Thursday Thirteen #19: Wish list

13 Things I need around the house

Relocating is hard, I need to dispose of a lot of my stuff before the move and now my new home is in need of some new stuff... I know Christmas is over and my birthday is months away, but I just thought I'd list down stuff I need around the house. I need to buy them one by one, most likely one/two item/s per month to ease up on our budget...
    For our bedrooms --

  1. Dresser/drawers for our clothes [my walk-in closet is not enough for our clothes, though there's space to put a drawer.]
  2. Full length mirror

    For my kids' room [they only have their beds in their room] --

  3. 2 storage box to hold my kids' toys
  4. A study table for each room

    For my kitchen --

  5. Double food warmers [for parties. I've always wanted to have this. As you know, food here gets cold easily especially during winter.]
  6. Blender [so I can prepare my mini cheese cake dessert and smoothies]

    For my living room --

  7. An LCD TV [though hubby prefers a projector TV] and a TV stand
  8. 2 matching leather Ottoman [that matches my couch]
  9. A center piece table and a floor rug
  10. Plants

    Others --

  11. Cordless phone, dual handset with built in answering machine
  12. Magic Sing
  13. Book shelves [for my kids' books, my photo albums and hubby's books].

    Question: Will my photo albums/pictures be safe in the basement, the coldest part of the house? I haven't got the chance to move them yet.

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Crazy Working Mom said...

Great list! Good luck on getting those things...and thanks for dropping in. :)

Anonymous said...

I had to look up what a Magic Sing was, but it sounds fun! I've always wanted a food warmer too, although I don't entertain much. Thanks for stopping by my TT (by the way, I posted the answer to your question in my comments!).

Amelia Elias said...

Great list--I need a bunch of things for my new house, too. Thanks for stopping by my T13!

ghee said...

I also love to have a magic sing and double food warmers :)

this is quite a list Jo.
tax season din pala sa inyo,dito,katatapos lang and im afraid hindi ko nahabol ang last day so i need to go to a company that could assist me,aarrghhhh.

vernaloo said...

Hi Jo

natawa ako sa Magic Sing. I thought you already bought one hehehe :)

Anyway it's tiresome to move noh? Anyway someday soon mabibili mo na lahat ng yan :)


about the albums pala...iakyat mo na lang kaya? parang natatakot ako para sayo hehehe the thought na baka magka molds doon or something :)

amy said...

Have fun with that...Just to let you know Office Depot and best buy have cordless phones with 4 handsets and an answering maching on sale for less than 100 dollars..we love it!

FRIGGA said...

Sounds like you have some fun ahead of you. I love having a good excuse to shop! I have my TT up at

JO said...

Hi CrazyWorkingMom,
Thanks for stopping by.

Hi MomOfThree,
It's a microphone, for karaoke that got a chip that contains hundreds of songs.

Hi Amelia,
Welcome to my blog!

JO said...

Hi Ghee,
Naku, better file na... dito kasi ang laki ng penalty for late filing especially those who are owing the government.

Hi Verns,
Not yet, baka this summer magkaroon na kami... cross my finger.

Hi Amy,
Really??? Due to budget constraint, I stop looking at flyers. Don't want to see those sale items coz I might buy stuff that I don't really need. ",)

Hi Frigga,
Love to shop, if only I have the shopping money... welcome to my blog!

Robin said...

Ooh, a mini cheesecake desseert - right up my alley!

Happy TT, and thanks for stopping by my blog.

Tink said...

I like to shop for stuff for around the house! I don't know whether your basement is dry. All my children's books were spoilt when I stored them in mine, so please be careful.
Thanks for visiting my cars TT.

Agring said...

Me too! I would love a magic sing. Someone @ work ay nagbibinta kaya lang hindi kaya ng bulsa ko ngayon. I'm saving for it na.
Mero na din akong food warmers.
Great list s btw! Goodluck!!!

Mitchypoo said...

uGGH! Moving! Great list. My TT is up, come by if you get a chance!

dangkin said...

nagkaka-idea ako dito sa mga lists mo about moving/new house, te JO.. thanks for sharing them :)

evi said...

i have food warmers but i don't want to hold parties in my current apt. it's too tiny for parties. so, i'm keeping them for a bigger venue. hehe...

i prefer projector. to have a home theater is my dream. but i have to buy the house first, isn't it? well, mukhang matagal na matagal pa ito mangyayari.

fennymun said...

hi Jo, hope you'll buy what you need at a budgeted price soon. I'm also thinking about buying a bookshelf for my kids as the existing one is alway over-crowded. Yet, limited space for an extra bookshelf is my problem...

Have a nice weekend.

MarillaAnne said...

eeek i'm not sure where you are but basements are also usually damp. Damp is not good for the photos. They will suck up the moisture out of the air, get sticky, and stick to each other :(

hi :wave: I finally put my T13 up.

nice to meet you.


JO said...

Hi Robin, Mitchypoo,
Welcome to my blog!

Hi Tink,
I will move my albums this weekend! Thanks!

Hi Agring,
Magic Sing is so expensive. I'm not in a hurry to buy one, we don't have a TV yet.

JO said...

Hi Dangkin,
You're welcome...

Hi Evi,
In our old apartment, I can only accommodate maximum of 12 adults. Now, we have a bigger space, but we only know 3 families. Like you, I want to wait till we have our own home before investing in our little home theater too.

Hi Fenny,
We're opposite... I have the space, but no money... hahaha...

Hi MarillaAnne,
Will move my albums this weekend for sure! Thanks!

Raquel said...

Let me put my answer here...

Sabi nila mas maganda daw ang WOW Magic Sing kumpara sa Extreme magic Sing.

Php 11,000 ang bili ko dito sa WOW Magic Sing. Yung blue ang nabili ko Jo, mura yung isa na kulay red, Php 8,000 ata.

I like the 2006 edition (blue) kase cable ready na sya for video. you will see yourself singing on the television din.

Link 1 , Link 2

JO said...

Hi Raquel,
Thanks! Ang mura na ngayon, I remember my SIL bought hers for P18000+ (yata). So are you enjoying your karaoke nights?

Tagalog/bisaya songs ang pakantahin mo kay Maria para matutong mag tagalog/bisaya.