Conversations #20

ME: Patricia, please finish your food.
PATRICIA: Mommy I'm full.
ME: How can you be full? You didn't eat your lunch in school and now you didn't finish your dinner.
PATRICIA: But I'm really full.

5 minutes later...

PATRICIA: Mommy, I want dessert! I want ice-cream.
ME: I thought you said you're full?
PATRICIA: [smiling and while rubbing her tummy] I still have a tiny place in my tummy for dessert.


Me putting on lipstick to get ready to go to work...

PATRICIA: [staring at my lips] Mommy you look pretty.
ME: Thank you baby. Do you want mommy to put some on you?
PATRICIA: NO! [then she ran away from me]

She has the same response when I ask her if I can put nail polish on her...


Heart of Rachel said...

Thanks for sharing this amuzing conversations with Patricia. I enjoyed reading it.

It's funny how kids sometimes have no appetite for rice meals but have more than enough appetite for dessert. My son is also like that.

I guess Patricia is beginning to be curious but not ready to try it for herself.

In the Phil., I see so many make-up targeted for children. I'm not too keen on the idea though. Would you believe my seven year old niece already knows how to put eyeshadow, lipstick and blush-on using her Barbie makeup kit? Talo nya pa ako! ha! ha!

lady cess said...

hahaha, hindi pa ready maging kikay si patricia :)
pero baka a couple more years and you'll find yourself wondering why your lipstick runs out too fast :D

marie said...

Patricia is not too keen on being kikay yet but, well, not with my girls. My 7yr old Keren has her own make-up kit now with curlash, eyeshadow, maskara, lipstick and face powder.

auee said...

That's also a typical conversation at my home during mealtimes. The only difference is halted pa ang speech ng anak ko, but I'm pretty sure those are the exact words he'll be using in a few months.

Junnie said...

hahaha...its obvious that Patricia is in that cute stage that she doesnt care about eating too much ice cream and not putting on make up.

in 10 years time, these will be both reversed. cherish the moments!

JO said...

Hi Rach,
I don't really wear a lot of make-up, I guess that's why she's a bit curious right now... but I'm glad she's not the type who likes to try on everything... yet...

Hi Cess and Marie,
Baby pa talaga si Patricia! I just have to savor this for as long as I can. I don't even buy her toy make-up.

Hi Auee,
Make sure you blog about it... kids ALWAYS says the nicest and coolest things!

Hi Junnie,
She has loss a lot of weight since we moved here... I guess the main reason is her losing her milk teeth one after the other... hence, she got no appetite. So we let her eat as much ice cream as she wants to, after all, it's a dairy product.

Raquel said...

Hay mga bata talaga, ang hirap pakainin. Pag sweets na, they don't say no.

Ha-ha, you will notice later wala na mga cosmetics mo Jo. Maybe,when she reaches 12 years old.

ann said...

Opposite naman tayo, ako i'm begging them to please tama na...hehehe.

I agree with Raquel, tin2 is 12 now at sya pa namimilit magpalagay ng cutex sa kamay.

Linnor said...

Hahaha... Until when she'll refuse the make-up, who knows, right? The scenario might change in a few years mommy Jo. :D Pag nagdalaga na si Patricia... ;)

ghee said...

betsu bara ang tawag nun sa japanese,Jo..betsu(separate) bara(tummy/intestine) hehe..
so,kahit na anong busog pa,basta sweet,may paglalagyan. :)

naku,si ally,ang agang nag kikay,minana sa ate nya,ngayon,medyo graduate na sha agad,hehe..

pero,pag umaalis,minsan,hinihiram pa rin ang lipstick ko,haha!

JO said...

Hi Raquel,
Ok lang sa akin kung ayaw niya, the longer she stay away from it the better.

Hi Ann,
Hehehe... I'm sure darating din ako diyan.

Hi Linnor,
At least you won't have this problem with your boys.

Hi Ghee,
How old na ba si Ally? Less than 10 y.o. di ba?

dangkin said...

parang ako din pala.. laging busog pero pag ice cream, 3 scoops ang gusto ko! :D

JO said...

Hi Dangkin,
Hehehe... ako naman pag busog, kahit na fave dessert ko pa, di ko na makakain... kaya kadalasan sa mga buffet, diretso meal ako [no appetizer na], tapos mag dessert na ako.. and then kung kaya pa, balik meal ulit.

MommyBa said... conversations...:)

HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

i too have a problem with my Patricia when it comes to food, parati may tira, but whenever i'm around this doesn't happen, but with the helpers she can get away.

When my Patricia was about your Patricia's age, hay naku, ang kikay, lahat ng nilalagay ko sa katawan gusto din nya ^_^

JO said...

Hi Liz,
Thanks! I'm sure you'll be recording your conversation with Basti soon enough.

Hi Girlie,
My daughter loves to play with jewelries and her princess crown and loves to dress up... ok na sa akin na hanggang doon lang siya ngayon.

Leah said...

I have exactly same conversation with my daughter. There's always room for dessert di ba.

Although , my girl loves nail polish and makeup..Minsan, sya pa naglalagay. And she's only 6.

JO said...

Hi Leah,
That is why I don't force her about it yet, she's too young anyway...