Patience is a Virtue

One thing I like about Calgary is the people. Everybody is nice, hospitable, polite and very understanding. Back in Toronto, some people are just way too sarcastic and no manners. People will get mad for waiting in line at offices, grocery stores and/or food court. People fight over parking spaces and shopping carts.

Like I mentioned before, there is a huge shortage in the workforce in Calgary.

  • Can you imagine McDonald's [located inside Walmart] was closed one Saturday in December? The reason - lack of staff. Imagine the loss of business for that day. It's a weekend and in December.

    Next time I went there, I saw 2 boys working behind the counter. One of them still have all his baby fats and speaks like my son [very boyish and immature]. And the line to place your order was quite long and this was around 3pm [not even lunch/dinner time]. And yet, people waited patiently in line, without a word.

  • You will see a lot of this in the grocery stores --

    That is a self-checkout counter. Basically, you do your own scanning of grocery items, bag it yourself and pay for it yourself! Again, due to lack of staff, they are changing the regular cashier with self-checkout counters. [Sad to say, humans are being replaced by machines.]

    I've seen this is Toronto, but few people used it. I've never used it in Toronto. Here, people prefers to use this rather than waiting in line. It's faster and no hassle. I prefer to use this myself especially when I only have just a few items.

  • Last Saturday I went to Wendy's for my lunch. It was already 2pm and the line was quite long. I think I waited for 10-15 minutes before I was able to place my order and another 10 minutes to get my order. Why? No, they were not understaff, in fact, they have enough staff. So why the line up? Because the employees who worked there were kids/teenagers! I can't believe what I saw, they were as young as I guess probably 12-14 years old. And I have never heard any complaints from the people waiting in line.

    I don't think I will ever allow my kids to work at that very young age and on a school year. I know the exposure/training will be good. But I believe that this is exactly the reason why kids here don't ever attend colleges/universities. Once they got the taste of having their own money, that's it. They're not thinking of the long term or their future.


ann said...

Hi Jo! Same problem with my friend's son who just migrated recently in Toronto. Nag summer job yung 14 year old na anak nya sa isang coffee shop, after summer ayaw na raw mag stop sa work kasi nga kumita na. Pero di nila pinayagan.

ghee said...

i love that kind of neighborhood,here,people are patient enough,well disciplined,although i cant feel the warmth.

shortage of staffs,ibig sabihin maraming job opportunities jan?masyadong bata pa yang mga nagtatrabaho nmn,why?too early to work...dito,age sixteen,pwede nang mag part time job pero patago lang din yun,bawal sa school,at depende kung papayagn ng parents.

too bad may trabaho ka pala this week.ingat,Jo!dont be stressed out :)

MrsPartyGirl said...

hmmmm is that even legal? na mag-work ang mga 12-14 year olds sa ganyang klaseng work? well, siguro pwedeng nga due to the shortage.

and yes, as much as i want to teach my kids the value of money (and having responsibilities), siguro at that age (and kung hindi naman kami financially hard up) i will just tell my daughter to focus with school muna and not add to much pressure on her by consenting to let her get a job. baka masyado siyang mag-enjoy at hindi na mag-doctor hehehe :D

Junnie said...

they say Calgary was like Toronto 10-15 yrs expect the boomto be happening and all these are signs of it na....

enjoy the long winter season and the happy people of calgary...

JO said...

Hi Ann,
Iba kasi ang feeling if you have your own money eh.

Hi Ghee,
Yup, too many job openings here... you can choose the job that you want.

Hi Meeya,
I guess it is legal, with parental consent. Kids can only work at restaurants and food chains though [that is what I've been told].

Hi Junnie,
True. I just hope the people dont change that much.

evi said...

exactly, jo. once you start earning at a young age, you tend not to see the importance of higher education. although it doesn't apply to everyone but it does to majority.

marie said...

sana ganyan din kadami job opportunities dito sa Pilipinas para walang mga batang palaboy sa kalye at least dyan di na nag aaral may trabao naman e dito la na aral la pa pera, wawa Pinas.

Heart of Rachel said...

I like the idea of how people are in Calgary. It would be refreshing to be in a place were everyone is courteous, patient and mild mannered.

tintin said...

Something gets lost when a city grows and grows and there's too many people. Manners, patience, that extra care.

Anyway, I'm really shocked. This is the first I've heard of Calgary having a shortage. If it weren't for the weather I'd consider moving. :)

HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

now thats sad, wala bang laws dyan for working minors?

JO said...

Hi Evi,
Hubby and I actually talked about it a couple of days ago, and we both agreed that we will not force our kids to work while in school.

Hi Marie,
But you will be amaze that despite the numerous job opportunities, there are still those who are homeless and on social assistance.

Hi Rach,
Yes. Kakapanibago talaga at kahanga-hanga.

Hi Tintin,
Well, Calgary just hit 1 Million in population last July 2006. So change is sure to follow...

Hi Girlie,
No. It is actually legal.

Toni said...

It does teach kids early on about the work ethic, but hopefully it doesn't rob them of the fun times of childhood!

alynn said...

i always like calgary because its clean and lots of friendly citizen...hayy...i miss canada so much!

niceheart said...

Wow! They allow 12-14 year old work there? Here in Winnipeg, 16 is the legal age to work.

First time I saw a self checkout counter was last summer at Rona's (furniture store) I think. I haven't seen one in grocery stores.

People here in Winnipeg are also patient, I guess.

JO said...

Hi Toni,
Totally agree with you. BTW, congrats on your recent award!

Hi Alynn,
Balik ka na sa Canada.

Hi Irene,
Sad to say, yes, they allow these kids to work!

Francesca said...

i read your post here and gulat ako, grabeh naman dyan, 14 years old!!!
dito sa france ang problem, hindi mga ganyan, but every month nag strike ang tren, kaya dami late!isa na ako don, huhu!

JO said...

Hi Francesca,
Sad but true. Di ko talaga ma-imagine kung paano pumayag ang magulang nila... parang child abuse na yan di ba?

Raquel said...

I think nasabi na nila ang gusto kung sasabihin. Sana lang, makatapos ng pag-aaral ang mga kids ko.

Mahirap magpalaki ng mga bata sana they will obey the parents.

JO said...

Hi Raquel,
I guess that's the wish of most parents, if not all parents.