Interesting Surnames

Thank you all for sharing my excitement in my last post. But as of today, still no update. I think I was just daydreaming at work at that time and the "call" didn't really happen???


Interesting Surnames

This is my first time to encounter Native Indians in Canada and there's a lot of them in Calgary [compared to Toronto].

The guys normally have long hairs [like the one we see in the movies] and the girls are more reserved and proper. The girls are like our native Ifugaos, they look like Filipinas. So far, the Indians that I've met are pretty friendly, polite and soft spoken.

Interestingly, they have unusual surnames... like,

  • Mr. Many Grey Horses
  • Mr. Runningbird
  • Mr. Lazyboy
  • Mr. Crazyboy
  • Mr. Findlater
  • Mrs. Watchmaker
  • Mrs. Yellowquilt


evi said...

surnames ba talaga ito? it's like they browsed the dictionary and picked a word for a surname.

vernaloo said...

so cute. Native americans have funny surnames talaga even in movies. Most of their surnames are based on natures and animals. But I didn't know that even until now they still use this :)

JO said...

Hi Evi and Verns,
Yes, these are real surnames... I did their taxes.

Junnie said...

they actually get the first thing that they see when the child is in the case of the 3rd surname, the one who gave the name - saw a sleeping guy during birth - Believe it or not :)

Raquel said...

Weird...unusual indeed!

Nagtaka lang ako bakit English ang mga surnames nila? Kagaya satin pinoy na pinoy ang dating, di ba?

ghee said...

really interesting surnames,LOL!

and the first one,three names huh?siguro nahirapang magsulat ang mga kids nun nong maliit,ang haba eh,hehe

Gina said...

So the tax time is keeping you busy these days huh? =P
I hope you get that much awaited call from your MIL!
Thanks for swinging by my blog. Yes, finally did the oathtaking and oo nga, that's what we are doing soon, to apply for my canadian passport dahil expired na Fil. passport ko and with the new US-Canada Border protocols/policies , baka mahirapan akong makabisita sa friend ko sa US.So I will have to do that soon since we are supposed to attend a christening there this May.

JO said...

Hi Junnie,
That's what I heard too but wasn't sure if it was true or not. Thanks.

Hi Raquel,
This was supposed to be a list for TT, but I couldn't come up with 13 names... ",)

Hi Ghee,
The first name was my very first client... and at first I thought the name has to be a joke, but it wasn't.

Hi Gina,
Yes, I'm a tax specialist [kuno]... getting busier as the deadline gets closer. Congrats again on getting your citizenship.

iskoo said...

malala ko tuloy yung movie sa Meet the Fockers. yung surmane Fockers.

ann said...

Naisip ko lang kung tagalugin yung surnames nila, halimbawa yung "tumatakbong ibon" ang sagwang pakinggan...hahaha!

Bugsy said...

Wow! Interesting indeed. But I'd rather marry Yellowquilt or Watchmaker. :)

Here in the Philippines, there are a lot of interesting names also ... Tatlonghari, Magtanggol, Madlangbayan, Punongbayan ... o, di ba interesting din? But I have a friend whose surname, if translated in our dialect, means big, festering wound and she used to always joke that she's in a hurry to marry so she could change her surname which she calls "sourname".

One interesting case I encountered in law school was about a Chinese who petitioned the court to have his family name changed because he said that it meant a bad thing in Chinese (in fact, the translation was given) and because of it, he was always the butt of jokes among his Chinese friends but the Supreme Court denied his petition with finality saying that it was not a sufficient ground to have his name changed. Besides, the court said, very few Filipinos understood what his Chinese surname meant. Poor guy.

JO said...

Hi Iskoo,
Oo nga no?

Hi Ann,
Hahaha! Wala naman sigurong pilipinong may ganoon na pangalan.

Hi Bugsy,
Well, you can't marry a Yellowquilt and Watmaker because these are ladies surnames. I edited my post above.

Oo nga, madami din interesting names ang pinoy... I have a high school teacher named Mrs. Liwanag at Mrs. Masikip.

ghee said...

hahaha!oo nga,parang joke!buti di mo naitanong "are you kidding me?" :D

JO said...

Hi Ghee,
Iniwan lang kasi nung client yun mga papeles niya. Buti na lang... kundi baka na offend ko pa.

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Jo! Thank you very much for your birthday greetings. I really appreciate your kind and thoughtful words.

Matagal siguro sya mag fill out ng form kasi haba ng name nya. :)

Those are interesting surnames. I've never encountered anyone with that kind of last name before. Ang haba ng 1st.

Take care and God bless.

JO said...

Hi Rach,
You're welcome!

Enjoy your weekend!

Kevin Lam said...

It reminds me of the movie "Dances with Wolf" by Kevin Costner.

I think these are the real native american surnames. Like Philippines, most surname that we saw are spaniard, but pure Pilipino surname are the likes of "Punongbayan", "Bayani".

JO said...

Hi Lam,

Yes, they are real names... they were my clients.