Calgary, THE Destination

Calgary is really the destination of people searching for greener pasture. This is my third year of doing taxes, the past two years, I would say that I did about 5 tax returns [total] with moving expenses. This year though, I've been doing taxes with moving expenses at least once or twice a day! I can't believe the number of people moving to Calgary.

Not only that, but the average income [for the majority] of the people here is at least $65K. And I've done quite a number of taxes with more than $200K income. Toronto's average income is about $35K. [Though I don't have the facts for all of these... These are just based on my experience doing taxes].

I also had 1 client with a total income of $850K and paid a total of $305K in taxes! Whew! And he is only in his late 30s. I've asked one of our senior associate if she'd seen that much income, and she said "no." I would be happy to have the income of the taxes he paid... ",)

EDITED: Of course the location where I am working now is the community of the upper class people of Calgary. Hence, I am seeing a lot of 6-digit income.

So if you are migrating to Canada, do consider Calgary or the province of Alberta.


Calgary is not a bed of roses... Here's what I don't like about Calgary --
  • Housing can be very expensive.
  • Groceries are a little more expensive than Toronto. Even though we don't pay PST [Provincial sales tax] like other provinces, the prices are relatively higher than Toronto.
  • We have to pay for recycling fees when we buy bottles of milk, coke or tetra pack juices. And this adds up the total grocery bill.
  • The air is really dry. I wake up with a dry throat every morning. Calgary is located 1000 meters above sea level.
  • Traffic in Deerfoot Trail [the only highway in Calgary]... traffic is worst when its snowing... and it takes them hours to clean up accidents. And when Deerfoot Trail is blocked, all side roads are also in heavy traffic.


MrsPartyGirl said...

hi jo, maybe you need to get a humidifier for the dry air, that'll cross one off your "don't like" list. and then, when you start earning like that $800K guy, you can lease out a helicopter. two down, hehe :D

lady cess said...

seems to me youre loving your calgary :D glad to know youre adjusting quite well (kahit may mga konting hitches)>

JO said...

Hi Meeya,
Thanks. I need a humidifier indeed.

Hi Cess,
You can't have everything you want in one city/country. Definitely there will be things that you don't like.

fayenget said...

that sounds good.. kaso my family is in toronto.. kaya dun na rin application namin.. mas indemand din kase work ni hubby sa Toronto.. but love to visit the place.. soon!!!

Bugsybee said...

Whew! $305K is indeed a hefty amount of taxes.

I've heard a lot about Toro
nto - seems like every other Filipino I know who is in Canada is in Toronto- but you (and a cousin) are the only ones in Alberta. And the first time I heard about Calgary was when they held one of the Winter Olympics there.

Now that tax season is over, you can relax ... and enjoy your trip back to the Philippines!!! :)

Heart of Rachel said...

H Jo. Thanks for sharing the highs and lows about Calgary. I think it's great that you were given an opportunity to live there and glad that you're adjusting very well. Take care!

ann said...

Ang laki ng tax, hindi ba pwedeng wag declare lahat...hehehe.

RONALD said...

Salamat po sa mga infos about Alberta, buti na lang nahanap ko 'tong blog niyo bago mainterview yung wife ko sa inaplayan niyang work diyan. Sa Grand Prairie yung place diyan sa Alberta, sana ok din dun.

Add kita sa link ko ha? Thank you.
God Bless!

JO said...

Hi Faye,
Migrating ka na din pala? Goodluck! Let me know when you visit Calgary.

Hi Bugsy,
Tax season is not yet over for me... deadline is April 30th. Need to start looking for another job.

Hi Rach,
You're welcome!

JO said...

Hi Ann,
You need to find an employer that will agree to "under the table"... there's no way to track down "cash" income kasi.

Hi Ronald,
Welcome to my blog! Probinsyang probinsya na ang Grand Prairie... di pa ako nakakarating doon. goodluck sa inyo!

ghee said...

thats probably the reason of high salary payment basis?dahil mahal din ang way of lifestyle..just like tokyo or osaka city,mas mataas ang salary kahit na part time job lang,but the lifestyle naman,super mahal din :)

Raquel said...

Hubby considered the standard of living before we will move to another city/State. Pag mataas ang sweldo, syempre mahal ang mga bilihin. But still, I will consider mahal ang sweldo, nasa atin naman kung paano mag save.

Thank you for sharing about your place Jo. Yung close friend namin si Dulce, she is waiting with her immigration papers in Canada, I will tell her about this.

evi said...

we pay recycling fees here, too. why in toronto, they don't?

Shoshana said...

I want to visit Calgary. I hear it 's one of the prettiest places in Canada! Or was it Victoria?

Junnie said...

buti na lang at hindi CALVARY ang CALGARY...heheh. we were praying that the transition would be seamless, and from your past entries, it seems that way.

di kaya rock star yung 805K na yun or someone like an NHL Hockey player? Ang honest talaga ng mga Canadians kasi naman sulit ang taxes that you pay for kahit 33% of your salary noh?

iskoo said...

kapag nakaroon ako ng pagkakataong mag migrate sa canada consider ko yan lugar nyo, mukhang oks na oks.

JO said...

Hi Ghee,
even with the high cost of living... the salary base is much higher than in Toronto.

Hi Raquel,
Well they all say that prices only went up the past 2 years... so in a way, we were quite late in deciding to relocate.

Hi Evi,
No, there's no recycling fees in Toronto.

JO said...

Hi Shoshana,
I heard that Victoria is pretty too though I haven't been there yet.

Hi Junnie,
Thanks for your prayers. Mukhang malakas ka naman sa itaas eh. No, they are just corporate employees, i.e. Engineering, IT, lawyers... Yup, sulit naman ang taxes na binabayad natin, still some Canadians complain about paying too much taxes.

Hi Iskoo,
No hurt in trying it out, right? It has its pros and cons... but the pros surpasses the cons.

MommyBa said...

thanks for sharing what you don't like about Calgary. I admire your honesty :)

JO said...

Hi Liz,
Well, we can't have everything we want in one place, right?