I saw this at Rachel's blog... and believe me, its not as easy as it looks.

Rules: Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following... They must be REAL places, names, things... NOTHING made up! If you can’t think of anything, skip it.

Your Name: JO

  1. Famous Athlete:
    Jowarski [Philippine basketball player - though I am not a fan of his]
  2. 4 letter word:
    joke, jobs
  3. Street name:
    John Laurie Blvd NW, Calgary
  4. Color:
    Jade [saturatred, slightly bluish green]
  5. Gifts/presents:
  6. Vehicles:
  7. Tropical Locations:
  8. College Majors:
  9. Dairy Products:
    [Monterey] Jack Cheese [for making yummy Quesadillas]
  10. Things in a Souvenir Shop:
  11. Boy Name:
    James [Denton of Desperate Housewives]
  12. Girl Name:
    Jeannie [my cousin]
  13. Movie Titles:
    Jackal [Bruce Willis], Junior [Arnold S.], Jurrasic Park [Sam Neill], Juror [Demi Moore]...
  14. Alcohol:
    Jungle Juice [mixtures contain high qauntities of hard alcohol, mixed with arbitrary juices - found this at]
  15. Occupations:
    Journalist, Jockey, Judge
  16. Flowers:
    Jonquil [another name for Daffodil, native of Spain and Portugal - according to Wikipedia again]
  17. Celebrities:
    Janet Jackson
  18. Magazines:
    J-14 [a teenage monthly magazine, USA - according to Wikipedia again]
  19. U.S. Cities:
    Jacksonville, Florida [13th most populated city in the USA, from Wikipedia]
  20. Pro Sports Teams:
    Jacksonville Jaguars, NFL
  21. Something Found in a kitchen:
  22. Reason for Being Late:
    [Traffic] Jam
  23. Something You Throw Away:
  24. Things You Shout:
  25. Cartoon Character:
    Josie [and the pussycats - I was tease with this name when I was in elementary]
Ok, who's next?


cess said...

naku, mahirap nga yan, letter c pa naman ako. wala na ako maisip na alcoholic beverages (hmm... colada piƱa, pwede kaya :D)

pining said...

This is fun Jo :) pahiram ha..

JO said...

Hi Cess,
Try it!

Hi Pining,

evi said...

this is nice. you think it's just a meme but really it's educational.

ann said...

waahhh..daya mo sa #22, palaman yan eh..hahaha!

mmy-lei said...

galing! pde ba mahiram?

Heart of Rachel said...

Great job Jo!

You're right, it wasn't easy filling out all the items. I had to make long pauses to think about some items before I completed it.

sexy mom said...

interesting, and entertaining. i like your design, and the color. how i wish i could redesign mine, but i am really an ignoramus in doing some.

Raquel said...

Mukhang interesting ah at nasagot mo lahat. Sakin naman mukhang mahirap ang letter "R".

#3 and #16, san mo nahanap yan?

JO said...

hi Evi,
Hope you try it too.

Hi Ann,

Hi Mmy-Lei,
Sure! let me know when you're done.

Hi Rach,
Thanks! I had to cheat using wikipedia on some of it. ",)

Hi Dine,
Welcome to my blog. My template is from, they have quite a number of template to choose from.

Hi Raquel,
See the answer of Rach's but no copying! #3 is a street here in Calgary... #16 from

MrsPartyGirl said...

hi jo, this looks like fun :D since my own blog is backlogged i hope you don't mind kung dito ko na lang sasagutan kasi excited ako to share my answers right now, nyehehe!

1. famous athlete: martina hingis (idol!)
2. four-letter word: mind (over matter, hehe!)
3. street name: makati avenue (local na local di ba!)
4. color: mint green (not a fave, sorry sa fans ha!)
5. gift/present: mink coat (odiva soshal! haha)
6. vehicle: mercedes benz (soshal ulit!)
7. tropical location: maldives (someday pupunta ako diyan, pramis!)
8. college major: math (nag-polsci ako kasi hindi ko carry ang math!)
9. dairy product: monterey jack (hahaha! ang original ko!)
10. thing in a souvenir shop: magnets (madami ako niyan, hehe)
11. boy name: michael (as in jackson, mahilig sa boys. ewww!)
12. girl name: madam (as in auring. mahilig din sa boys. ewww!)
13. movie title: madrasta (naks! true to form di ba?)
14. alcohol: mike's hard (yung lemonade niya ha *wink*)
15. occupation: mortician (uy m as in morbid!)
16. flower: marigolds (di pa ako nakakakita pero sabi nila nice daw :D)
17. celebrity: michael jackson (ulit? o sige na nga michael jordan na lang)
18. magazine: maxim (na wish ko lang pwede akong model dun hahaha!)
19. us cities: minneapolis (kung saan kasalukuyang nanginginig ang bespren ko, good luck na lang. hehe!)
20. pro sports teams: miami heat (go shaq!)
21. kitchen thing: mixer (hand or stand, pwede!)
22. reason for being late: my-alarm-clock-did-not-go-off!
23. something you throw away: mga kalat, hehe!
24. things you shout: my goodness!! (sometimes, my gulay!!)
25. cartoon character: mulan (minsan maaraw din, mwehehe!)

enjoy ako, thanks! :D

JO said...

Hi Meeya,
Ang galing/bilis mo naman sagutin ito. It took me a long time to complete it, kaya naghanap na ako ng sagot sa Wikipedia. ",)

Maldives, isa din yan sa mga gusto kong puntahan! I think plane fare alone from Canada is around $2500-3000/pax na, kasi parang may chartered plane pa to go to the island itself or something like that. Or I may not remember it correctly lang... 3 years ago ko pa ni-research yan eh.

Thanks for participating. And welcome back from your vacation.

Kevin Lam said...

I think it's easy to have a word, and think a question for it ;-)

atoy said...

Jo join joker joe jostle john johnson jolting jordanian journalist. josh ko jay! jumagana na naman pagiging jologs ko.

vernaloo said...

hahahaha alam ko na isasagot ko sa reason for being late

Vomb Threat!

JO said...

Hi Lam,
You should try to answer this and you will see its not as easy as it looks.

hi Atoy,

Hi Verns,
Naku, huwag naman sana.

ghee said...

this is interesting Jo!pero mukhang mahirap nga...

Bless said...

Hello JO! kakaaliw naman sagutan itong meme mo kaso lang mag-iisip pa ako kung anong mga sagot na magsisimula sa B hehehe.

Anyways, thanks for visiting my blog again.

Have a great time all the time :-) Regards to all!

Gina said...

Hi JO! This looks fun. Pahiram din! =)

dangkin said...

mukhang ang hirap nga.. pero bilib ako kay MrsPartyGirl ha.. ang bilis nya! ako din cguro, itatanong ko pa muna kay wiki or kay google bgo ko masagot lahat yan.. ;)

JO said...

Hi Ghee and Bless,
You'll never know till you try it.

Hi Gina,
Sure! Let me know when yours is up.

Hi Dangkin,
Ang galing ni Meeya [MrsPartyGirl] no?