It's 2007!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you!!!


Tag #13: Tagged by Irene. Here's TEN things I would NEVER do...

  1. Stop taking pictures/videos. I just love compiling scrapbook for my kids and journaling their growing years.
  2. Stop travelling/road trips [as long as our budget permits it]. This is one thing that our family truly enjoys! And as long as we are physically fit and financially able, it is something I wouldn't dream of letting go.
  3. Forget the power of LOVE.
  4. Abandon a family member or a friend in need.
  5. Tuck in my shirt. Ever since I gave birth, I can never tuck in my shirt anymore. I wish to go back to my old weight so I can start tucking my shirt again.
  6. Get into credit card debt. I have manage to keep myself out of debt [except for a mortgage and car loan]... and I plan to keep it that way!
  7. Get into cosmetic surgery or get a liposuction. I believe in natural beauty.
  8. Eat spicy food.
  9. I care too much about my lungs and health that I will never try smoking, drugs nor drink alcohol.
  10. Gamble.
Tag, you're it!


cess said...

ok lang, as of late hindi na rin uso ang i-tuck in ang shirt. :) so kung di ka naka-tuck in, pwede mong sabihing yan naman ang in :)

Soulful_SensitiveStreak said...

Happy New Year Jo. Hay naku, ako din, di na nakaka pag tuck ng shirt. :) I love to have firmer stomach but not to the point of having a "tummy-tuck". I'm just scared of the idea of cosmetic surgery.

I love taking photos and videos too. I believe they will be my greatest treasures as I grow old.

I wish I could be you in terms of being debt free. I have a close relationship with my credit cards. :-)

I love my occasional frozen margarita but not smoking. I used to smoke back in college but have stopped since I got married because my husband hates it. He can't stand places where people smoke left and right. Thank goodness for smoke free buildings these days.

Looking forward to getting to know you more this 2007. Wihsing you the best this year.


atoy said...

May you have a happy and prosperous new year!
Simplicity is beauty at para sa akin walang likha ng tao ang tutumbas sa natural na kagandahan at kaanyuan na ipinagkaloob sa atin ng Dakilang Lumikha.

Raquel said...

#7, nice one! Sana overnight lang mababawasan ng 1 lb timbang natin.

Happy New Year!

niceheart said...

Same here with #5. I haven't tucked in a shirt or blouse since I started having kids. :)

You're so lucky. We have never been able to afford travelling.

Thanks for doing the tag. :)

JO said...

Hi Cess,
i always used giving birth as an excuse for my big butt. hahaha

Hi Rach,
Thanks for sharing things about yourself too. Regarding credit cards, kayang kaya mo naman bayaran, so ok lang. ",)

Hi Atoy,
I may not look like a celebrity and a bit overweight, pero ok lang, mahal pa din naman ako ng asawa ko eh.

Hi Raquel,
Keep up your workout! I admire your dedication to lose weight, I wish I have your dedication too. Kaya lang wala eh, tamad talaga ako mag exercise. Actually I hate perspiring! hahaha

JO said...

Hi Irene,
We do a lot of day trips, balikan lang, para tipid sa hotels. Buti na lang mahilig kaming mag drive and explore... I'm sure there's a lot of places to just drive and have picnics in your province or neighboring province.

kathy said...

same here! no more tucking in for me ever since i gave birth. no matter how many sit-ups i do, i could never get a firm tummy again (not that i had fantastic abs to begin with).

fennymun said...

Hi Jo, it is really interesting to to find out that I totally agree at nearly all the items in your list, except I do try to eat spicy food sometimes and my weight remains more or less the same after given birth that I can tuck in my shirt.

Agring said...

I'm with you with "Natural Beauty"
Happy New Year to you and your family!

JO said...

Hi Kathy,
Welcome to my blog. I read your list too.

Hi Fenny,
Good for you! I admire mothers who are able to maintain their body despite giving birth. I wish I was like that too.

Hi Agring!

dangkin said...

i'm with you on #2-for the last 18months, we've travelled 6 times already!

#10-i'll gamble if i know i have the chance of winning a MILLION! =)

have a GREAT year ahead! :)

lhadymitch said...

hi sis new na poh blog koh pakichange nalang poh yung url ng site koh thank you..

JO said...

Hi Dangkin,
If it will GUARANTEE that I will win, I will put my bet down. But, there's no guarantee in life. So I'd rather stay away from it.

Hi Mitch,
Thanks! I like your layout.

Ann said...

Pag andito ka sa ksa natututunan mo kumain ng spicy foods, para bang yung spicy sa pinas ay mild lang pala pag natikman mo pagkain nila dito.

JO said...

Hi Ann,
Di ko talaga makayanan ang spicy food.

nikki said...


i don't like spicy foods din. :-D yung travelling ang hindi ko pa magawa. i hope soon i can do that.