Busybee #5

One more month to go and tax season will be over. I am really looking forward to it. I am soooo tired.

I work an average of 6 hours/day from Sunday to Friday and maximum of 10 hours on a Saturday... I am averaging 16-25 tax returns in one day... and I am starting to do taxes in my dreams!

On top of that, I have to cook, do laundry, iron clothes, pick up after my kids and clean the house. Plus, assist my kids with their homework [though hubby has been dealing with this lately]. And make sure that all bills were paid on time.

It is not easy to be a working mom in North America... especially for someone like me who grew up with maids and an older sister who does everything around the house. I never have to lift a hand when I was still single. In other words, tamad ako [I'm lazy]. ",)


Heart of Rachel said...

I think you are very hardworking. It must take a lot of effort, patience, understanding and great time management to be a successful working mom. Kudos to you!

Junnie said...

that's the reality now, and i guess i can say its the same for me too :) ok yan, this thing builds character

tani said...

and add blogging to your already busy schedule. hehehe... you're superwoman indeed! :)
naku, ayoko na tuloy magabroad.... no more yayas for my kids...

evi said...

true! here, there's no one to depend on but yourself.

Linnor said...

Like you said, tax season will be over in a month. You deserve to take a break. ;)

Raquel said...

What a busy day and more money too!

Kahit busy, you still have the time to update your blog. Sana ganyan din ako madali lang magsulat.

Enjoy your upcoming break JO!.

JO said...

Hi Rach,
It is easy to be a working mom if you have help around the house or family members to help you out once in awhile... but here, I don't have either.

Hi Junnie,
You'll be able to relate soon... crossing my fingers for both of you. ",)

Hi Tani,
Blogging keeps me sane...I've spent less time blogging na nga since I started working.

Hi Evi,
Glad you agree with me.

Hi Linnor,
Yes, tax season will be over for me in 30 days... but I still need to find a permanent full time job after that.

Hi Raquel,
Hehehe... addict ba sobra sa blogging?

HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

16-25 tax returns a day? gosh that is no joke, no wonder you've been doing taxes still in your dreams =)

Raquel said...

Parang ganun na nga, hahaha. But you know what, as long as we started writing, nakaka addict na ring magsulat. Marami na kasing ideas na pumapasok kaya easy nalang. But once we stop, balik na naman sa dati.

O cge Jo, ingat. God bless you all!

fennymun said...

Hi Jo, I think you have been doing a good job. Yes, as a working mom, I understand what you mean. I can't imagine what would it be like without helpers and my mom around while I have to work full-time. The good thing is you can forsee the 'end day',i.e., when the tax seaon is over. Keep on with the hard work!

JO said...

Hi Girlie,
Yup, that's true!

Hi Raquel,
I have so much to blog pa sana, no time to sit down and make the post lang.

Hi Fenny,
No wonder people refer to Mothers as superwoman... we just have no other choice but to do everything out of LOVE!

tintin said...

Naku Jo, ask your hubby for more help if you can. Just short-term help lang naman eh. You'll be back to regular programming soon di ba? Good luck!

JO said...

Hi Tintin,
He helped out naman... especially with the kids' homework... he also wash the dishes every night.