of highlights as well.

I'm very sorry to hear about your SIL's loss. I had a difficult pregnancy and was hospitalized due to bleeding and dehydration when I was pregnant. I was terrified of losing my baby. I'm just thankful that God answered my prayers.

Hope that your SIL will recover from such a sad experience.

I enjoyed your slideshow. Thanks for sharing those great photos.

Have a grand New Year!


dangkin said...

i can live w/o TV, long as we have computer w/ internet connection ;)

happy new year!


JO said...

Hi YellowRose and Mert,
Happy new year!!!

Hi Rach,
My SIL is due to give birth, to their 3rd child, sometime in January. Thanks!

Hi Dangkin,
I don't think I can live without TV. I'm a couch potato. Though we don't have a TV in the house, my PC do have a TV card. So I still get to watch some of my fave shows. Hehehe

Ann said...

Sa mga nabasa ko sa blog mo, parang dami pa dapat idagdag sa 13 mo na yan. Pinaka highlight nga yata yung relocation nyo..pero for the better naman di ba?

Happy New Year!

niceheart said...

Wow! You've got one very interesting year. :)

Diana Joy said...

I absolutely love the slide show!! I want to learn how to do that! I am soooo impressed with Canada. Someday I will just have to visit! Hey do you know 4what's it's worth? Check my links....she is from Canada I just know she would love to see your slide show ;) Also Amber... She is from Canada. It would be wonderful for you all to connect :-)
I wish you the best of luck in the New Year!!!! Yeah! Go 2007!!!!!
God bless you Jo!
Diana Joy

JO said...

Hi Ann,
Oo nga, madami pa sana ito... but have to stick to the theme for now. hehehe

Hi Irene,

Hi Diana,
Thanks! Hope you get to see it some day... its more awesome when you see it before your eyes.

Vanessa said...

What an enriching year, Jo! I wish you and your family a more blessed, happy, healthy and a fulfilling 2007. HAPPY NEW YEAR! :)

cruise said...

na impress ako sa canadian rockies, grabe ang ganda. sana balang araw makapag blog ako na nakaratiin din ako dyan :)

happy new year jo!

Jenny Ryan said...

Wow-sounds like quite a year!

JO said...

Hi Vanessa,
Thanks! Same to you and your family!

Hi Cruise,
Biyahero ka naman eh, I'm sure makakarating ka din dito one day.

Hi Jenny,
Same to you!

Raquel said...

HI Jo, what a great highlights! I am happy to hear the TV rules with your kids, until now are still working and you did the right thing too.

Thanks for sharing those pictures, they are cool.

cruise said...

sana nga makarating din ako dyan. ganda ng rockies!

happy new year!

niceheart said...

Happy new year, Jo. I tagged you. :) Please check my site. Thanks.

Incog & Nito said...


Thanks for visiting my blog and thanks for sharing your wonderful photos. We hope to visit Canada within a few years and your pictures only make the wait harder!!!

ethel said...

Halo Jo,
Happy New Year!!!

tin said...

Happy New Year, Jo! God bless!

Iskoo said...

Peace in your heart
Warmth in your soul
Contentment in your life
Joy in your home
May you always be blessed with these priceless treasures!
Happy New Year to you and your family!

JO said...

Hi Raquel,

Hi Cruise,
Happy new year!

Hi Irene,
Ok, will do it as soon as I can. Thanks.

JO said...

Hi Incog & Nito,
Thnaks for stopping by too.

Hi Ethel and Tin and Iskoo,
Same to you guys!

Francesca said...

ay, buti pa dyan, may snow na? first must see ng mag anak ko yung snow! haha!
we have to bring them to the mountains and its 4hours ride by car!

ala, eh kaganda ng slide show mo, paturo, hehe

fennymun said...

What a fruitful 2006! Wish you have a Happy New Year too!!

ethel said...

¨Happy New Year Jo and family.

JO said...

Hi Francesca,
We didn't have a white christmas actually. Yun slide show, just go to and follow the instruction... its so easy.

Hi Fenny,
Thanks! Happy new year to you too!

Hi Ethel,
Same to you! cheers!