Thursday Thirteen #23: About My New Job

Job Update:

For me to work in the restricted area of the airport, I will need to have a red pass. It takes time to get a red pass because they will be doing a background check on you for the last 5 years. I was lucky I got my red pass 1 week after I applied for it. That was even before I started working. Some takes an average of 2-4 months...

The other requirement is the uniform. I got my uniform 10 days after I started, while there are those who have to wait for 3 weeks or more to get their uniforms. I guess I got my uniform earlier because I already have the red pass. Though I have to request for a new set of pants since that pants they gave me were way too big.

So next in line, I have to attend a 5-day training [hopefully by next week]. And after this, the "excitement" of the job begins and a $1/hour raise... hehehe...

13 Things About My New Job

  1. I am on a shifting schedule that works for my kid's schedule but I have to be at work by 5am. And I have to work on weekends! [No exception for new hires!]
  2. I get to meet different type of people from around the globe.
  3. It is 10 minutes drive from home.
  4. I get to speak "hi/hello/thank you" in different languages.
  5. I get minimum of 1 hour and 15 minutes to a maximum of 1 hour and 45 minutes or more [depending if we're busy or not] paid coffee/lunch break. Yey! [We need the break to rest our feet.]
  6. It is a no brainer job... but very physical work as we need to be on our toes for 6 hours and 45 minutes of our 8 hour shift. My feet and legs and body hurt from standing [especially the first few days of work.] I had to buy 2 new pair of comfortable shoes that is not within my budget.
  7. I get to learn the reason behind the security measures. [Sorry but I won't be able to blog about it. Confidential.]
  8. We are provided with uniforms so I don't have to worry about what to wear. [Uniforms includes white tops, pants, vest, cardigan, windbreaker, winter jacket, belt, tie and shoes.] But I look like a security guard minus the gun.
  9. Once I become a permanent employee [after 6 months], my medical/dental benefits are better than hubby's benefits.
  10. No commuting for me. I drive the car everyday. [Because of my shifting schedule, I need to have the car since there is no bus service going to the airport at 4:30 am. Poor hubby, he had to commute most of the time.]
  11. I have an indoor parking space [Actually this is hubby's parking space from his employer. My company also provides parking space but its in an open space and about 5 minutes walk to the terminal.]
  12. If we saw a celebrity, we won't be able to take pictures since no picture taking is allowed in the restricted area. Bummmer... and I was told that Charlize Theron was there last week!
  13. I have to "manually" sign in and sign out during my shift! [so low tech] If you forgot to do that, then you don't get paid!
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Conversations #20

ME: Patricia, please finish your food.
PATRICIA: Mommy I'm full.
ME: How can you be full? You didn't eat your lunch in school and now you didn't finish your dinner.
PATRICIA: But I'm really full.

5 minutes later...

PATRICIA: Mommy, I want dessert! I want ice-cream.
ME: I thought you said you're full?
PATRICIA: [smiling and while rubbing her tummy] I still have a tiny place in my tummy for dessert.


Me putting on lipstick to get ready to go to work...

PATRICIA: [staring at my lips] Mommy you look pretty.
ME: Thank you baby. Do you want mommy to put some on you?
PATRICIA: NO! [then she ran away from me]

She has the same response when I ask her if I can put nail polish on her...

Photo Hunters #4: Colorful

One of my daughter's many colorful drawing

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LOST - Unanswered questions

I believe that LOST writers and producers are doing a great job! I love watching LOST and its island's mystery... it answered some questions but at the same time it keeps on opening more unanswered questions that makes you wonder...

  • Why did Jack said to the doctor: "get my father down here and if I'm drunker than him, you can fire me." [This was supposed to be a flash-forward and his father died before the crash?]
  • Why did Jack said to the pharmacist: "the prescription was issued by my father."
  • Why did Locke kill Naomi? [Isn't it that he can't even kill his own father for putting him in a wheelchair? And why didn't he kill Ben or Jack?]
  • And how did Locke know their whereabouts [Jack and the rest at Radio tower]?
  • Why did Naomi have a picture of Desmond and Penelope if she is not part of Penelope's crew? And how did she knew Desmond?
  • Who is in the coffin? [My guess is its Juliet, that is why Jack is really upset and wanted to commit suicide and why Kate said "why should I?" She hated Juliet. But then, why would he say "its neither friend or family?" It is really confusing!] - Newspaper clipping here.
  • Why did Naomi said "Charlie just got rescued?" [Ben implied that they will all die if Naomi made the call... but as what we've seen, he died a hero.]
  • Why did Ben said "its the beginning of the end?"
  • Why is Walt back on the island?
  • Who or what is Jacob?
  • What does Jack mean when he said "I am sick of lying... we made a mistake... we were not suppose to live... we have to go back, Kate."

    Does anyone have the answers or theories?

    9 months to go before season 4 premiers! Can't wait!

  • Thursday Thirteen #22: Tips for Travellers

    This is really cool... the guy is playing the piano using balls.


    13 Tips for Travellers
    [I guess this is being practice in most international airports]

    1. For your carry-on baggage, no liquids allowed [including liquors]. You can bring your empty water bottle and just refill it from the fountain after you went through the whole screening process.
    2. If you are travelling with baby, you are allowed to bring formula milk.
    3. If you are travelling with kids over 2 years old, rule number 1 will apply - no liquids, no tetra pack juices in container of more than 100ml.
    4. If you should bring a toothpaste, lotion, perfume, hairspray, bodyspray, shampoo and conditioner and anything with gel on it - make sure the container is not more than 100ml. It is important to remember that it is not the contents that counts but the size of the container.
    5. And make sure that these items are put in a ziploc bag, including lighter and nailclipper.
    6. If you do need to bring the above items in more than 100ml container, please put them in your check-in luggage.
    7. Absolutely no sharp objects, pocket knives, scissors [irregardless of the size] in the carry-on baggage.
    8. It is also important to remember that there are restaurants and shops in the boarding area. So don't buy your coffee unless you will be able to finished it before entering the security/screening area.
    9. If you need to discard stuff in the screening area, please don't take it out on the people who works there... they are just there to do their job.
    10. You are allowed to bring food/sandwiches/donuts/fruits... except for yogart that is in a container of more than 100ml.
    11. Make sure that your carry-on baggage is within the required size and maximum weight of the airline.
    12. In Calgary International Aiport, the prices of food inside the airport is the same price as those located outside the airport. So you will not to ripped off.
    13. Of course vending machine are priced higher than those that can be bought in stores.
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    Job Update

    Day 1 - Friday, Orientation day

    I find the orientation boring... and everything can be done in 4 hours but they stretch it out till 7 hours! I was really sleepy during the training. But the stories shared by our instructor were also interesting to hear. Makes me feel like I will enjoy the work in the long run.

    Day 2 - Saturday, First day OJT

    My shift starts at 5am and ends at 1pm. My day offs are Tuesdays and Wednesdays. There goes my weekend! The good thing is I finished at 1pm, so we can still do some road trips if we wanted to. [Sunrise now is approximately 6am and sunset is at 9:30pm already]

    I was standing for a total of 6 hours and 15 minutes... the rest were break time. We got 2 coffee break for 20 minutes each... and lunch break is 35 minutes long. But since its our first day, we were given a total of 1 hour and 45 minutes breaktime.

    Famous phrases I've said a thousand times since I started working:
          * Hello / Bonjour
          * Boarding pass please
          * Any liquid or gel?
          * Thank you / Merci

    We have a lot of Japanese tourist here, so I am able to used my basic Nihongo knowledge:
          * Konnichiwa ["hi" and "hello"]
          * Arigatou [Thank You]
          * Sayonara [Goodbye]

    My feet hurt from standing for 8 hours! We are not allowed to sit! I was really ready to quit after 3 hours into my first day at OJT.

    After my shift, I went home and pick up hubby and the kids... I need a driver to do some shopping for a more comfortable and soft shoes for my precious feet. My one day salary just went to a pair of Naturalizer black shoes.

    Total break time was again at 1 hour and 40 minutes.

    Day 3

    I find it hard to wake up this morning as I feel that my feet still wants to rest. The day turn out better coz my feet were not as tired as the day before, thanks to Naturalizer. But then I started to feel my back aching a little. Arrrgh! I think my bones are getting weaker already coz I am getting old!

    I've talked to a couple of people and ask them if this job is worth it, and they are all positive about it. They all say that it won't be as bad after a week or so.

    Day 4 - a statutory holiday [Victoria Day] but I don't get paid for stat.

    I really wanted to call in sick... since I don't get paid for working this holiday. [I need to be employed with them for 30 days before I am entitled for holiday pay.]

    When I woke up this morning, my body was saying to stay in bed... so I tried to call a 1-800 number to call in sick. But that number is not in service at that hour [I later found out that 1am is the last hour to call in sick]. So I have no choice but to drag my feet to work.

    I am on my day off for the next 2 days [Tuesday and Wednesday]! Yey! I think I should try to look for an office job [as soon as we came back from our vacation]! I am just not fit to be on my feet for 8 hours, 5 times a week! For now, I just have to get through the next 10 weeks!!!

    I felt violated

    Well, not really. I guess I am just too conservative.

    In Canada, it is very difficult to find a family doctor. So if you were able to find one who will accept new patient, grab it. You can always change but then, it will not be easy to find one. Specially in my case where I wanted a female doctor.

    I like our doctor in Scarborough [Ontario], so even after we moved to Mississauga, I decided to keep her as our family doctor despite the distance. Anyway, there are a lot of walk-in clinics in my area in case I really need a doctor fast. I only see her for myself.

    I anticipated that it will again be difficult to find a family doctor here in Calgary [Alberta]. But I did find one who accepts new patient, but its a male doctor.

    Last week, I needed a doctor ASAP, preferrably female one since I have sensitive issues I want to discuss... so after calling a lot of walk-in clinics, I finally found one closer to my previous work of place that have a female doctor who takes walk-in patient. I ask for her sched and even though I am in pain, I waited 2 more days just so I can see her.

    Once I got to the clinic, I specifically ask for a female doctor from the nurses station, and they said "yes"... after waiting for 30 minutes, my name was called and I found out that my doctor is male! Arrrgh! I was told that they don't have any female doctor to assist, but there was a female trainee who will do the examination for me. She claimes to be an OB-GYNE back in her hometown and that she's done it a lot of times. I guess she just needed to get her license in Canada to be able to practice medicine again.

    I was left with no choice as I allow her to examine me. I am in pain. Her hand is a bit heavy and the whole examination wasn't comfortable at all. Then she said that the male doctor have to check me up as she saw something else. Again, I ask if she can get me a female doctor instead, but she insisted that the male doctor is the best. So there, I felt violated being examined by the male doctor. I totally felt violated!

    So if you are planning to migrate to Canada, this is another consideration for you.


    Finally. I decided to end my contract yesterday [with the tax company]. I have 2 days to rest and clean up the house before its time for me to explore another job opportunity which starts this Friday. I hope and pray that I will be given the [shifting] schedule that will work for me and my family. Will keep you posted.

    I'm sure working for the airport will be interesting too since Calgary International Airport ranks as the 4th busiest airport in Canada. Job itself "may" be boring but then I wouldn't really know until I try it out. Meeting people, and possibly celebrities, would be interesting though, right? Wish me luck!

    I have to go for the job that pays well if we wanted to be homeowners someday.

    Tomorrow will be another BBQ party with 2 new families that we've met in Calgary. These families are usually booked on weekends, hence, we decided to do it on a weekday.

    A Mother's Day Treat

    Friday, May 11, 2007

    I went to my daughter's school for their Mother's Day Tea Party... first, they sang some songs in French and in English... then she surprised me with a card that read:

    She then proceed to show me her journal that read:
    "I love my mom because she loves me and my mom cook good food and she buys me toys."
    Saturday, May 12

    As a pre-mother's day celebration, we had a BBQ picnic in our backyard with two families... we had lamb, salmon, pork BBQ, chicken inasal and corn on the cob... we also had lumpia shanghai and pancit canton... Yummy!

    These 2 families were the ones who convinced us to relocate to Calgary. The first family moved in August while me/us and the second family moved 1 week apart.

    For dessert, we had fruit salad, cheese cake and lychees...

    Later, we had fun watching the spoof of Manny Pacquio in Wowowee at YouTube.

    Sunday, May 13

    As a mother's day gift to me, my kids clean up the basement! And it was done the way I wanted it done!

    Also during the kids liturgy at the church, my daughter made this for me --

    and my son bought me a rose [for $3] that was being sold at the church.

    Truly a wonderful weekend!!! How was your weekend?

    A must read article: The boy who had no ears...

    Photo Hunters #3: Five

    Me at age FIVE

    I love black and white photo, it gives the picture some elegance.

    A theme is given each Saturday. Post a photo that best represents the theme. New and old photos welcome. Post photos from your personal collection and not photos obtained from the web (please, no clip-art). Just play along once a week by posting a photo for the said theme. Click here for 2007 Photo Hunt Theme.

    Thursday Thirteen #21: Random Things About Me

    Thirteen Random Things About Me

    1. I am looking forward to a Mother's Day Tea party at my daughter's class tomorrow.
    2. I am looking to a BBQ party at our backyard this Saturday with some friends.
    3. Should I continue working with my current employer till next week? [I guess I am lucky that I have this option]
    4. Maybe I should, anyway, I don't have anything else to do.
    5. My new job's orientation [at the airport] has been moved to next Friday [the 18th]... now, I am having second thoughts about it.
    6. I also realize that I still don't know what I wanted to do with my life.
    7. Or the type of career path I want to take.
    8. What should I do??? I honestly don't know [yet]. ",) I really need to make a decision ASAP!
    9. After 3 months of doing taxes and no weekends, I am now enjoying my weekends off! Yey!
    10. I'm addicted to YouTube right now... I thought YouTube only contains short video clips, never thought it also have movies. I've watched 5 tagalog movies already in the past 3 days. Quality is poor but it will do for now.
    11. I sooooo love "bad boy" Robin Padilla...

    12. and Aga Muhlach - my all time favorite ever since his Bagets days. I hate the earring though.

    13. Lastly, advance Happy MOTHER's day to all mothers out there!
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    Photo Hunters #2: Childhood

    Baby pictures of hubby and me

    A theme is given each Saturday. Post a photo that best represents the theme. New and old photos welcome. Post photos from your personal collection and not photos obtained from the web (please, no clip-art). Just play along once a week by posting a photo for the said theme. Click here for 2007 Photo Hunt Theme.

    Home Alone

    For the very first time last week, I left Patrick "home alone" for 2 days for approximately 30-45 minutes each day. Once I need to take Trish to the doctor and the second one was to go to the grocery. So far so good. He really liked to be left alone.

    April 30. I gave him the house key. That was the last day of filing taxes and I antipated that I need to work longer hours. Hubby agreed to come home early that day. But in case he is late, I don't want my kids to be waiting outside.

    Glad to say that he didn't lose the key and that they didn't have to be alone since hubby arrived at the same time their bus drop them off. Patrick was kinda disappointed for not being able to use his key.

    On with the next step... I plan to enroll him in Red Cross Babysitting Program and Bike Safe classes.

    Job search

    Tax season is finally over and now I have to make a decision on what to do next...

    Job #1 [continue with my current employer even after the tax season]

    • flexibility in working hours
    • I enjoy the job
    • I can qualify to apply for EI [un-employment insurance] during my trip to Manila. [Never claimed EI before and not to keen about receiving it either, but it will help me with a little cash while we're on our vacation]
    • Low basic salary compare to other industries [as I will no longer receive commissions]
    • I only work 3 days a week [the office no longer open 7 days a week after the tax season]

    Job #2 [at the airport - I was already offered the job]
    • it's 10 minutes away from our home
    • it's a full time job with benefits
    • higher pay than job #1
    • may open doors for more interesting job at the airline industry
    • shifting starts at 4am or 5am but finishes by noon [so I will have plently of time to be back home before the kids comes home from school]
    • have to work on weekends [which hubby is not too keen about]
    • hubby have to wake up early to drop me off either at the bus stop or directly to the airport [which means that we will have to leave the kids asleep while hubby drop me off -- approximately 5 minutes to the bus stop or 20 minutes to the airport and back]
    • I don't think I will enjoy the job [I will be meeting interesting passengers for sure but the job looks boring to me, but then, I wouldn't really know until I try it.]
    Just thinking out loud. I need to make a decision soon!