Conversation #19: Coupons

This conversation took place when my son was about 7-8 years old.

PATRICK [very excited]: "Mommy, we got a coupon for McDonalds. Can we go eat at McDo? We can save $2 with this coupon."

ME: "How much does the meal cost?"

PATRICK [proudly]: "Only $11.99 for 2 people. So you only pay $9.99."

ME: "But if we didn't eat at McDo we save $9.99."

PATRICK [puzzled looked on his face]: "Huh?... If we don't use the coupon, we wasted the coupon... and that means we're wasting $2."

ME: "But if we didn't go to McDo, we don't have to spend $9.99... so that means we save $9.99, right?"

PATRICK [still not getting it]: "No mommy, you're wrong! We need to use the coupon to save $2!"

I remember this conversation because it is exactly the same argument my daughter is giving me right now.


ghee said...

haha!smart answer,Jo!
strong mom :)

Heart of Rachel said...

Funny how kids learn very early to stress their points. Cute conversation. :)

cess said...

hehehe, mcdo ang may kasalanan diyan e ! :)

Linnor said...

i agree with cess. :D

kakatuwa no? this conversation sounds familiar too. i just cant recall if it was my eldest or second son. ehehe...

JO said...

Hi Ghee,
Kuripot ba??? :D

Hi Rach,
That conversation is very long... paulit ulit yan... walang katapusan kulitan.

Hi Cess,
He thinks that the coupon is money.

Hi Linnor,
Ngayon, yun bunso ko naman ang nangungulit sa akin about coupons.

HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

very hard to argue with kids nowadays, especially if it's something from mcdonalds or other grease foods for that matter...they just love burgers

siguro jo he just wants a meal at mcdo, hehe

Junnie said...

i can imagine Patrick getting frustrated at you not taking advantage of the coupon, hahaha.

Now, i can also imagine Patricia. They grew from the same branch, so maybe you were like that too when you were smaller? (may McDo na ba nun, hahaha)

post mo na Good news mo!

gracita said...

nakakatuwa mga kids mo! i would have argued with my mom the same way siguro :)

and naaliw ako sa email ni patrick sa dad niya...talagang with clarification pa on what ASAP means :)

Francesca said...

always, mommy knows best. kaya don tayong mga mommy sa save 9.99$ di ba?LOL

tani said...

hahaha! kaw naman mommy... oo nga naman sayang yun coupons. :)

Mich said...

Hahaha! Cute!! I'm sure I'm going to have that kind of conversation when Alex grows up... :D

JO said...

Hi Girlie,
They only eat fries there... they just love the thought of us having dinner outside the house.

Hi Junnie,
I'm sure you can picture that conversation very well... you know my kids too well!

Hi Gracita,
Thanks! He is growing up too fast...

JO said...

Hi Francesca,
Of course! Tipid is the word! hahaha

Hi Tani,
Kuripot ko ba???

Hi Mich,
I'm sure you will! Don't forget to blog about it.

Raquel said...

Hahaha, you silly. You're trying to test him. Ayun, bata isip pa, he doesn't now what you are trying to imply.

JO said...

Hi Raquel,
Hehehe... He is my 'coupon' boy...

Toni said...

*L* Witty kids! So did you go to McDonald's anyway?

JO said...

Hi Toni,
No, we didn't go... kuripot ba? ",)