Winter in Calgary

Before we came to Calgary, we've been hearing about its very cold winter weather... not just cold, but longer winter months compared to Toronto... it definitely scare the hell out of me since I get cold easily. But then, with proper clothing [layering], its not as bad as it looks. On the brighter side, Winnipeg and Montreal gets more snow than us.

The one good thing about Calgary's weather is the "Chinook winds" that provides a welcome respite from the long winter chill. The change can be dramatic as well, temperature can be double-digit below zero and rose to single/double-digit positive temperature in as little as 4 hours.

Chinook winds have been observed to elevate winter temperatures, often from below −20°C/−4°F to as high as 10°C/50°F to 20°C/68°F, for a few hours or days, at the end of which, the temperatures plummet to their base levels...

...Calgary is also well known for getting many chinooks, as the Bow Valley in the Canadian Rockies west of the city acts as a natural wind tunnel funneling the chinook winds....

There was one day in December where the wind was blowing at 50km/hour, temperature with windchill was -35°C. I can really feel my cheek turning into icicle. But that was just one day.

We experienced continuous snowfall for about 7 days two weeks ago, I was late for that whole week due to traffic and accidents. Temperature was in the −20s°C... this week however, we are experiencing single-digit positive temperature, thanks to "Chinook". You can actually see people wearing t-shirt and shorts walking on the streets. I can even go out for a few minutes with no jacket. And I'm the type of person who gets cold easily.

I hate the fact that I was late for work for the whole week and that my travel time was 1.5 hours instead of the usual 30 minutes, but am also thankful for the traffic because it kept me safe on the road. Back in Toronto, I don't usually drive on a snowy day... but here, I have no choice! Commuting is not an option for me. So snow day or not, I have to drive to work.

The day my daughter was making her 10 little snowmen, the temperature was about 8C. A nice day for an outdoor fun!

But then, everybody is saying that this winter is pretty warm compared to past winters... lucky me.


MrsPartyGirl said...

nyehehe, that's still too cold for me :D keep warm, jo! :)

Francesca said...

brr, by the look i am already feeling cold, waaah

hope you keep warm!

cess said...

i remember before hubby and i went to this place, the weather in the net said the current temp was 16c. minaliit ko yun, baguio was 20 at that time, so inisip ko lang na parang baguio lang sa umaga. imagine our shock when we stepped out of the airport, grabe!!.

never been to any place with snow, so hindi ma-comprehend ng utak ko what it's like to be in a place with negative temp. so para sa akin, exciting ang winter, hehehe!

ghee said...

Hello Jo!
ive heard about Canada`s dramatic weather changing.The weather is bad,but just wait for 5 minutes,they say :)

-35C!!grabe ang lamig nyan.dito nga lang,kapag nahaluan ng north wind,super,nangangatog na ako sa ginaw lalo na pag unprepared lumabas.

brrrr,gininaw ako sa kwento mo..hehe

ann said...

Grabe ang lamig. Yun ngang 3*C dito at may hangin eh ayoko na lumabas.

Kahit 8*C pala yung temperature may snow pa rin sa paligid.

Raquel said...

Malamig pa rin yang weather nyo sa amin.

Don't worry you will get use to it driving on the snow. Grabe, it will take you 1.5 hours instead of 30 minutes lang.

Drive safely Jo! Ingat po.

gracita said...

i love cold weather! but maybe not the -30degC type. i'm ok with anything above 0deg as long as its sunny and not raining!

what is the hottest temperature over there?

Analyse said...

ngek, and you call that warm winter??

JO said...

Hi Meeya, Francesca and Raquel,

Hi Cess,
You have to consider the humidity and windchill too... not just the temp.

Hi Ghee,
Di naman siguro in minutes but in a few hours. Like this morning it was -18C but by lunch time its rose to -5C.

Hi Ann,
If I could have my way, I'd stay home too on temp below zero, but since working girl na ako ngayon, I don't really have a choice.

Hi Gracita,
The warmest summer in Toronto can reached as high as 38C... mas mainit pa sa pinas minsan... I haven't experience summer in Calgary yet, so I don't really know.

Hi Analyse,
Bad weather would mean that the temp stay below zero for weeks... since we are experiencing positive temp, warm winter na yan.

vernaloo said...

uhhhmm wow...still sounds cold to me Jo :) surely it's hard to go to work with that kind of weather. It's like you just want to snuggle and stay in bed the whole day :)

Heart of Rachel said...

I get easily cold too so I couldn't imagine having that kind of temperature. But glad you have adjusted well. Good thing you have those chinook winds as a nice respite from the chilly winter temps. Hope you'll have more of those in the coming days. Take care and have a pleasant week. Thanks for visiting.

niceheart said...

It's also been snowing here for the past 2-3 days. Light snow lang naman. It's warming up a little bit too. But still minus 5.

HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

brrrrr!!! kung pede lang uwi ng pinas every winter time noh =)

Marie said...

Ang sarap naman ang lamig diyan while here umiinit na start na ng summer.

Junnie said...

i cant wait for tired of all the layers of clothes and tip toeing on slush and puddles of water....

JO said...

Hi Verns,
Oh yes, it is definitely hard to get up in the morning on a cold weather like this.

Hi Rach,
Thanks to Chinook!

Hi Irene,
Temperature here dropped too since yesterday. brrrrr....

JO said...

Hi Girlie,
If I could afford it, why not??? hehehe

Hi Marie,
Welcome to my blog!

Hi Junnie,
I'm definitely looking forward to summer time where we can do road trips!

MommyBa said...

I love autumn and winter dahil siguro mas carry ko ang lamig sa init (heat triggers my migraine attacks eh :(). naaappreciate ko yung lamig na yan! hehehehe!

Pero weather around the world is totally changing and that is because of global warming. Yan ang isa sa effects - extreme and weird weather changes. Sana lang eh we can all work together para ma-reverse yung mga effects na ganito.

JO said...

Hi Liz,
I love Autumn the most. I love looking at the wonderful colors of autumn. So when are you visiting Canada again? I hope you can visit Calgary.