Question on Homeworks

I remember when I was young, my mama would do my home economics projects for me, like cross stitch and sewing... I mean, I would do them, but she will see that it is no good, so she will redo it all over again... no wonder I don't know how to sew. ",)

I used to complain that my son doesn't get much homework. And now, with their new school, I am again complaining that they have too much homework! It is mentally stressful for me and hubby to help my son with his homework. Our weekends were spent doing homework. And he is always late in submitting his homework.

Last December, his assignment was to make a booklet about Sled Dogs using MS Word. It was very hard for him since he has to learn how to use MS Word and at the same time do research on the topic. It's a good thing the teacher has a website that contains all these information.

Now, my son has to do a travel brochure on HolyLand and he is required to use MS Publisher due this Friday. I know this is going to take him forever again, so I decided to start on it. I spent my morning researching about HolyLand, its history and things to see. Later, he has to re-word it and make his brochure. And we still have to teach him how to use MS Publisher. Actually hubby and I never used MS Publisher before, so it will be a first for the three of us. Yes, hubby and I [alternately] have to sit with him while he does his homework. I don't think he will be able to submit this by Friday. There's just not enough time during weekdays.

My questions are: Do you ever have to do your kid's homework? Is it okay to do the research for him so it won't take him forever? If you remember I already mentioned that my son is ADHD, which makes it hard for him to concentrate on one task longer than 10 minutes. So a 30-minute assignment will take him 3-5 hours to finish!


dangkin said...

alam mo JO, the question yesterday on FOX news channel goes something like this: is it really important or good for kids to have always a lot of homeworks?.. and satisfied ako dun sa sagot na 'NO'. kasi daw, at an early age, kids should be taught that learning is fun, pra di sila ma-bore at di nila laging iisipin na mahirap mag-aral.. tsaka dpat daw yung homeworks could be done in 20 mins or 30 yta yun, pra di rin nila isipin na ang pag gawa nun ay nakakasagabal sa oras ng paglalaro nila..

about your question, wla pa kaming anak e.. but i think its ok to do the research for him but just make sure he reads it before submitting so he won't be clueless when the teacher asks something about it ;). [i did the same thing to my sister before and it would always turned out like i'm the student and she's the teacher co'z there will always be 2 or 3 revisions :P]

Patrice said...

Alam mo, my husband has ADHD and he can't sit still. His attention should be focused on something toherwise he gets bored. But in relation to your topic, I encourage my husband by letting him do stuff. Wala kasi siyang alam about handyman work, so instead of doing it myself (which I think I would do better) I let him do it and guide him. It builds his self-esteem too. His latest achievement was putting on our toilet seat all by himself.

In your child case, why not sit beside him and gide him through it. Do it like you are playing a game. Provide incentives like a gumm bear for every correct answer, or something like that. That way, you help him develop. There is nothing with helping him with his assignments, you are a mother after all. It is normal. But there is a reason why an assignment is given. God Bless! :)

cess said...

uh.. pasensiya na wala akong advice. i just have to say i am aghast at the homework i would be expecting when my children reaches higher school levels. ganyan na ngayon?! whatever happened to darning for girls and carpentry for boys?

HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

i help my children with their assignments too, and sometimes doing it myself, like the things that needs research in the net, sa dami ng assignments nila, i don't think they will be able to pass it on schedule

vernaloo said...

Hi Jo :)

I'm still single so I don't know if I can really give a sound advice. When I was in elementary I pretty much do my assignments alone. I remember that those homeworks are pretty simple and I guess nakakaya ng bata...of course they require a little bit of reading and stuff but they're not like complicated that it would take hours to finish. Sa mga major projects naman like Aklat Sipian (booklets) and Home Economics projects, doon ako tinutulungan ni Mama. Pero yung major projects that only happens like twice in every 3 or 4 months.

That's why I don't understand why nowadays grabe mag bigay ng assignments ang mga teachers. Minsan sa dami at sa hirap parents na ang gumagawa. I admire you and your husband kasi you're very supportive and you are really encouraging your son to do it himself. I think it's alright to do your son's homework up to a certain level. Not to the point that you'll do everything :)

Prab said...

This may not answer your question but.. isn't it a bit overboard that the teacher is trying to teach your son and his classmates different programs that might take them forever to master? If MS WORD wasn't bad enough, MS Publisher had to be put in to the fray.

You need to have a bit of creativity with Publisher so that the assignment turns into a newsletter of sorts, plus the cut and paste kind of thing that basically means switching from one program to another.

A bit overboard if you ask me.

JO said...

Hi Dangkin,
I guess it depends on the teacher too. I really like that my son have homework, kasi once he gets to high school and college, it will be more difficult. So mas ok na hanggang maaga ma-train na siya on homeworks. Kaya lang mentally draining lang for me due to his disability to concentrate.

Hi Patrice,
My son just have to learn to control his actions and overcome his disability. He is a very smart kid.

Hi Cess,
Parati ngang late sa submission ang anak ko. But the teacher understand his situation naman, he is giving him time.

JO said...

Hi Girlie,
I guess all moms do that at one time. ",)

Hi Vern,
I used to explain to my kids how it was when I was in school. Having homework almost everyday, and we don't have the internet to help us with the research... feeling yata ng anak ko exaggerated ang mga kuwento ko.

Hi Prab,
Oo nga. May MS Word na may MS Publisher pa. Tinuturuan naman sila ng basic, but still, to master it takes time. Tapos sinabayan pa ng deadline.

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Jo. I remember, I always seeked my mom's help when it came to home education projects particularly sewing and crocheting. I enjoyed cross stitching but never crocheting. My mom ended up doing my crochet pattern for me. I submitted the project on time and thought I had nothing more to worry about. To my great dismay, the teacher required every student to individually show her how to do each stitch. Until now, I couldn't recall how I pulled it off but I passed with a good grade. It was a lucky break but then I realized I should have not let my mom do all the hard work for me.

Regarding your question, I think it's perfectly alright to help our children with homework as long as we do it together with them and not just hand out finished work. It's also a good way to bond with each other because of the time you spend.

I think you're doing a good job helping your son with his homework and at the same time learning a few things too.

kathy said...

I am actually surprised to know that your son was given that kind of assignment. I have always thought that kids should be given the opportunity to explore their creative skills via the old-fashioned method, you know, cut and paste, draw, or whatever using their own hands. On the PC, sure the output would look much more presentable, but I don't think that this really spawns creativity in children. My daughter is still too young to attend school, but I do the pace that things are changing, would she be required to write computer programs by the time she gets to elementary? Hehe. Weird thought, but who knows, really?

Junnie said...

I cant get through your comment box for days now and oftentimes the comments dont get published or are erased :(

so here goes on the last one

i dont believe in all this techniques in submitting one's work without teaching them how to use it. if the child hasnt learned about MS Publisher, why would the teacher require it?

this is child stress and its the worst type of stress of all. the kid doesnt have to go through all these. can you ask the Principal about it? or attend the next PTC?

ghee said...

high tech na talaga,yung homeworks nila ay nasa web site pa?

buti na lang,walang masyadong projects dito,tuwing summer vacation lang or winter vacation.ang homework nila mostly ay written...

sa eldest ko,inalalayan ko sha hanggang grade 3 lang,yung bunso ko,well disciplined,pag kagaling sa school,kakain lang ng snack and then,konting laro sa labas,tapos gawa na ng homework nya..

i didint know na may ADHD ang son mo,mas dobleng atensyon nga ang kailangn mong ibigay sa kanya.hmmm,medyo nakaka stress nga,Jo,pero i know you can make it dahil ikaw yan :)

JO said...

Hi Rach,
I just don't want my son to think that I/we will always be there to help him out with his assignments.

Hi Kathy,
I agree with you. They should be using books in their research and not the internet. A computer for the kids is a must for a family already.

Hi Junnie,
I haven't gotten the chance to talk to other parents on this issue. It is actually a good thing for Patrick to learn to use Word and Publisher, but it is just mentally stressful for me and hubby.

Hi Ghee,
My son's teacher have a school webpage. All the assigments and instructions are there! It is one of the website I have to visit everyday!

ann said...

I am doing may kids homeworks too lalo pag ganyang alam mong di nya kayang mag-isa. In the case of my eldest daughter (12 yrs old) , sya na lahat ang gumagawa. She can search to the internet, medyo bantay lang ako kasi minsan sumisingit sa YM.

Raquel said...

Hi Jo, I've been thinking many times but I can't contribute anything about your question.

When it comes to assignments, I did it independently and study harder.

I think it's a good idea just to guide them in making the assignments but not a spoon feeding.

niceheart said...

My elementary school kids also do research on the internet but they do it at school. They are given time to do their homework at school. I remember my middle son also made a brochure about a country that he picked. I think he was in grade 5 or 6 when he did that. They also use MS Word and PowerPoint. I'm not so sure about the MS Publisher.

I help my kids with homework when they ask for help. And no, I have never done an entire homework for them. But your son is special, so I can understand why you are helping him that much.

nikki said...

hi jo!

i think it's ok to help your kids with homework. i know they do get lots of homework tapos ang hirap pa gawin. like your son's. i don't think they know where to look for the info that they need so your help will really be needed. besides, its better din na you supervise their internet time.

fennymun said...

Hi Jo, glad to know that I am not alone here regarding helping out my son's homework. Though he is only at kindergarten level, he is already required to do some writings (daily basis) and projects (occassionally). I foresee that when he starts his primary education next year, there will be more. I agree that as moms, we should find ways to do these with them together and stimulate their interests and incentives to complete it themselves. I am yet to find tips on these....

JO said...

Hi Ann,
Glad to know I'm not the only one.

Hi Raquel,
I can't remember what it was like when I was a kid. I think I do all my homework by myself too.

Hi Irene,
I guess nabigla lang ako, kasi sa Ontario wala talagang kahirap hirap ang pumasok sa school. Dito, naaawa ako sa anak ko. When he gets home, he eats and start doing homework till its bedtime na.

JO said...

Hi Nikki,
What I don't like is the part that he has to do his assignment using the internet/computer. It's an added distraction for my son. I would prefer if they have to read a book and then write down a summary.

Hi Fenny,
Wow! That's much harder, homework at kindergarten? Aren't they suppose to just have fun?

Analyse said...

errr, ilang taon na ang son mo? seems to be a tough assignment for me.. in that was, you really have to help your son.

JO said...

Hi Analyse,
He's 10 and in grade 4.