Annoying or Flattering

This is related to Meeya's recent post. Should we be flattered that at our age, we are still being ask for our ID when we buy beers? or are you annoyed by it?

My friend who recently migrated to Canada has become a drinking buddy of my hubby. They will have 2 bottles of beer almost every night. Most of the time, my hubby will buy the beers. But sometimes, my friend would buy the beers. And she really felt annoyed when she was asked for her ID. Nobody would believe that she was in her mid 30s already. I told her that she should be flattered. I know I would be. But no, she really felt it was annoying.

I remember one incident in 1993, I was in Connecticut then and we went to watched the concert of Hall and Oats in a bar. As we were on our way in, IDs were being checked since the bar will be serving beers/alcohols, so underage were not allowed. I was with 2 of my friends [sisters]. The younger sibling didn't have a single ID with her at that time, I'm glad I had mine. Though they did let us all in because the guy at the door thought that the older sibling was the mother of the younger sibling.

Here in North America, I have a really hard time guessing the age of the Americans or Canadians... likewise, they have a hard time guessing the age of Asians. And it was really flattering when someone say "how could you have a 10 year old son? you look like you are in your mid 20s."


MommyBa said...

I feel the same way as your friend. When I was there in Canada, I couldn't buy my cigarettes and beer w/o showing them my ID. At first I felt flattered kaya lang it got to the point that I felt annoyed already.

Sa UK naman nagcheck din sila ng ID ko when I tried to go into a strip bar. natawa na lang ako. Haaaay! Feeling ko di ako happy na they treat me like a minor. Kainis!

Pero siguro nga isa lang ang ibig sabihin nito, di tayo madaling tumanda so no need for cosmetic surgery :) Hehehehe!

Analyse said...

here in france, you could get 50% discount in museums, cinemas etc if you're 25 and below.. and i was able to benefit on that till the age of 28 i guess hehe, im even obliged to tell them my age minsan to pay the right fee (pero of course, i leave it like that minsan hehe), they don't even ask my ID, parang certified below 25 ako haha... pero ngayon, full tarif na.. i look old na?

Heart of Rachel said...

I would definitely welcome that kind of mistake anytime ... definitely flattering.

Thanks for visiting my photo hunt earlier. Regarding your question, you don't need to change the water. Maybe you can experiment with 2 or 3 eggs first and once you achieve the perfect saltiness of eggs according to your taste, you can make more next time. Good luck.

Leah said...

Sometimes, when I go to the casino, they ask my ID. Ofcourse I'm flaterred.

However, when I go now, it is a bit annoying since I definitely look older than 18 (or is it 21?)

I think its the Asian genes.

evi said...

i will not get annoyed because they're just doing their job. i think asians are naturally young looking.

so, your hubby's drinking buddy is a she eh.

Gina said...

I'd rather be mistaken to be younger instead of being older than I am. Me too, I find it hard to place a white woman's age sometimes, so I try to play if safe, so as not to offend. For instance, just today, I was chatting with a customer while she was trying on clothes, we were talking about sizes, body shapes, etc. and then she asked me " how old do you think I am?" Tricky,eh. Kaya , I ventured a "lower" number ha. Hmn, I said- you probably are in your mid 30's. She must have felt flattered and told me, oh, Im 48! Who knows, I could have made her day, and she kinda made mine. She left with almost $ 400 worth of clothes!
One time naman, I saw a school bus driven by a lady driver with all white hair, I swear she must have been 80 at least =P Sabi ko sa asawa ko- kung sa Pilipinas 'yan, the younger people would even try to help her off the bus (alalayan ba) =) But then again, as I said, mahirap manghula ng age minsan. Baka nga naman , much much younger yung driver na iyon.

JO said...

Hi Liz,
I never buy beers so I don't know if they will ask for my ID... hehehe...

Hi Analyse,
Ok yan ah... laking tipid!

Hi Rach,
Ok. Thanks. Might try it out soon...

JO said...

Hi Leah,
Flattering at first but I guess it becomes annoying in the long run.

Hi Evi,
Yes, she's a she. She used to live with us while trying to look for her own apartment. But now, hubby doesn't drink that much anymore, wala na kasi yung drinking buddy niya eh.

Hi Gina,
Me too! Better to be younger than older.

ann said...

I find it flaterring of course. It's annoying when you are in the philippines and they will give you discount right away w/o asking for your senior citizens card...hahaha!

Happy weekend!

HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

isa lang ibig sabihin nyan, we dont look our age...mas bata talaga tignan mga asians compared sa mga puti...i had that experience too sa ball park naman, sabi sakin ng old american lady, oh you seem lost little girl =)

MrsPartyGirl said...

uy wow, i inspired you to write a complete entry pala hehehe.

for me, i really think it depends on how you handle the situation. ako i try to feel flattered all the time (as i said, its better to be taken for younger than older :D). previously, when i was still working, i had a hard time convincing older colleagues that i could (and should) be taken seriously. pero i learned na rin to use it to my advantage. tipong i could act all naive with a snotty client to stroke his ego, or appear helpless to some people in IT to speed up the software repairs that i needed done, etc, that sort of thing. pero eventually, i've proven na even though i may look young, i can contribute pa rin. and once you do that, super bilib naman sila kasi youre very young but very sharp, odiba? hahaha!

ako thankful din that establishments are responsible enough to ask for IDs. at least, if my daughter tries to sneak into a bar or a rated r movie, mahaharang siya, hehe.

vernaloo said...

It can be annoying when it becomes a hassle already like for example it causes a delay or if you don't have an ID with you :)

Raquel said...

They are just doing their job, I guess. If we are not in the same race, it is hard for us to guess the age by the face. But I heard, we Filipinos, have a young looking.

Francesca said...

Eto tsika: si lolo and ako punta sa sine, para nood, devil wears prada. Eh, ang senor citizen like Lolo, he is 65, may 50% disc, basta pakita lang id.

Ayaw ni lolo ng discount!
Kaganda ko raw, tapos i reveal niya na Lolo na siya???!!

what is daw 3euros sa 6€ na cinema ticket, basta ayaw niya makilalang, gurang na,with me, lol!
pride, hehe
very nice topic to jo!

JO said...

Hi Ann,
Di pa naman ako napagkamalan older than I look sa Pinas. hehehe. I hope di yan mangyari.

Hi Girlie,
Oh yes.

Hi Meeya,
Yes, I got inspired. Actually I don't have time to really think of a topic to blog, too busy. Kaya nangopya na lang ako. Hope you don't mind. ",)

JO said...

Hi Verns,
Kaya never forget to bring your ID.

Hi Raquel,
Yes, they were just doing their job.

Hi Francesca,
Age is just a state of mind. Kayang kaya naman pala ni hubby magbayad in full eh, why ask for discount pa. He feels young when he is with you.

fayenget said...

sabi ni mommy pag pinays daw mahirap malaman ang age kase we look young.. atleast prettylicious pa rin.. =)

fennymun said...

Flattering, of course! But it'll be annoying if they check the ID of my husband and not mine. :)

JO said...

Hi Faye,
One thing to consider is that Canadians/Americans wear make up at an early age too [some even start at the age of 13]. Kaya siguro matanda silang tignan. Eh ang mga Asians, natural beauty, kaya younger looking. Di ba?

Hi Fenny,
I will be annoyed too if hubby was ask to show his ID and not me!

ghee said...

oh yes!of course you should be flattered Jo :)esp if they did it in a nice way.

sorry,na virus ang laptop ko kaya ngayon lang ako nakabalik ;)

tintin said...

I've learned to be flattered by it, though I didn't always feel that way. I've been mistaken for someone as young as 12 and 14, two separate occassions. I was alreayd in my early to mid-20s at the time.

JO said...

Hi Ghee,
Glad to see you back...

Hi Tintin,
Is it still flattering if in your mid 30s you are still mistaken as under 19?

tani said...

i will be flattered... :)