Tag #14: Three

I was tagged by Rach [sorry for the delay Rach].

Three Things that Scare Me:

  • long term illness
  • leaving my young kids motherless
  • getting murdered
Three People Who Make Me Laugh:
  • Matt LeBlanc [Joey of Friends]
  • Peter Boyle [Frank of Everybody Loves Raymond]
  • and my all-time favorite, my hubby
Three Things I Love:Three Things I Hate:
  • telemarketers
  • dirty bathroom
  • driving in heavy snow fall
Three Things I Don't Understand:Three Things On My Desk:
  • computer
  • telephone
  • personal planner
Three Things I Am Doing Right Now:
  • answering this meme
  • assisting my son with his homework
  • eating chips
Three Things I Want To Do Before I Die:
  • sky diving
  • tour Europe
  • see my grandkids
Three Things I Can Do:
  • Drive
  • Dance
  • Cook
Three People You Should Listen To:
  • Your parents/in-laws
  • your spouse
  • and your children!
Three People You Should Never Listen To:
  • fortune tellers
  • people who talks negatively all the time
  • politicians
Three Things I'd Like To Learn:Three Favorite Foods:
  • Steak @ Applebee's/Friday's/The Keg's
  • Seafood platters @ Red Lobsters
  • Baby back ribs @ Tony Roma's
Three Beverages I Drink Regularly:
  • Water
  • Coke
  • Juice [though very rare]
This is actually my 3rd Three Things meme... Here's my first and second Three Things.


vernaloo said...

Reader's Digest usually features stories like that...you know, parents killing their kids. I once read a mother who killed all her babies. Yes...I also don't understand this.

Anyway it's really true what they say..find a husband that will make you laugh till your stomach aches and you'll never live a boring life :)

Raquel said...

Hi Jo, iiwasan ko pala to baka later ayaw mo na sakin, hehehe, "people who talks negatively all the time".

Oi, interesado ka pa lang mag quilt, very time consuming daw yan eh.

Gina said...

I think "Joey" is the funniest on Friends! Too bad, his own show didn't take off & just lasted for a season or 2! We need him on Tv,don't we?

Parents killing their babies/kids..Very sad. And we have been seeing it an awful lot in the news lately.

Hubby makes me laugh =)too. Ain't I lucky???

Leah said...

Three Favorite Foods: love ko din lahat ito.

And goodluck in your skiing

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Jo. Thanks for taking some time to answer this meme. I didn't realize that this is your 3rd Three Things Meme. How interesting. I enjoyed reading your 1st and 2nd memes and glad that the questions are unique.

What a coincidence that you were eating chips while doing this meme and I'm eating chips as I comment about it. :)

I also dream of sky diving one day with my husband. I agree that we should never let fortune tellers dictate our lives that's why I don't go to one. I'd be too paranoid if the fortune teller tells me something negative. Yes, it's unhealthy being around people who always talks negatively because chances are you'll absorb some of the negativity.

A quilt sounds like a nice project. Hope you can learn it someday.

Yummy list of foods you mentioned.

Thanks for sharing all these interesting things about you.

Francesca said...

hirap b sa french, lol?
Parang ako, mama mia. sino kasi nag embento ng french language, bakit di na lang mag eglish like evryone, di ba? Hard work din itong post mo ah!

JO said...

Hi Verns,
Haven't really read Reader's Digest for a long time now.

Hi Raquel,
I want to make a quilt like the one in the movie "Stepmom", that contains baby clothing and pictures of my kids...

Hi Gina,
Oo nga, di maganda yun "Joey", actually pangit ang casting. Sayang.

JO said...

Hi Leah,
Pass muna ako ng skiing this year... baka next winter na lang ulit.

Hi Rach,
Thanks for the tag! Let's go sky diving together? hehehe...

Hi Francesca,
Hirap talaga ng French. I should enroll myself in a class so I can help my son more.

Agring said...

Hi Jo,
Ummm sarap ng seafood platters!
Those parents who are killing their kids are demons.

sorry about 2 comments...accidentally click!

ghee said...

sky diving Jo?obvious na mahilig ka sa roller coaster :)

marami kang answers na pareho sa kin Jo :)

pati na yung steak,fav ko yan!!

i wonder,paano mong ginagawa yung nag ba blog ka,while you teach your son`s homework?

Analyse said...

hey, i could probably help you out with the french, email mo lang ako ;)

JO said...

Hi Agring,
Happy weekend!

Hi Ghee,
kaya naman ng anak ko gumawa ng homework magisa [minsan], kailangan lang nakatutok ako, kasi kung walang nakatinging, maglalaro na yan o kaya mag daydreaming.

Hi Analyse,
Thanks for the offer! I'll remember that.

fennymun said...

Hi Jo, interesting list. I especially like the 3 people which we should listen to.

JO said...

Hi Fenny,
Thanks! Feel free to take this tag if you want to.