Magic Sing

Pinoys are known for their love to sing in every family gathering, birthday parties and even at weddings. A party is not a party until it ends in karaoke.

I could never sing in front of other people... even at home, I rarely sing. I would prefer to dance than sing. But hubby loves to sing and I'm hoping my kids will like it too once they see their daddy singing.

As you all know, my kids can no longer speak Tagalog, though they can still understand me when I talk to them in Tagalog, but their response are always in English.

A couple of months ago, I heard my kids' playmates, singing Tagalog songs. Their ages are 8, 6 and 4, all born and raised in Canada. When I met them, they don't speak Tagalog. Just last year, they have relatives who stayed with them for a year. Their relatives just love to sing, and through them, the kids can now sing Tagalog songs with the help of "The Magic Sing". Take note, the youngest can sing Ocho Ocho and Pamela One. They can even read some of the words already. The eldest, can now say prayer of thanks in Tagalog [and its not a simple prayer of thanks, it is quite long]. And I am truly amazed. And all of this is because of the "Magic Sing".

So now, I'm bugging hubby that we should get one too. I'm hoping that this would encourage our kids to sing and re-learn Tagalog. But looking at the prices of "Magic Sing" on the internet, it is very expensive! The mic cost USD $225+ and each additional chip is about USD $68+. Now, I'm asking myself if this is worth investing on? Even though kids from the other family have a positive turn out, I'm not sure if it would be the same with my kids. My daughter loves to sing, so I know it won't be a problem to ask her to sing. But my son is the oppposite, I'm not sure if I could encourage him to sing. What do you think? Is it worth it?


Heart of Rachel said...

You're right majority of Filipinos love singing. But somehow my hubby and I are exceptions. We never sing in family reunions and parties. You're right, it seems parties nowadays have karaoke to liven up the atmosphere. We always decline when the mic is given to us because we just don't sing. Fortunately, my son seems to love it. We even bought him a toy casette player with microphone. It's a cool toy which he loves.

Our family doesn't have a Magic Sing but I know of others who do. It might be a good investment if you like singing. It's a nice way of encouraging children to sing and it will surely make a good entertainment piece during parties hosted at home.

bugsybee said...

I'm not a "Magic Sing" or karaoke or videoke fan but I have friends who are and based on what I have observed, their children learned to enjoy singing more when they bought this expensive toy. It also became a way of enjoying family time. So I think it's worth the investment, Jo.

Raquel said...

Through sing along; and using the karaoke video, I built up a self-confidence, mang-aagaw to ng microphone, LOL.

Wow, the youngest (4) can sing Ocho-ocho, very impressive. I think you should buy this "Magic Sing", because it's a big for them in learning tagalog; I'm sure your children will do the same too.

Good luck daughter can almost say "kaayo gyud" (talaga).

cruise said...

parang di rin ako masyadong mapapakanta basta basta, pero kung nag-iisa sa bahay yung baka pwede pa. sayaw nalang tayo :)

pining said...

hi jo :) we've got the same problem, I suppose. My eldest one who's 5 can't speak Tagalog, let alone sing. If it bothers you that much, I think it will be a good investment and maybe this will encourage them to speak the language, too:)

dangkin said...

uhm..i'm trying to teach my husband some tagalog words right now...if kids learn easily through that device, i will be willing to invest, too :) and besides, i love to sing even if sometimes i'm out of tune =)

Junnie said...

i personally inquired on the Magic Sing (not for me to learn tagalog) while in Manila and the prices were really exhorbitant. we intended to buy the chips, pero Php 3,200 to 3,500 per chip of 300 songs...:(, 180 of them Tagalog and the lyrics can't even relate with the video.

some tagalog/english books will do, less cost pa.

JO said...

hi Rach,
Thanks! As I said, I don't really enjoy karaoke, naiingayan kasi ako.

Hi Bugsy,
Yes, I know of a lot of kids who can sing karaoke and I really admire them. My objective is for my kids to re-learn tagalog.

Hi Raquel,
Wow! Singer ka pala! I hope Maria will turn out to be like you! Yung cousin ng mga anak ko sa NY, age 6, can also sing, kasi mahilig din kumanta ang mommy at daddy. but I never heard him sing Tagalog and I don't know if he can.

JO said...

Hi Cruise,

Hi Pining,
I'm hoping that this would happen... I plan to invest on it, I might buy in the summer time.

hi Dangkin,
Teach your husband to sing Tagalog song! Maybe it will be easier for him?

Hi Junnie,
Welcome back to Toronto! Super mahal nga no? Well, I have till summer to think about it.

Gina said...

My dad (in the phils.) bought a magic sing or magic mike about 6 years ago, and I tell you, nag-improve ang boses niya ha. Ngayon, he can carry a tune na. My mom naman can sing really well, and all of us kids took after her. (ehem..) so we really enjoyed using the system. Everytime there is a get-together, kahit anong okasyon, almost everyone sings, so it's kind of a bonding session. My nephews learned to read better ,too. And my hubby, learned how to sing "Bakit Ngayon Ka lang" by Ogie Alcasid , really well. Take note, he is Italian-Canadian ha. So go for it, Jo!

Shoshana said...

Singing and Filipino gathering...aint that the truth!

I get really shy, so I can't.

I wish my kids speaks my dialect, Bisaya or Tagalog.

They want to learn, but I am not very good at speaking to them in my Pilipinong wika.

JO said...

Hi Gina,
Hey, that's good quality bonding time for you and your family! I think I will buy one... hopefully by summer.

Hi Soshana,
Maybe if you have relatives visiting you, tell them to talk/teach your kids Tagalog.

Vanessa said...

I for one, can't sing let alone have the courage to hold a mic and sing in front of everyone. I know a lot of people here in Sweden who owns that magic mic. Ako lang yata ang wala nun. Why don't you ask your kids if they would like to have one rather than buy one directly and wait for them to use it? Their opinion about it can be a money saver or a step to learning tagalog in a more fun way. Enjoy your day, Jo! :)

HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

if you have extra moolah to buy it, then why not, anyways your hubby and daughter love to sing, you'll be encouraged to sing too, kayo ng son mo =)

cess said...

hindi rin ako interesado dito nung una.then my mom's co-worker brought her magic sing for the xmas party nitong dec lang, and everybody had a blast. kahit ako na isang certified sintunado bumigay din. bumirit din ang mag-ama ko.

gusto ko na kumuha, pero hindi pa ako bumibili. masaya naman, pero marami pa akong gastusing mas mahalaga :D

evi said...

ask someone to buy for you in pinas. it's a lot cheaper there. that's what we did. but ours is the old black one coz we bought it a long time ago na and at that time t'was the latest. now, there's the silver one with 5,ooo songs na for only Php15T.

i've been away that's why i didn't blog for sometime. but i'm back!

niceheart said...

I also don't sing in front of people. When my kids catch me singing to a CD or something on TV, they ask me to stop. He he he.

As for speaking in Tagalog, my kids are like that too. I still speak to them in Tagalog but they answer me in English. I think that will be just the way it is for kids who are born and raised here, because English is their first language.

None of my kids are into singing.

JO said...

Hi Vanessa, Girlie, Cess, Evi and Irene,

Thanks for all your comments. I think I will invest on this one... in the summer... not now, super dami pang babayarin eh. ",)

verns said...

Hi Jo :)

Thanks for dropping by my blog. I hope you don't mind if I link you.

Anyway aside from learning tagalog, they will also develop their singing skills. I guess you won't have a problem with your daughter coz I'm pretty sure she'll love it. As to your son, who knows...maybe if he'll see his sister singing, he'll join in.

I believe it's worth it :)

JO said...

Hi Verns,
Welcome to my blog. Thanks for the link, I'll link you up too.

mmy-lei said...

Happy New Year.

Magic sing is really magic. thru that my nephew who is 1 year old only can sing barney songs but when you talk to him, he'll snob you.

Leah said...

it is so true , our celebration sare always filled with singing and the Magic Sing has helped my daughter hone her singing skills. And yes, she can do some tagalog songs as well. The magic sing isnot ours, its my sister's so she doesn't get to practice often but I would definitely recommnend it. Double purpose, both for entertainment and learning na rin.

JO said...

Hi Mmy-lei and Leah,
Thanks! Will definitely get one this year...

JO said...

UPDATE: Seems like my MIL will be buying us the Magic Sing! yey!!! nakalibre na naman kami.