Busybee #5

One more month to go and tax season will be over. I am really looking forward to it. I am soooo tired.

I work an average of 6 hours/day from Sunday to Friday and maximum of 10 hours on a Saturday... I am averaging 16-25 tax returns in one day... and I am starting to do taxes in my dreams!

On top of that, I have to cook, do laundry, iron clothes, pick up after my kids and clean the house. Plus, assist my kids with their homework [though hubby has been dealing with this lately]. And make sure that all bills were paid on time.

It is not easy to be a working mom in North America... especially for someone like me who grew up with maids and an older sister who does everything around the house. I never have to lift a hand when I was still single. In other words, tamad ako [I'm lazy]. ",)

Interesting Surnames

Thank you all for sharing my excitement in my last post. But as of today, still no update. I think I was just daydreaming at work at that time and the "call" didn't really happen???


Interesting Surnames

This is my first time to encounter Native Indians in Canada and there's a lot of them in Calgary [compared to Toronto].

The guys normally have long hairs [like the one we see in the movies] and the girls are more reserved and proper. The girls are like our native Ifugaos, they look like Filipinas. So far, the Indians that I've met are pretty friendly, polite and soft spoken.

Interestingly, they have unusual surnames... like,

  • Mr. Many Grey Horses
  • Mr. Runningbird
  • Mr. Lazyboy
  • Mr. Crazyboy
  • Mr. Findlater
  • Mrs. Watchmaker
  • Mrs. Yellowquilt

A reason to smile

I am on cloud nine today... got a call from my MIL this morning [at work] and her news excite me! I even shared the news with my client.

It was really hard to concentrate the rest of the day. It was like daydreaming while doing taxes. [Hope I didn't make any stupid mistake.]

It was that way the whole day... I kept missing my turns while driving from hubby's office to the grocery and back home. hahaha.... And to think that this is my route everyday! Tulirong tuliro talaga ako! And without realizing it, I was dancing while preparing dinner. ngek!

Anyway, since it hasn't been finalized yet, I will have to keep it to myself for now... will definitely share it with you once everything has been finalized. Hopefully in the next few days...

Thursday Thirteen #19: Wish list

13 Things I need around the house

Relocating is hard, I need to dispose of a lot of my stuff before the move and now my new home is in need of some new stuff... I know Christmas is over and my birthday is months away, but I just thought I'd list down stuff I need around the house. I need to buy them one by one, most likely one/two item/s per month to ease up on our budget...
    For our bedrooms --

  1. Dresser/drawers for our clothes [my walk-in closet is not enough for our clothes, though there's space to put a drawer.]
  2. Full length mirror

    For my kids' room [they only have their beds in their room] --

  3. 2 storage box to hold my kids' toys
  4. A study table for each room

    For my kitchen --

  5. Double food warmers [for parties. I've always wanted to have this. As you know, food here gets cold easily especially during winter.]
  6. Blender [so I can prepare my mini cheese cake dessert and smoothies]

    For my living room --

  7. An LCD TV [though hubby prefers a projector TV] and a TV stand
  8. 2 matching leather Ottoman [that matches my couch]
  9. A center piece table and a floor rug
  10. Plants

    Others --

  11. Cordless phone, dual handset with built in answering machine
  12. Magic Sing
  13. Book shelves [for my kids' books, my photo albums and hubby's books].

    Question: Will my photo albums/pictures be safe in the basement, the coldest part of the house? I haven't got the chance to move them yet.

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Last Song Syndrome

The only time that I get to listen to my music CDs is when I am the desginated driver. TV is my companion at home, never music. And since I drive to work everyday now, I brought my whole bag of CDs in the car. CDs which I have not listen to for years...

In one of my CD is the song "Anak" [Child] popularized by Mr. Freddie Aguilar. It's been a long long time since I last heard this song. And it brought back a lot of memories.

I remember that my mama used to tell me that that's my theme song! Yes, I am a prodigal daughter... its a very long story, but to cut it short, I never realized the pain that my mama have to go through with me while I was growing up, not that I was into partying, night outs or vices. But I am just the type of person who will do as I please, make my own choices and follow what my heart dictates. My mama would always tell me that I will feel her pain when I am a mother.

Now that my son is 10, he is starting to show his own personality. And now it is my turn to tell my son that he will experience my heartaches [whenever he defies me] when he have kids of his own.

by Freddie Aguilar, 1978

Nang isilang ka sa mundong ito
Laking tuwa ng magulang mo
At ang kamay nila ang iyong ilaw
At ang nanay at tatay mo'y
Di malaman ang gagawin
Minamasdan pati pagtulog mo
At sa gabi'y napupuyat ang iyong nanay
Sa pagtimpla ng gatas mo
At sa umaga nama'y kalong ka
Ng iyong amang tuwang-tuwa sa iyo

Ngayon nga ay malaki ka na
Nais mo'y maging malaya
Di man sila payag
Walang magagawa
Ikaw nga ay biglang nagbago
Naging matigas ang iyong ulo

At ang payo nila'y sinuway mo
Di mo man lang inisip na
Ang kanilang ginagawa'y para sa iyo
Pagkat ang nais mo'y
Masunod ang layaw mo
Di mo sila pinapansin

Nagdaan pa ang mga araw
At ang landas mo'y naligaw
Ikaw ay nalulong sa masamang bisyo
At ang una mong nilapitan
Ang iyong inang lumuluha
At ang tanong,"anak, ba't ka nagkaganyan"
At ang iyong mata'y biglang lumuha ng di mo pinapansin
Nagsisisi at sa isip mo'y
Nalaman mong ika'y nagkamali

My Visual DNA

I've seen this in a couple of blog already and though I'd give it a try!

How old is old enough?

At what age were you left alone by your parents to walk to school by yourself? to go biking in the streets? or to stay home by yourself?

I remember I was already in High School when I have the freedom to walk home from school by myself, go to Divisoria to buy those cute Sanrio stationaries with friends and rode the jeepney by myself.

Hubby on the other hand started very early. He would ride the bike by himself when he was about my son's age. But this was in a subdivision, where most people knows everybody in the neighborhood and back then it was pretty safe.

My hubby has been wanting to leave my son alone at home. I feel that he is not old enough to be left with such a responsibility. Accidents can happen in seconds and it could be dangerous, don't you think? Or am I just too over protective of my kids?

I know he can take care of himself, he can even make himself sandwiches/toast/popcorn when he's hungry. He knows how to use the microwave. And he can even make mash potatoes.

He and his sister has been walking home from the school bus stop which was just outside our building in Mississauga, and just a few meters away from our present home [no crossing of streets involved though]. Other than that, I'm not sure if he can take care of his little sister. I guess I am more afraid if they fight, because they tend to become physical.

Last week, in the news, I was surprised to learn that a lot of kids ages 8 and up are left alone at home for a maximum of 2 hours everyday. And that there's no specific law in Canada about the age of when you can leave the kids alone at home.

This coming Saturday, my son will be attending a "Home Alone Safety Plus First-aid" program in the community center. Hopefully this program will make him comfortable staying home by himself.

Home Alone Safety Plus First-aid
An interactive safety training program for youths ages 10+. (Younger siblings 7+ may attend and register also). This program prepares our youth for the all important step of Home Alone Safety. Being home alone can be an uncomfortable and unsafe situation with out some basic skills. Those safety, first aid, and comfort skills are covered in this course through interactive games and role playing. Let's work to keep our children safe and confident.

Amazing Race: All Stars

I can't believe it! After coming in as the first team in the first 3 legs of the race...

Yey! [my apology to the fans of Rob and Amber].

Thursday Thirteen #18: Greetings

This is a little late for last week's TT and early for this coming TT.

13 Celebrants for the Month of March

  1. My nephew Kiel
  2. Junnie
  3. and his better half, Mitzi
  4. Linnor's little Jake
  5. My Achi M [in Manila]
  6. Auntie A [in Cebu]
  7. My cousin C [in Chicago]
  8. My cousin E [in Manila]
  9. Uncle F [in Taiwan]
  10. My bestfriend since high school, C [in Vancouver]
  11. and her husband J [in Vancouver]
  12. Liway
  13. Patricia's playmate, Aaron
and to those celebrating their birthday this month...


Last week

Calgary was covered with snow! If I'm not mistaken, we got a total of 44cm of snow in the month of February.

This week, the sun is finally out and temperature was at the high of 16C [feels like spring already]... Thanks to Chinook!

But wait, Calgary's weather predicts more snow in the month of March than in February. So I guess winter is not yet over.

Annoying or Flattering

This is related to Meeya's recent post. Should we be flattered that at our age, we are still being ask for our ID when we buy beers? or are you annoyed by it?

My friend who recently migrated to Canada has become a drinking buddy of my hubby. They will have 2 bottles of beer almost every night. Most of the time, my hubby will buy the beers. But sometimes, my friend would buy the beers. And she really felt annoyed when she was asked for her ID. Nobody would believe that she was in her mid 30s already. I told her that she should be flattered. I know I would be. But no, she really felt it was annoying.

I remember one incident in 1993, I was in Connecticut then and we went to watched the concert of Hall and Oats in a bar. As we were on our way in, IDs were being checked since the bar will be serving beers/alcohols, so underage were not allowed. I was with 2 of my friends [sisters]. The younger sibling didn't have a single ID with her at that time, I'm glad I had mine. Though they did let us all in because the guy at the door thought that the older sibling was the mother of the younger sibling.

Here in North America, I have a really hard time guessing the age of the Americans or Canadians... likewise, they have a hard time guessing the age of Asians. And it was really flattering when someone say "how could you have a 10 year old son? you look like you are in your mid 20s."