3 things in 3 years

I was browsing thru my own archive when I encounter this post.

Posted: July 15, 2005 -- Three things you want to accomplish in the next three years:
  1. Visit Manila with the whole family
  2. Find a permanent, full time job once my daughter starts Grade 1
  3. Buy a bigger car (like mazda 5) or a van
UPDATES after 18 months:
  1. It may take us awhile to go back home... we wanted to do it this coming October 2007 in time for my in-laws' 40th wedding anniversary celebration. But nothing is definite yet! It is just way too expensive for the 4 of us to go back home! Besides, with our recent relocation, we have lots of payables. This can still come true, if we can make it home by 2008.
  2. I got a job! It's only for the tax season, but hopefully it will open a door to a permanent position.
  3. Our new car is a Honda Pilot... it wasn't what I have in mind because this is really a huge SUV, but who can resist a 3.9% financing rate, payable in 60 months!


Raquel said...

Wow, all of your anticipation almost come true. Hopefully #1 will be realized too.

Nice car Jo, you did a good choice, di lang mazda, konde HONDA PILOT pa! Maganda talaga pag leather sa loob.

Heart of Rachel said...

Hope everything will go well as expected and may you find time to visit this year.

I love the Honda Pilot. My cousin has one and I think it's really nice. We've always wanted to have an SUV but it's quite expensive so it has to wait. For now, a 4-door sedan serves its purpose.

Enjoy the rest of the week.

niceheart said...

I think it's a good thing to write down your goals. I think they have more possibility of coming true if written down. I should do that too.

Same reason we can't take a vacation to the Philippines. It would cost a fortune for all five of us to go. Paisa-isa lang siguro. My husband went five years ago.

cess said...

i think it's great to see your plans become reality. and your new car is really nice :)

HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

i think you made a good decision on the Honda Pilot, mas safe talaga mas malalaking sasakyan, lalo na naglo-long drive kayo di ba? comfortable for the kids too...
2 out of 3 is not bad, pero mas masaya kung makakauwi nga kayo

dangkin said...

congratulations! now, 2 down ;) one more to go.. the 1 left might not be that hard--if there's a will, there will always be a lot of ways-- :)

scribbit said...

What a great car. I'm jealous, it's time to trade my clunking minivan in I think :)

pining said...

Congratulations on your new job!
And great car :)

JO said...

Hi Raquel,
Thanks. Still have time to make it come true... lalo na kung may sponsor... hehehe.

Hi Rach,
When it comes to car, its hubby's choice! wala kasi akong alam sa mga kotse eh.

Hi Irene,
So when was the last time you were in the Philippines?

JO said...

Hi Cess,

Hi Girlie,
Super enjoy nga ang mga anak ko sa pilot namin, kasi they got lots of space.

Hi Dangkin,
Yes, we're hoping it will come true... sana...

JO said...

Hi Scribbit,
Thanks for stopping by... go for it!

Hi Pining,

vernaloo said...

wow..parang all three are almost actualized :) Hope someday soon makauwi na rin kayo ng Pilipinas :)

Leah said...

NICE...to all of the 3 and sana matuloy yun #1

Prab said...

Congratulations on the job! :D but.. how long is the tax season there anyway?

JO said...

Hi Verns and Leah,
We're still hoping too...

Hi Prab,
Till April 30th.

iskoo said...

that is cool, setting a plan then reviewing if its already done :) gusto ko rin magka car!

lhadymitch said...

wow ang tagal koh ng hindi nakabisita d2... muzta naman d2... i miss yah.. take care always...

Kevin Lam said...

Let me know when you plan to go back to Manila, tignan ko kung ma-kakasabay tayo :-)


evi said...

jo, i'm positive that your plan to fly home is not far from becoming a reality.

i so wanted the pilot but all we could afford is the crv. you got a very good financing term.

JO said...

Ann, lipat ko na lang dito yun comment mo sa tagboard ko.

Ann said:
One reason kaya gusto ko na rin dito ay free ticket yearly kami pauwi sa pinas.Kaya lang walang residency dito at sabi nga ng iba di raw normal life dito.

JO said...

Hi Iskoo,
I'm sure your chance will come soon...

Hi Mitch,
Thanks for visiting again.

Hi Lam,
Sure. The big question is WHEN???

Hi Evi,
Sana nga... Well the price of CRV and Pilot is not that much, we got the very basic of Pilot only.

Hi Ann,
Ang suerte ninyo! Imagine how much it would cost for the 5 of you to go home every year!

niceheart said...

JO, last time I went home was 1991 pa.

Anonymous said...

hay naku, im dreaming of a new car din, esp now that louna's here. di na kasya gamit namin. honda pilot is a nice choice. kelan kaya ako magkakaroon nyan hehe..

opppps, happy new year jo!


JO said...

Hi Irene,
Naku, ang tagal na! You should plan a trip soon! Last time I was in Manila was in January 2003.

Hi Analyse,
Kayang kayang mo yan, expat ka naman eh... sorry nga pala to flood your comment box, nagloloko yata ang blogger at that time. It keeps giving me error messages, tapos nakapost pala. Happy new year to you too!