Patrick on E-mails

My son's teacher is really into computers and internet. I believe he is the most knowledgeable in terms of computer softwares and internet in the whole school since he is the only one with his own class webpage. As you can see, it is updated [almost] on a daily basis. Assignments and projects are being posted in the class webpage for the students and parents. Likewise, all links related to their assignments and projects are provided at the bottom of the page.

In a way, it is easier for me to ask my son to do his homework since he knows that he will be using the computer to complete certain task.

He now know how to use Word, Powerpoint and Publisher. Some assignments were sent via email to/from his teacher. So imagine his excitement when when his daddy gave him his own email address.

Now, he is creating his own address book... and this is his email to his dad...

He really needs to work on his spelling!
And I like his 'footnote (*)'.



dangkin said...

wow! very high-tech naman si 'sir' :)

and that's so cute of patrick! i wonder what he's going to ask lolo ;)

Vanessa said...


Happy Easter, Jo!

Heart of Rachel said...

Amazing how kids are so tech savvy nowadays. Yohan already enjoys playing online games such as Sesame Street and Thomas the Train games. It amazes me that he knows how to use the mouse and arrow keys at his age.

Have a blessed Easter.

Francesca said...

ang susunod nyan, ma, what cooking over there in the kitchen, lol

young kids are now in computers better than adults! mama mia!

vernaloo said...

Hi Jo. Happy Easter!

Anyway ang sweet naman ni Patrick. He's gonna email his Grandpa :) I hope Grandpa has an email add hehe :)

JO said...

Hi Dangkin,
All the members of the family have emails except his lolo.

Hi Vanessa,
Happy Easter to you too! And thanks for visiting again.

Hi Rach,
Oh yes, ang bilis talaga nilang matuto.

Hi Francesca,
He already cooked for his dad. He needs to learn to wash the dishes na. Para gumaan gaan naman ang trabaho ko.

Hi Verns,
Walang email ang lolo niya eh.

ann said...

Galing nga ng teacher, hindi birong mag update ng website from time to time.

Happy easter!

iskoo said...

i am also thinking that when i retire, ay magturo ako sa mga bata. gagayahin ko yung ginagawa ng teacher ng anak mo, nakakatuwa naman bata pa lang siya marunong na mag email. i bet magiging magaling na blogger din siya soon,..

Diana Joy said...

How funny!
I love it!
God bless!
Diana Joy

Diana Joy said...

Oh dear!
I forgot to say, "Happy Easter!"
I hope you had a wonderful one!
Diana Joy

tin said...

ha ha.. cute email!

JO said...

Hi Ann,
Oo nga, super tiyaga... kaya tuwing pag uwi ko sa bahay, kailangan kong tignan ang class webpage ni patrick para malaman ko kung ano ang assignment.

Hi Iskoo,
Sobra ngang techy yun teacher. My son can't believe that I used to search through encyclopedia for our school assignment.

Hi Diana Joy,
Belated happy easter to you too!

Hi Tin,

Mich said...

advance tlaga mga bata ngayon, ano?? i love the footnote too!! :D

Raquel said...

Very advance naman ng teacher na yan. Believe din ako kay Patrick, ang dami na nyang alam about computer. At his age, he is a fast learner.

JO said...

Hi Mich,
He's starting to use acronym. Kaya may footnote baka kasi daw hindi maintindihan ng daddy niya.

Hi Raquel,
Kids learn very fast talaga... kahit na di mo turuan, kaya nila discover by themselves.