I felt violated

Well, not really. I guess I am just too conservative.

In Canada, it is very difficult to find a family doctor. So if you were able to find one who will accept new patient, grab it. You can always change but then, it will not be easy to find one. Specially in my case where I wanted a female doctor.

I like our doctor in Scarborough [Ontario], so even after we moved to Mississauga, I decided to keep her as our family doctor despite the distance. Anyway, there are a lot of walk-in clinics in my area in case I really need a doctor fast. I only see her for myself.

I anticipated that it will again be difficult to find a family doctor here in Calgary [Alberta]. But I did find one who accepts new patient, but its a male doctor.

Last week, I needed a doctor ASAP, preferrably female one since I have sensitive issues I want to discuss... so after calling a lot of walk-in clinics, I finally found one closer to my previous work of place that have a female doctor who takes walk-in patient. I ask for her sched and even though I am in pain, I waited 2 more days just so I can see her.

Once I got to the clinic, I specifically ask for a female doctor from the nurses station, and they said "yes"... after waiting for 30 minutes, my name was called and I found out that my doctor is male! Arrrgh! I was told that they don't have any female doctor to assist, but there was a female trainee who will do the examination for me. She claimes to be an OB-GYNE back in her hometown and that she's done it a lot of times. I guess she just needed to get her license in Canada to be able to practice medicine again.

I was left with no choice as I allow her to examine me. I am in pain. Her hand is a bit heavy and the whole examination wasn't comfortable at all. Then she said that the male doctor have to check me up as she saw something else. Again, I ask if she can get me a female doctor instead, but she insisted that the male doctor is the best. So there, I felt violated being examined by the male doctor. I totally felt violated!

So if you are planning to migrate to Canada, this is another consideration for you.


evi said...

my aunt referred us to her doctor and he's male. i didn't have any choice since we were new. he examined me for three consecutive years but everytime after my pap test, my husband felt very uncomfortable. lasy year, i finally found a female doctor. well, my son and husband remained with the male doctor.

i felt violated too when i had my colposcopy test. the examiner did not allow my husband inside the room because it'd be crowded they said. but i was surprised to see a male intern there. they did not even bother to ask me. he ended up holding my hands to comfort me and give me tissue to wipe my tears. he acted like my husband.

evi said...

oh by the way, how was your examination?

dangkin said...

awwww... i'm glad i have a female doctor. my husband is always the one incharge of finding one for us since he is the one who don't feel comfortable of me being examined by males :P

hope your examination went well..

Linnor said...

I'd feel the same way Jo. I've had my OB GYN for the last 14 years. In her absence, I have another back-up female OB GYN. That's how I'm "scared" of having a male doctor.

I hope everything comes out ok with your tests.

ladycess said...

oooh.. big hug from me. it must have been a really tough time for you.

Raquel said...

I feel the same way too. But I will prefer the expert whether a female or male when it comes to health.

I am puzzled of what they saw. I hope your examination went well.

JO said...

Hi Evi,
I'm glad you finally found a female doctor... I hope I can find one soon.

Hi Dangkin,

Hi Linnor,
Am still waiting for the result of my pap test, which they say might take a month.

Hi Cess,
Thanks! I needed that.

Hi Raquel,
My anesthesiologist was male, but that was ok with me as he never touch me on my private part.


The overall exam was ok, nothing deadly. ",) Though I am still on medication. Hopefully everything will be back to normal soon.

vernaloo said...

Never experience a pap test but I think I will also be uncomfy with a male doctor.

Hope things are okay Jo.

auee said...

Thankfully I never had to deal with male nurses or OB-GYNE here. I'd be as uncomfortable as you, otherwise.

I hope your test results are okay.

Gina said...

I had to wait for a few months for the OB Gyne to see me for some fertility work-up last year. In the Philippines, basta may pera ka to see a specialist, if you have any medical concerns, pwede ka kaagad magpakonsulta. Sometimes,I do feel frustrated and helpless here in Canada. (sometimes...)

JO said...

Hi Verns,
It is very uncomfortable indeed. I actually admire my friend whose OB is male. She have 3 kids!

Hi Auee,
Welcome to my blog!

Hi Gina,
Frustrating talaga to find a good doctor in Canada.

ann said...

I had a male OB for my 3 kids, nakakailang din pero sya raw yung magaling eh.

JO said...

Hi Ann,
Siyempre we wanted the best doctor for ourselves... alam din naman natin na may magagaling na babaeng doctor... mas mahirap lang talaga silang hanapin.

MommyBa said...

I don't think I can ever be handled by a male doctor, kung OB-Gyn services lang din ang usapan. My Mom had a male OB and somehow bumilib ako sa kanya. 'Di yun kaya ng powers ko.

I just hope you'll find the right doctor for you.

fennymun said...

I totally understand how you felt, me too - I always insist on female doctor and luckily, it's easy to find one in here. Good luck!

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Jo. I understand. I also prefer female doctors. I'm sorry that you had no choice at that time. I really hope the results of the test was favorable. Hope everything is okay. Take care!

JO said...

Hi Liz,
In Canada, it is just impossible to find the one that you like.

Hi Fenny,

Hi Rach,
I should just continue my search for a female doctor and not wait till I needed one to find one.

MrsPartyGirl said...

i understand. ako din parang hiya ako to go with a male OB-GYN. kaya umuuwi pa ako sa pinas para magpa-pap test kasi love ko OB ko eh hehe.

i hope you're ok :)

JO said...

Hi Meeya,
Kung ma afford ko lang, I would rather go back to my OB in Manila... she's really very good kasi!