The big TEN

My son turns 10 years old today! He is so proud that he is getting bigger. Big enough to carry his sister on his shoulder! And his sister is loving it too.

He refers this day as the day he turns "a decade old" [his exact term].

TEN things about my son:
  1. He is the first grandchild on hubby's side. Very spoiled and pampered by his grandparents for 3 years [unitl a cousin and a baby sister came along].
  2. He loves and is very protective of his sister!
  3. He is a very smart, malambing, and creative child.
  4. He expresses his feelings willingly and openly.
  5. He loves playing with his computer, Yu-gi-oh and Pokemon cards.
  6. He's an ADHD child [Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder]... He is my little boy blue.
  7. He loves to multi-task, that is, doing homework while playing with his hand, talking and fidgeting in his seat all at the same time... and never get anything done.
  8. He knows how to say "NO or I don't do dare."
  9. He is not as daring as his sister when it comes to roller coaster rides... but he loves sports - skiing, ice skating, floor hockey and swimming.
  10. He loves to have more responsibility around the house or be in charge.


Raquel said...

Happy Birthday Patrick!!!

#4, I admire his attitude, most boys, men are quit type. At #10 & 2, I think he has a father figure, Jo.

It's nice to know that your son possesses these qualities.

Junnie said...

From Tita Mitzi and Tito Junnie:

HAPPIEST of BIRTHDAYS Patrick! Now that you're ten, you can now have more responsibilities at home and at school. We're sure you're very much prepared for it and will make your mama and papa proud with your accomplishments.

We miss you...hug Patricia for us and hug yourself too :P

Vanessa said...

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y, PATRICK! May all your dreams come true! :)

tintin said...

Happy Birthday to Patrick! Wow, what a strong character your son is. You must be so proud.

Heart of Rachel said...

Happy Birthday to Patrick! He sounds like a sweet and fun-loving boy. I wish him the best of health. God bless.

Angelo said...

Happy Birthday to your son JO! The big one-oh eh!? Sounds like a good kid... good luck and God bless :)

cess said...

happy birtdhay!!! ano gimik nyo today?

i love the list you made. nakaka-touch, shows the depth of love of a mother for her son. im sure you would have made more than ten, kaya lang hahaba na masyado.

vernaloo said...

Happy birthday to your son Jo! So is the Magic Sing his gift from you? hehe kidding :)

JO said...

Hi Raquel,
Thanks! he is a very respoonsible brother, if he wants to.

Hi Junnie,
Thanks! He miss you na... kailan kayo pupunta dito? mas maganda if you can make it this January... I will be busy next month. ",)

Hi Vanessa,
It already came! Well, technically, not yet, but I promise he will get his request by summer time -- a nintendo DS.

Hi Tintin,
Yes, I am. Thanks.

JO said...

Hi Rach,
He has his moments, if he wants to, he can be as loving as he can be... or as hyper and mischievous as he wants to be... depending on his mood.

Hi Angelo,

Hi Cess,
We just had a quiet dinner at home. A family friend is supposed to come, but we had a blowing snow today, so they cancel. I list down 10 items only because he is 10.

Hi Vern,
Thanks! ",)

Tani said...

Belated happy 10th birthday, Patrick! Your mom is so proud of you and she loves you so much!

dangkin said...

belated happy birthday, Patrick! :)

jo, ka-birthday nya yung pinsan ko -may adhd din..he.he.he.

niceheart said...

Happy birthday to your son.

This is what my middle son said when he turned 10, "Finally, I'm in the 2 digits. " :)

JO said...

Hi Tani, Dangkin, Irene,