What's more important?

I have the option to work with my current employer after the tax season, but since the pay will no longer include commissions, the basic is lower than other industries. But then, I love doing taxes and even if its off season, there are still lots of work to do in a tax office. This job isn't for anybody, you need to have tax knowledge and attention to details to be able to work in this field. So I don't really understand why they don't pay as much as the other industries.

For example: I heard that the starting salary for bank tellers is around $14/hour... training for co-op students at hubby's office also starts at $14/hour... front desk clerk at hotels starts at $12.50/hour... tele-marketing is $16/hour... even cashiers at grocery stores/fast food chains offers competitive rates starting at $10+/hour....

I had a client who is a server at a pizza joint for the past 30 years. She said she has a college degree, yet she chose to be a server because the tips are quite good and she loves what she's doing. Her annual income is approximately $18K and her tips is about 75%-150% of her annual income. She is actually making more than I do.

So what's more important to you? Getting a job that you enjoy doing and in your line of work but the pay is lower or so-so? Or getting a job NOT in your line of work but pays a lot more? Pay or job?

I mentioned before that jobs are everywhere in Calgary... so I have the luxury to choose and take my time. ",) But what do I choose? Higher salary or job in my line of work?


dangkin said...

my heart says "get the job you enjoy doing even if the pay is so-so"...but my mind says "be practical!"..


i think whatever high paying job you are doing, even if it's not in your line of work, you will eventually learn to like it in the long run --as long as it's not illegal! he.he.

MrsPartyGirl said...

to me, it depends. if money is not a problem, for example hubby does well enough to support the family, then i'd definitely go for the job of my dreams. kasi the fulfillment you'll get from your job is supposedly priceless anyway.

however, if money is a concern, then i'd swallow my pride and get a job which pays better. what would i do with personal fulfillment if my children are hungry naman?

so, cheers to the people who are able to have their dream jobs. not all of us are so lucky.

vernaloo said...

well...doing something that is in line with your degree or work does not really equate fulfillment/happiness. The important thing is you enjoy what you do.

Uhhmmm part of me wants to say choose what makes you happy but money makes me happy also. Don't get me wrong...money pays the rent, money enables me to send something for my parents etc.

Lucky are those who are doing what they love to do and getting a pay that they deserve.

JO said...

Hi Dangkin,
I think being in a work environment that you like is very important... but getting paid competitively is also a plus factor.

Hi Meeya,
That's true! We do need the money if we wanted to buy a house soon...

Hi Verns,
I believe I have proven my worth to the company, but the pay is 'as is' really! Well, if they can't see the value of my contribution, there's nothing I can really do but to find a job with a higher pay.

vernaloo said...

true Jo :) okay lang naman yung work tayo ng work basta value for value sana noh? for sure you got lots of opportunities there..venture out :)

denden said...

hi jo! i guess it depends on what you value more. i hope you find something that you like that pays well. as you've said, there are a lot of opportunities there in calgary. :)

btw, i'm excited for your homecoming to the Phils. lapit na. :)

marie said...

wow you're coming back? that's great! Ang sarap naman kaw pa may option to choose your job? I suggest you get the job you would enjoy doing IF kung konting difference lang naman kesa big pay tapos sobra ka namang pressured.

ladycess said...

ang hirap naman nito :) i agree with dangkin, i might choose to find a job that pays great that is not my forte but i (would eventually) love doing.

JO said...

Hi Verns,
Yup. I am looking at some prospects right now.

Hi Denden,
I prefer to find something that I love to do... but then, I have to be practical too. Di ba?

Hi Marie,
Yes, we are! And we are all very excited already!

Hi Cess,
I'll have to wait and see... major decision to do by next week... will keep you all posted.

tintin said...

I'm a little puzzled. This job should pay a lot. Please look into salary.com and compare the salaries for a job with the same functions. And don't doubt your value...see if you can negotiate a higher salary. If not, look around. If you're satisfied after your research, then I'd say go for it! :)

ann said...

Well, mas practical nga siguro yung iba, take the cases of some doctors and dentists in the phils na kumukuha ng nursing course para sa mas malaking opportunities abroad.

Yan lang ba ang choices? Wala bang enjoy ka na sa work ay malaki pa ang sweldo...hehehe.

evi said...

it depends... if earning more will help you with your bills then you have to make some sacrifices. that's how it is here or else you won't survive. but if your pay is just extra income then i say, go for the job that you enjoy to do most regardless if you are paid less.

Heart of Rachel said...

I believe that in order to be successful and good in what you do, you have to like your job first. I think it's important that you enjoy what you do but you also have to consider that the salary is worth it. But in reality, I guess it's not always easy to get both things.

JO said...

Hi Tintin,
My company is an American company. Ganyan lang talaga sila magpasuweldo.

Hi Ann and Evi,
I can't work full time on a regular hours kasi, kaya medyo I can't really pick the job that I want. What I need is flexibility in working hours, kaya nga ako ng wo-work lang during tax season. So, I can only choose between some odd jobs or not in my line of work. No choice really.

Hi Rach,
Yes, we can't have both things... so lucky are those who are able to enjoy their work and still be content with their pay.

fennymun said...

yes, how I wish I could have both - a job which I like most plus good pay.

Cielo said...

its nice reading ur blog....it is very informative specially to me, since my family is considering migrating to OZ. :) I can visualized what to expect outside of pinas. :)

MommyBa said...

It's easier to work when you love what you're doing, no matter how lowly it may seem to be for some people. It's quite a tough choice to make when you wager on having a higher salary or loving/doing what you really do. But I'm sure you'll be able to deal with it soon enough.

How I wish opportunities are that vast over here as it is in Calgary. But it's not that way. Don't worry, I'm just thinking out loud. LOL!

JO said...

Hi Fenny,
I guess we all want it.

Hi Cielo,
Thanks for visiting. Glad you found it informative.

Hi Liz,
Precisely. I will figure out something soon... and I need to make a decision soon.

Junnie said...

i think its important to be practical. so for me its higher salary. who knows you'd be able to find both di ba? but forsaking one over the other is just a waste of time. Sa Canada pa di ba?

Di ba s aMaslow's Hierachy of Needs. Security muna, mamaya na yung Self Realization :)

Analyse said...

i go for the job which i like, the pay is second to me.. id prefer to be happy in a cool working environment than work my ass off, be stressed out and have high salaries i couldn't even spend without thinking about my job.. oh well, i say that because i like my job and the pay is ok hehe

tin said...

i'll go for higher pay, jo. siguro when i retire from this industry then i'll opt to get a low paying job (basta non-it) or kahit volunteer work pa siguro. :-)

all the best sa decision making!

Kevin Lam said...

Getting a job that you enjoy and getting a work that have good pay are always inversely proportional.

Lucky for those who has both :-)

Raquel said...

We all have different priorities. But I would rather choose a job that I will enjoy it. Working in one company is already our second home.

JO said...

Hi Junnie,
I think so too. I think I will end up accepting the job that will bore me... I need to have pocket money for our upcoming trip.

Hi Analyse,
If only I don't have time restriction, I'm sure there are more opportunities out there that I can explore. haaaayyy... ang buhay ng mommy!

Hi Tin,

Hi Lam,
Yup, that is why you are so lucky!

Hi Raquel,
I think my priority now is to have money for our trip back home. ",)

Patrice said...

it is very rare that one can find a job that pays well and you love. me, go for one that you enjoy doing. I once read somewhere ( I forgot where) that one can be extremely successful if you do what you love or learn to love what you do.

jho said...

This is tough. Which would i choose?
I want to go with the job that i want even if it pays less than the line of job that i have. But heck, why did i study for that line of job if i wouldn't get the line of job for it?
Choose your career wisely.

It's a good thing i love my job.. and the pay is really goooood. =)

Thanks for dropping by. Link you up.

Agring said...

This is hard you know! Like what the others says": Choose the job you love if you don't need money but I'm sure we all need money. If one income is enough for the family then it's not hard for you to choose.

Uuwi pala kayo? buti pa kau!

JO said...

Hi Patrice,
Ngayon ko lang na realize na I don't really know what I want... anyway, that's another blog topic soon...

Hi Jho,
Welcome to my blog!

Hi Agring,
Excited na akong umuwi! After 5 long years!