Thursday Thirteen #16: Amazing Race part 2

Amazing Race: All Star will premier on February 18. The 11 teams are:

  1. Uchenna and Joyce [my favorite couple, winner of season 7]
  2. Kevin and Drew [from season 1]
  3. Oswald and Danny [season 2]
  4. John and Jill [season 3]
  5. David and Mary [I love them in season 10]
  6. Charla and Mirna [season 5]
  7. Teri and Ian [season 3]
  8. Eric and Danielle [season 9]
  9. Joe and Bill [the 'famous' Team Guido, season 1]
  10. Dustin and Kandice [though they don't play fair, I wish they win this time, season 10].
  11. Rob and Amber [I hate this couple! why did they bring them back??? 2nd place in season 7]
A couple of weeks ago, I posted 13 reasons why I SHOULD be in the Amazing Race... Here's --

Thirteen reasons why I CAN'T be in The Amazing Race

  1. I don't know how to swim! Each show have swimming/diving involved.
  2. I'm not physically fit for running around.
  3. I can't navigate... I don't know my North/South/East/West.
  4. I don't know my geography.
  5. And I'm not good at reading maps [Actually I can but it will take me forever to read maps].
  6. I'm not athletic... I don't think I can do rock climbing which is also in every race, though it will be interesting to try and see if I can do it. Well, Sarah, with the artificial leg, [AR-10 Ep-1 and 4] did it twice, so I think I maybe able to do it too [???].
  7. I hate getting muddy and smelly
  8. I can't deal or handle any kind of animals, not even dogs... I am just too scared of them.
  9. I don't do well under pressure!
  10. I get frustrated easily.
  11. The editing [as claimed by some teams] might make me look bad???
  12. I don't think I can sleep on the roads, bus terminal, train station [I am very meticulous when in comes to sleeping and public bathroom].
  13. Lastly, I have a weak stomach. I don't think I can eat the delicacies of other countries such as fried crickets & grasshoppers [AR-9 Ep-11] or cow intestine/saliva/kidney [AR-7 Ep-3] or fish eyes [AR-10 Ep-1] or live mini octopus [AR-4 Ep-10]...

    even if it is for a million dollars?!?

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amy said...

Thats still the only reality show I have not seen..Its pretty sad...everyone loves it

Chelle Y. said...

I have tried watching the AR so many times, but it stresses me out too much!

I am a big Survivor fan, and did not care for Rob and Amber either. :) The All-Star version makes more sense on the AR and fair too, because it is a race. No one is voted off, so their is no bias to it. I think I might watch it this season.

Caylynn said...

Great list! Those sound like good reasons why you wouldn't do well in the Amazing Race. #13 is what would do me in. I'm a fairly fussy eater. *blush*

Happy T13. :)

selle said...

hi jo! funny but i love teri and ian! it was them who id want to win then! definitely not flo and zach. but at least they were on the top 3. also, john vito and jill! i adore them. very ideal couple! and lastly, a big no for rob and amber. have you seen the season where they were in? very manipulative rob! lastly, who wld ever forget the sacrifice made by joyce by shaving off her crowning glory? i cant wait for all stars! oh, and who would you want to win this season? hehehe.

Leah said...

Not much of a TV watcher this days. ButI'll try to catch at least 1 or 2 episodes so I can relate. I do read a lot about what's happened, who got kicked out, etc.

Heart of Rachel said...

I enjoy watching Amazing Race but I often miss watching several episodes when I'm busy on the computer. :)

Anyway, thanks for helping me with my blog design. I managed to remove the redundant title on top. Thanks again.

Angelo said...

Great list JO! I used to watch Amazing Race, it's an awesome show but I get too addicted to these things so I have to stop myself :) Hey (on a totally unrelated show) did you see the Fear Factor episode when they ate balut?! Ha! I would have done that :) Happy Thursday :)

Noillirac said...

Sounds like maybe you'd better enjoy staying home. Don't think I'd do much better.

Junnie said...

woohoo! one month to go before the All Stars. Something to look forward to every Sunday night na naman. IT seems almost all my favorites are in the line up...

I will assign all the tasks that I can't do to Mitzi. I think we can still win...hehehe. Di lang ako photogenic sa TV, hahahah

Gina said...

I spend too much time on the pc to watch the show =P
I do know that a looot of people enjoy the show, so it must be good.
Enjoy the upcoming season!

pining said...

If it's any consolation, I can't do 1,3,5,7,10, 13. So there you go:) better them than we, eh?

JO said...

Hi Chelle,
I've never watched Survivor nor Fear Factor... this is the only reality TV that I truly enjoy watching.

Hi Selle,
I want Dustin and Kandance to win this time. It would be nice to have an all female team win this time.

Hi Leah,
These "all star" seems like a good batch of people to watch.

Hi Rach,
Kaya nga I have a TV card connected to my PC, so that I can watch my favorite show while blogging. ",)

Hi Amy and Caylynn!
Happy TT!

JO said...

Hi Angelo,
Sorry, but I don't watch Fear Factor, I can't handle the show... hehehehe.

Hi Noillirac,
I just don't want to be over-exposed ",) LOL.

Hi Junnie,
Me too! :-)

Hi Gina,
You should try it, you'll definitely get addicted like me.

Hi Pining,
Yup, better them than us!

cess said...

thanks for the update..been wondering kelan yan.

david and mary - yung sa last season, yung naging friends ng mga koreans? hay, i have to admit di ko sila masyadong gusto - hindi pang-"race" ang attitude, masyadong mabait kasi. pero kung neighbors ko to i'll gravitate towards them.

rob and amber - hehehe, i love them. i'm not sure if i'll love them in real life, pero the couple is really good at these things. driven to win.

uchenna and joyce - sila ba yung nagpakalbo ang wife? ah, love this couple! healthy mix of being mabait and being driven to win.

ghee said...

I cant be in the Amazing Race,neither.and I have no idea about these couples,hehe..

makapanood nga minsan :)

JO said...

Hi Cess,
Yup, that's David and Mary.

And yes, si Joyce yung nagpakalbo. I love them too. But they already go their million, its about time somebody else win this time.

I would also love for Chip and Reichen [the gay couple] to come back, kaya lang they broke already. Sayang.

Hi Ghee,
Naku, borrow the DVD na and try to watch it, you won't regret it! Aside from the race, you will get a chance to see the other countries as well.

Did you know that they did the race in the Philippines? Nag araro sila! hahaha.

cruise said...

cge nood nalang tayo ng Amazing race kasi mukhang di rin talaga ako pwede sumali due to some simliar reasons na nabangit mo dito.

tani said...

Jo, you should be in Amazing Race. Strategy-wise, madami ka na alam from watching all those seasons. :) Never mind the weak stomach and all. Your partner can do those disgusting challenges.

JO said...

Hi Cruise,
Mukhang ganoon na nga... hanggang taga nood na lang...

Hi Tani,
Oo nga, in every team naman there is someone who can also do one task.