Thursday Thirteen #18: Greetings

This is a little late for last week's TT and early for this coming TT.

13 Celebrants for the Month of March

  1. My nephew Kiel
  2. Junnie
  3. and his better half, Mitzi
  4. Linnor's little Jake
  5. My Achi M [in Manila]
  6. Auntie A [in Cebu]
  7. My cousin C [in Chicago]
  8. My cousin E [in Manila]
  9. Uncle F [in Taiwan]
  10. My bestfriend since high school, C [in Vancouver]
  11. and her husband J [in Vancouver]
  12. Liway
  13. Patricia's playmate, Aaron
and to those celebrating their birthday this month...



evi said...

march is my month, too. hihi.. thank you na rin.

iskoo said...

ang daming celebrats, kung lahat yan mapupuntahan mo tataba ka sa handaan, hehe

Linnor said...

uy, thanks... kasama sa list si jake. :)

i agree with iskoo... hehehe...

Francesca said...

Aba si Lolo March 16 same date sa anak kong si Anjo, march 16 and isang friend namin, march 16 din!
margie naman march 24!

baket kaya kadami ipinanganak ng march?

ann said...

Dami rin pala celebrants ng march kala ko November lang dahil nabuo ng february...hehehe.

Shoshana said...

Wow. My sister and youngest baby are March birthdays too.

JO said...

Hi Evi,
Advance Happy birthday to you too!

Hi Iskoo,
Oo nga... sayang...

Hi Linnor,
I just read your blog when I decided to post this.

Hi Francesca,
Wow! Daming may birthday din pala sa pamilya mo! Happy birthday to all of them!

Hi Ann,
Nagkataon lang na marami akong kakilala for March.

Hi Shoshana,
Happy birthday to them too!

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Jo! Happy Birthday to everyone you mentioned.

Hi Evi, Happy Birthday to you as well.

Mine is coming up in two weeks :)

Junnie said...

naku thank you again... (i can post comments na)

Thank you Jo for the Greetings. we will miss you both and the kids during the celeb. hindi kumpleto without you guys - Junnie and Mitzi

ghee said...

Happy Bday to all of them!! :)

JO said...

Hi Rachel,
advance happy birthday to you!!!

Hi Junnie,
You're welcome!!!

Hi Ghee,