Help needed!

I have my own domain name for quite a long time now... so far, it holds my family [photo] website. We have our own server here at home for that website and our emails. I was wondering how do I transfer my blog to my own domain with all my archives and comments intact. I only know basic HTML, I honestly don't know how to customize the current blogger beta.

Anybody willing to help me out? I'm a fast learner, as long as someone is willing to show me the path.


Joy said...

Just dropping by to greet you a happy new year!

Sorry, can't help you with those htmls. My computer prowess is useless. :-)

Rachel said...

I'd love to help but I also know basic html. I want to use the new beta templates but I'm afraid of losing some details on my blog so I'm still stuck with the classic template.

niceheart said...

I'm just as clueless as you. :) I also asked around before I migrated my blog from Blogger to Wordpress. Let's hope somebody who knows read this and will be able to help you.

Raquel said...

Hi Jo,

I made this entry "Publishing via FTP" for you to have an idea about having your own domain. Baka makatulong to sayo.


cruise said...

pareho pala tayong basic html lang ang alam, kaya sobra simple lang layout ko, hehe.

galing naman may sarili kayong server! wow.

JO said...

Thanks Joy! Same to you!

Hi Rachel,
I'm also stuck with the classic templates.

Hi Irene,
Good that you were able to migrate to Wordpress. Did you lose any of your entry/comments when you did this?

Hi Raquel,
Thanks! Special mention pa ako sa blog mo. But I still don't get it. Wala kasi akong alam sa server side.

Hi Cruise!

Junnie said...

I think will be able to help you migrate to your own domain name....nasa FAQ ata siya...di ko sure...

in any case...hope you can do it as part of your New Year's - New Tasks tasks :)

ethel said...

Hi Jo, 'bout this questions nasagot ko ata dun kay mareng Raquel's site that's very easy to change :) Just make your account in your server and viola!!
If it's in root just make a /
If it is in subfolder make /xxx/
note: replace xxx with your folder name. Makikita mo yong image dun kay mareng raquel. :)

And if you want to change your blog tool from blogspot to wordpress pedeng ma import mo lahat ng archives as long di pa sya beta blogger.Pero kelangan PHP curl module naka installed sa server mo :) Posible ding ma import ang archives kapag beta blogger kana to wordpress pero daming ka ek ekan hehhe unlike sa old blogger just a minute lang tapos agad ang paglipat

Ann said...

Hayan na mga experts.

Ako nga kinukulit ko na naman si kd dahil tapos na pasko at pinapa iba ko na naman yung template ko....hehehe

JO said...

Hi Junnie,
I read blogger's FAQ na, but I still don't know where to begin... hehehe. pang low tech lang siguro ako.

Hi Ethel,
Thanks! Kaya lang wala akong alam sa server side, so I don't know how to even start creating those folder. Siguro I'll just stick with blogger.

Hi Ann,
Marunong naman akong magpalit ng template, pero tamad lang ako. I haven't change my template since I started blogging. Anyway, di pa din kasi ako nagsasawa sa template ko eh, so ok na din ako dito for now.

dangkin said...

naku, kung magkapitbahay sna tayo, tulungan ktang magkuting-ting nyan ;)

JO said...

Hi Dangkin,
Sayang... sana nga kapitbahay kita.

niceheart said...

Jo, I didn't lose any entries and comments. The only glitch I encountered was that I had three posts that didn't make it through, my last three posts on blogger. So I just reposted them and also the comments on those posts.

JO said...

Hi Irene,
That's good! At least you were able to do it successfully. I'm just afraid what if something goes wrong and I lose all my entries? Anyway, will try to study this process and see if I can do it or not. Thanks!