Mixed nuts #8

Bad news:
To those who requested the link to the free movie downloads, sorry to say that the blog is now offline... and I was in the middle of downloading 007's Casino Royale... huhuhu...


Good news:
My MIL will be visiting for 3 days and 2 nights... arriving tuesday afternoon and leaving thursday morning. She will be spending Valentine's day with us and hopefully with a nice sunny [but cold] weather we will be able to take her to Banff and Lake Louise.

Her destination is really NYC cause my SIL just gave birth to her second son last month. Meet baby Alex.


Winter is finally here! It has been a pretty warm winter until last week...

It has been snowing all week and temp was below 20s... brrrrr....


Happy, happy birthday to Ghee and Lam!!! Cheers to more birthdays to come! Godspeed!

Advance Happy Valentine's Day to all!!!


Please read:
The Price of Children [thanks Kai for sending me this email]...
and how kids define LOVE.


dangkin said...

hello to your MIL :) hope the weather will cooperate..

and to baby Alex, welcome to our wonderful world! ;)

vernaloo said...

Hi Jo :)

Hope the weather improves so that you can tour MIL well :)

You got a cute nephew there :)

evi said...

i visited your website a couple of weeks ago. ganda pala talaga ng lake louise during winter. i'm sure your MIL will love banff and lake louise.

cruise said...

ay wala na yung link, sad.
cute ni baby alex!

mmy-lei said...

wow winter na! ganda naman!

welcome to baby Alex!

Raquel said...

Welcome to baby Alex!

Hope you have great Valentine's Day celebration with your MIL. Food, food, food, luto ni MIL.

JO said...

Hi Dangkin,
The snow is suppose to end tonight. we'll see.

Hi Verns,

Hi Evi,
You should come and see it... I can meet you there if you like. It is only 2 hours drive for us.

JO said...

Hi Cruise,
OO nga, sad sad sad talaga... I hope it comes back up again.

Hi mmy-Lei,
I took a lot of pictures, will be posting them soon... too busy to sort them out right now.

Hi Raquel,
Thanks! I don't think my MIL will cook, actually, we might be eating out during those 2 days na lang.

lhadymitch said...

ang cute naman ni baby alex!

muzta na d2? tagal koh na d nakabisita ha paxenxa na ha busy kc akoh noon!

Kevin Lam said...

Thanks for the greeting. Naka-extra na naman sa blog mo.
Enjoy your valentines with your hubby and SIL.

Junnie said...

naku happy happy na naman yung 2 kids...este, kasama rin pala kayo ni husby na happy with mother coming...

enjoy the sun after the winter storm...medyo madulas, pero ok lang bumiyahe...tamang tama - no work ba and no school ba?

fennymun said...

Hi Jo, the weather seems reaaaaally cold but the kids look like they are having fun out there!

JO said...

Hi Mitch,
Thanks for visiting again. Pasyal ka ulit.

Hi Lam,
You're welcome!

Hi Junnie,
We are all taking the day off tomorrow! And the forecast seems to be sunny and warmer tomorrow.

Hi Fenny,
Yes, it is really cold. We got 5 times the regular snow fall for the last 6 days. It is really hard to drive.

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Jo. It's nice that your MIL is coming over. Hope she'll enjoy her visit and you can all spend a wonderful time together. Baby Alex is so cute.

Happy Hearts Day to you and your family! Hope your love will keep you warm from all that snow. Glad the kids are having fun and taking advantage of it.

Take care!

JO said...

Hi Rach,
Thanks! Same to you and your family! Take care!

ann said...

Kakatuwa naman yung MIL mo palipat lipat na lang ng bansa. Buti kaya nya yung weather dyan?

Leah said...

Dito sa T.O. , it will be 20 cm of snow by the end of the day. A white Valentine's day and a very cold one to. -20's with the windchill.

Have a happy Valentine's day and enjoy the tours with your MIL

Analyse said...

cute naman ni baby alex... we have a warm winter too.. global warming? hmmm.. i hope the weather's ok when MIL arrives..

JO said...

Hi Ann,
Expat ang MIL ko, she's been assigned to a much colder place... so ok lang sa kanya ang cold weather.

Hi Leah,
It's a good thing we have the chinook here, temp right now is -1C. And I think it will be positive temp by tomorrow.

Hi Analyse,
Thanks to global warming indeed.

ghee said...

Hi Jo!Thanx for the greetings!surprised naman ako,I should`ve mentioned you in my post :)

Happy Hearts Day Jo!Together with you MIL,Im sure you and your kids are enjoying the moment :)Baby Alex is ssoooo cute nman!

-20C??ang ginawwww!!ingat :)

JO said...

hi Ghee,
You're welcome! And thanks!

Francesca said...

buti pa kayo, may snow! mga anak ko, margie and anjo, two months na sa france, di pa namin nadadala sa mountain to see snow, lol

o siya, pa kiss ke baby alex. He is another cute and handsome baby...Tsup!

Tani said...

So how did your MIL find Lake Louise and Banff. Your pictures were spectacular!

JO said...

Hi Francesca,
I'm sure they will get their chance soon. Thanks!

Hi Tani,
She loved Banff. We didn't go to Lake Louise as she is still tired from the jetag and its too cold... Pero sulit na din yun trip niya dito!