Relocation Update #7: Now Hiring

In Toronto, I applied for a lot of jobs since summer, including odd jobs, and I didn't receive a single call from any one of them! It was frustrating actually. My self-esteem and self-confidence were very low. I kept thinking that I am not employable anymore unless I go back to school.

We got here on a Thursday and immediately did some major shopping for the next 3 days... and believe it or not, every store that I went to have a "now hiring" signs all over. Not only the "now hiring" signs are visible, but the starting rates are also posted! Even those hiring part time employees are offering 50% benefits [medical/dental/VLs]. If you want to do odd jobs [clerical, cashier, sales], you can choose where you want to work!

Hubby have been pointing them out to me as he sees them since day 1, and on the 4th day, it got on my nerve! Hahaha... I am not ready to apply for any job at that time since I had a lot of unpacking to do... Besides, since jobs are almost everywhere, I thought I'd try to apply for the job that I will enjoy and not just any job.

Eventually, my son was the one telling me about these job openings... really, it was starting to irritate me!

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Canadian Tire sign:
"Flexible hours available for stay at home moms."

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December 11, my kids started school in Calgary... during that week, I tried to access their homework load and finished unpacking...

December 18, comes the time when I felt I'm ready to start looking for a job but then I got sick! Colds, cough, sore throat, on and off fever... everything happening all at the same time! And it continued for 3 weeks [till first week of January]! It ruined my Christmas and New Year. :-(

My job hunting:
  • December 30, I thought its about time that I update my resume. I posted my resume at and
  • January 1, browse through the job openings on the 2 sites above, but didn't applied for any job.
  • January 2, I applied for 1 job online... a Tax Consultant position.
  • January 3, my answering machine contains 1 message. It was from the tax company that I applied for [just the day before]. I was still sick at that time, every time I tried to speak, I cough, so I didn't return his call.
  • January 8, 5 days later, I called him back and set up an interview. The guy was very nice to me when I explain the reason for not returning his call immediately.
  • January 9, my interview day. It wasn't really an interview, as soon as I got there, he ask me to fill out employment forms and sign contract. I'm hired!!! The only requirement is that I have to write an exam so they will know my level as a Tax Consultant.
  • January 11 to 20, start of a series of training... and need to spend a lot of time reading tax books... and understanding their company's policy and procedures.
  • January 15, is my exam day... wish me luck! ;)
Hubby and I are having second thoughts though about this job... lots of pros and cons... I will see how it goes next week. I have to at least give it a try despite all the cons.

I guess I got lucky here!!! First job that I applied for in Calgary, a job that I like to do and I got hired on the spot! And this ain't no odd job. Of course, tax season is here which makes it easier for me. ",)

So if you know anyone who are migrating, tell them to consider Calgary!


ghee said...

wow!ang daming job offer!

at ang bilis lang mag apply huh?
i wish you luck sa exam mo,kayang kaya mo yan dahil yan nman talaga ang field of work mo db?

Anonymous said...

from theflowerpot

i can so relate with your job-hunting woes!!! garrr!!! don't you just hate it when they don't even give you a chance to prove your worth?

thanks for visiting my blog. :)

Heart of Rachel said...

How nice that there are many job opportunities there to choose from. Glad you found something you're interested in. Good luck on your exam. Hope everything turns out well. Keep us posted.

Glad you liked the avatar.

Have a lovely weekend!

Raquel said...

WOWOW! I am happy for you JO, everything turns to good in Calgary. Ang daming opportunity jan. Good luck on Jan 15.

Paano na pag ba-blogging natin nyan? I will miss you! Hope I can still see you seven times a week.

Gina said...

Hi JO! Glad to know you are better now. =( Poor me is still sick. I thought I was on the mend but I'm sadly mistaken, I still get a bad bout of coughing every now & again. Been home for almost a week now. The upside is: I have more time to bloghop & blog =P. Good luck on your new job. Hope you'll enjoy it despite the 'cons'. (there's always cons, they're part of every job!)

JO said...

Hi Ghee,
Thanks! May exam na nga ako, and yet here I am, blogging... hehehe

Hi Flowerpot,
Hope you leave your link next time so I can re-visit you. I think I was just blog hopping when I encountered your site by chance.

Hi Rach,
Thanks for the avatar! I love it.

Hi Raquel,
Don't worry, I'm sure I will find a way to blog somehow... not while at work nga lang.

Hi Gina,
Inuubo pa din ako paminsan minsan... hope you feel better soon!

dangkin said...

hey JO! God bless you on your exam. don't worry, if it meant to be, it will eventually happen.. just believe! :-)

evi said...

wow! that's way too fast hiring process. congratulations! if that's how quickly you can get a job, you have the opportunity then to select.

KaDyo said...

Good luck sa exams nyo, hope you'll gonna ace this. Ok pala, ang daming opportunities dyan sa lugar nyo.

mmy-lei said...

wow, ang daming job offers. wish you could give us info on what's the pros and cons on job offers.

goodluck on your exam! i know you'll make it.

JO said...

Hi Dangkin,

Hi Evi,
Yup, you can choose the job you want here.

Hi KaDyo,
Salamat po! kung lilipat kayo ng Canada, consider Calgary. You won't regret it.

Hi Mmy-Lei,
Will blog about the pros and cons soon... thanks!

verns said...

Goodluck Jo! I'm excited to know the outcome :) Hope the pros outweighs the cons...

cruise said...

how i wish i can go to canada right now, i need an offshore employer! haha

cess said...

wow! i sooo want to live in calgary na.

JO said...

Hi Verns,
I'll know by next week if the cons exceeds the pros.

Hi Cruise,
The province of Alberta do issue working permit for those coming from overseas. This is one of the few provinces who does that. Try it.

Hi Cess,
Are you planning on migrating???

pining said...

Hi JO :) good luck, I hope everything goes well. I'll be waiting for your next post on the pros and cons :)

niceheart said...

Wow! Jobs are really everywhere in Calgary, eh? Goodluck on the exam.

Agring said...

Wow! look at that nakadisplay ang mga sign instead of items ng mga tinda.
That's great Jo mabilis makahanap ng trabaho dyan and Goodluck to your exam. I'm sure you will pass it!
By the way, what a great post you had about Children!

Butz Rigor said...

First day mo pala ngayon Jo! Have fun - Kayang kaya mo yan... (palibre sa first paycheck mo ha! dalhin ko buong pamilya ko dyan... hehehe)

Mich said...

oh, cool! Ang galing! good luck! ganda naman dyan at daming job offers. Kaso si Hubby talgang gusto nya sa Pinas lang talga kme. :)

JO said...

Hi Pining, Irene, Agring, Mich,

Hi Butz,
Sa wakas, ng comment ka na din... hehehe... I know you've been reading my blog on and off... Sige, punta kayo lahat dito!

Prab said...

Hi, I found myself here through Verns, I hope you don't mind me hanging around. :)

Just wanted to say that if I knew that a person can almost get instant resultsfrom job hunting there, I would've gotten a job there. lol.

Btw, it's the 15th, can't wait to read how it went.

toni said...

It's Jan. 15 today! Good luck with your exam, Jo!

ann said...

Sana may abutan pa kaming trabaho ryan...hehehe.

Goodluck sa exams mo.

fennymun said...

It really seems to be a good place for stay-at-home moms, at least have some opportunities and flexibilities. Good luck to your exam!

ethel said...

madali lang pala jan makahanap ng work, dito sa europe lalo na LU, France at Germany,at Belgium susme kung wala kang lenggwahe as in wala ka talgang work. Like me nasa bahay lang pero may work naman ako blogging hahahhaha... kinakalyo na nga puwewet ko eh, LOL

Shai said...

Congrats on the new job, relocation and all. :-) A happy new year to you too!

JO said...

Hi Prab,
Welcome to my blog!

Hi Toni,
I think I did good, just have to wait for the result. ",)

Hi Ann,
Bilisan niyo lang at I'm sure madami pa yan... booming talaga ang economy ng Calgary ngayon.

JO said...

Hi Fenny,
Yes. Though I don't really know how flexible they are... but so far, this job of mine is quite flexible. So I'm sure I can work my work sched around my kid's school sched.

Hi Ethel,
Di ba you're learning the language na? Galingan mo kasi doon nakasalalay ang career mo.

Hi Shai,
Thanks! Happy new year to you too!

Leah said...

Hope goes well with your test. Galing naman, ang bilis.

JO said...

Hi Leah,
Thanks! Will be getting the result later [I think].