Manila, we're coming home!

After 4.5 years, we will be in Manila for a much awaited vacation and family reunion...

Yes, the phone call was a [FREE] trip to Manila courtesy of my MIL! And yes, I wasn't dreaming at all.

Initially the plan was for hubby and Patrick to visit my MIL in Beijing... just the two of them. [Me and the kids have been to Beijing in 2001.]

Then, I decided to send Patrick to Manila for 1 month too... just as a training to be on his own... but then, when we saw the difference [USD 100 only] in fare with Manila and without Manila, hubby decided to go to Manila too.

And then, Patricia made a comment -- "Daddy, you won't be here for my birthday again..." [Her dad missed 3 of her birthdays.]

When my MIL heard this, she made the offer to provide plane ticket for me and Patricia to go home too. She will be celebrating her 7th birthday in Manila.

So now, our tickets have been booked and I also received the wire transfer to pay for the fare... YEY! We will be in Manila from July 26 to August 28.


Speaking of celebrating her birthday in Manila, where's the best place to celebrate?

I was thinking of Jollibee [authentic Pinoy], but I'm sure people in Manila is already tired of it? I would appreciate your inputs and suggestions.


Raquel said...

Hehehe, and now, confirmed ko na ang "reason to smile" post eh.

Kung ayaw nyo na sa J or McD...puede naman sa ibang lugar. Kaya lang, mag hire pa ng mascot at emcee. Sa J or McD, package deal na ata.

Uuwi na ako sa June 20, sayang di tayo magkikita.

fennymun said...

That sounds exicting going back to where you have been with the whole family! Hope you'll have a great trip and excellent gathering!

vernaloo said...

wow this is great news Jo! I'm happy for you and your family.

About the venue...nahhhh I don't think nagsasawa na ang mga pinoy sa Jollibee. I mean it's a children's party and the most important thing is for the kids to have fun.

duke said...

aaaawww! that is such a nice treat! I'm sure you will have an excellent time in Manila.

Linnor said...

Yay! Now it's confirmed! Pass ako sa venue suggestion... di ko na rin kabisado ang Manila. But I agree na di pa din sawa ang kids sa Jollibee. :D

MrsPartyGirl said...

wow exciting! sana meron din kaming financier para makauwi din ulit hehehe.

as for suggestions, how about a special party sa beach, like a swimming party? i'm sure excited mag-beach ang mga kids mo lalo na at galing sila sa lamig ng place niyo ngayon. if you want naman a restaurant, gerry's grill has a party package (if you're really looking for authentic pinoy). since trish is old enough, baka nga medyo hindi na appropriate for her ang jollibee? sige, mag-iisip pa ako :)

Heart of Rachel said...

That's wonderful news Jo! I'm happy for you and your family.

My son celebrated his 2nd birthday at Jollibee and everyone had a great time. I don't think kids get tired of Jollibee. Besides, it will be a first for Patricia so I'm sure she'll love it.

Happy Friday!

JO said...

Hi Raquel,
Confirmed and paid! I hope you extend your stay in Manila, I would love to meet you in person!

Hi Fenny,
Very exciting indeed.

Hi Verns,
Talaga? Have to count the kids I'm going to invite and see their ages...

JO said...

Hi Duke,
I've been thinking of all the food and restaurant that I want to eat when I get home.

Hi Linnor,
Thanks! I "might" visit Cebu.

Hi Meeya,
Sarap ng may financier talaga, kasi pag wala, mukhang matagal tagal pa bago kami makakauwi.

Hi Rach,
Yes, it will be the first for Patricia... and she's pretty excited about it since she saw the pictures of her brother's 2nd birthday party at Jollibee.

evi said...

i told you so that your dream will come true. ang bait naman ng MIL mo!

i had axel's at the acropolis clubhouse when we came home for his 5th birthday. but the hassle with a clubhouse, you also have to worry about the decor and the caterer. if you don't want the typical food chain birthday party, you can scout birthday packages offered by hotels. i think max's is good. there's grilla ( for jungle themed party. they serve filipino dishes. you can easily do some research online.

ghee said...

wow!swerte nyo Jo!!for free atlahat pa kayo?enjoy your vacation!!

HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

yay! tama ang hula ko =)

jollibee is ok, pero kung may time kayo to prepare, meron mga venues na pede i-rent, magpa cater nalang kayo, hire ng emcee, normally may ka-tie up na sila na mascot, pedeng theme party, young and old mag-eenjoy...dyan ka na din bumili ng mga pang giveaways mo and prizes, mas lalo matutuwa ang mga bata kasi imported =)

Diana Joy said...

Hi Jo!!!
How wonderful!
A family trip!
I miss those days....
now there are just too many of us to take a trip...
Except to the park :) hehehehehe!
Thanks for stopping by =)
God bless!
Diana Joy

JO said...

Hi Evi,
Thanks for your suggestions... Will look into them.

Hi Ghee,
Thanks! Sarap talaga mag bakasyon pag libre.

Hi Girlie,
Oh yes, I plan to buy stuff for the loot bags and prizes here.

Hi Diana,
Yup, am really looking forward to it. Thanks!

pao said...

ay! ang sarap talaga umuwi at magbakasyon sa pinas. we were just there last month.

kung di na feel ng daughter mo ang mala-jollibee or mcdo kiddie party, inquire ka dun sa bounce in pasig. just google it for their contact details. they also have lots of fun activities for kids her age tapos meron na ding party venue.

goodluck & have a happy vacation in pinas. :)

ann said...

Tama rin pala ang guess ko na bakasyon sa pinas kaya ka happy. Iba kasi yung tono ng excitement mo sa post mo para bang amoy mangga at bagoong...hahaha!

niceheart said...

Wow! That's wonderful news. At ang haba pa ng vacation nyo.

Well, hope you have a grand time there. :)

tintin said...

Woohoo!!! Great news indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!

JO said...

Hi Pao,
My daughter likes Jollibee actually... just from looking at her brother's photo album.

Hi Ann,
Yup. I look forward to eating mangoes but not bagoong... hahaha.

Hi Irene,
Have to take advantage while its summer time...

Hi Tintin,
Woohoo indeed!

Junnie said...

sama ako sa bagahe mo :)

sino taong bahay? hehehe, kami ulit? ingat...80++ days to go - countdown na!

1. Sa bahay na lang sa Pque ang party, invite a clown, or si Jollibee, plus rent dirty ice cream, scrambol and cotton candy makers

2. Sa bahay pa rin, pero simple na lang, catering na pambatang pagkain...mas madaling magplano kung catered para sila na sa pinggan at kubyertos

3. Sa bahay pa rin, or sa Village Clubhouse...di ba?

Francesca said...

kahit saan, basta enjoy mga kids.
wala ako MIL kaya, buti ka pa!

Yung dates ng uwi nyo, bakasyon ko yan ah! hmmmn, teka... Baka uwi na lang kami JULY, kesa December,kitakits tayo, nasa antipolo lang kami, hehe.ano ba pwede mauwi ke patricia?

lady cess said...

wow, i can feel the excitement in the air!

akala ko rin nagsasawa na ang mga kids sa jollibee, pero i realized mga adults lang ang nagsasawa na :) most kids i know cant get enough of the bee kahit ilang beses na nakita.

dangkin said...

wow! bait naman ni MIL! sama ako!!! he.he.he.

oo nga, sa J nalang.. ako, di ako nagsasawa sa chicken joy nila..tsaka spaghetti, kakaiba talaga! :)

have fun!!

JO said...

Hi Junnie,
Gusto mong mag house-sitting? You're welcome here anytime.

Hi Francesca,
Yes, I'm lucky with my MIL. Wala pa kasi siyang apo sa Manila eh, all apos are in Calgary and New York.

Hi Cess and Dangkin,
Glad to hear that Jollibee is still the place to be.

Mich said...

wow, yun pala ang good news! wow! good for you and your family! :) sige, email me lang if you need help with the birthday preparation. although kung sa jollibee at least wla kang iisipin. :)

toni said...

Barrio Fiesta? Dencio's? Kamay Kainan? Jollibee is good too! That trip sounds so exciting. Have a safe one and I hope you're planning goes well. :D

JO said...

Hi Mich,
Am thinking of doing it either at Jollibee or at the house na lang. Thanks for the offer though.

Hi Toni,
I will celebrate my [belated] birthday at Gerry's Grill for sure! Miss ko na ang sisig!

Raquel said...

Jo, malabong malabo talaga. Marami pa akong aasekasuhing papers for my residency by month of July, renewal na kase.

Wow na wow! Confirmed at paid pa! Swerte naman at super bait ni MIL mo.

JO said...

Hi Raquel,
Well, maybe we'll be able to see each other in another place and time.

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