Job search

Tax season is finally over and now I have to make a decision on what to do next...

Job #1 [continue with my current employer even after the tax season]

  • flexibility in working hours
  • I enjoy the job
  • I can qualify to apply for EI [un-employment insurance] during my trip to Manila. [Never claimed EI before and not to keen about receiving it either, but it will help me with a little cash while we're on our vacation]
  • Low basic salary compare to other industries [as I will no longer receive commissions]
  • I only work 3 days a week [the office no longer open 7 days a week after the tax season]

Job #2 [at the airport - I was already offered the job]
  • it's 10 minutes away from our home
  • it's a full time job with benefits
  • higher pay than job #1
  • may open doors for more interesting job at the airline industry
  • shifting starts at 4am or 5am but finishes by noon [so I will have plently of time to be back home before the kids comes home from school]
  • have to work on weekends [which hubby is not too keen about]
  • hubby have to wake up early to drop me off either at the bus stop or directly to the airport [which means that we will have to leave the kids asleep while hubby drop me off -- approximately 5 minutes to the bus stop or 20 minutes to the airport and back]
  • I don't think I will enjoy the job [I will be meeting interesting passengers for sure but the job looks boring to me, but then, I wouldn't really know until I try it.]
Just thinking out loud. I need to make a decision soon!


MrsPartyGirl said...

hi jo, you said it yourself: you'll never know until you try. i think its good to spread our wings from time to time. why not give it a try and see how it goes? malay mo, you'll earn lots of money so you can get a car for yourself so as not to inconvenience hubby anymore, hehe. besides, all your tax knowlege will still be there if you decide that a career with the airlines is not for you.

evi said...

i usually get discouraged right away if the job requires me to work weekends. well, that's me.

sometimes we take the job that pays good even if we don't like it because of our needs. if there's no dire need, take that job that you want.

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Jo. When I was still working, I was particular with my weekends. I'd like my weekends to be free. I also prefer a job that I enjoy doing because at the end of the day, I'd like to be able to go home without carrying extra baggage of stress with me. These are my personal preferences.

As for you, I do hope that you can weigh the pros and cons with your husband and come up with a decision best for the whole family. Good luck!

JO said...

Hi Meeya,
I plan to do taxes every tax season until such time that I have a fulfilling career.

Hi Evi,
Hmmmm... I can't get a regular 9 to 5 job since I need to be home before my kids come home from school [which is 4pm]... shifting is my only option, but like all shifting position, you can't really choose the days you want to work. I am in dire need to money for our trip to Manila.

Hi Rach,
I already gave up my weekends during the tax season, which is fine since its winter and its too cold to do outdoor activities.

Linnor said...

Hmmm parang nakaka-engganyo yung job#2... :D Hehehe.... The Lord will surely give you the wisdom to choose the better one from the two options. Do let us know which one you finally accepted. ;)

ladycess said...

kung ako siguro, i'll choose 1. i dont like working on weekends kasi.
at saka, for me valuable ang flexible workign hours. but that's just me. :)

good luck!!!

MommyBa said...

Good luck and I hope you'll be able to choose the right job for you with God's help and guidance.


Francesca said...

Eto say ng lola mo francesca:

are you happy to work like that?
The kids will not miss mama?
Husband can cope up without you in the house?
Is the salary worth the waking up at 4am or 5am. Bah, kasarapan ng tulog yan, haha.

all in all, balance everything.

And,i can understand your excitemnt in going home sa Pinas. Dala ka suntan lotion at naku, init don, napakamahal pa sa shop bilhin!
pasalubong pagbalik ha?

Raquel said...

Maraming cons sa Job#2, especially the lack of time with the family. Baka your trip to the Philippines ay ma cancel pa.

Job #1 nalang muna then after your vacation tsaka ka na maghanap ng work, marami pa naman jan.

JO said...

H Linnor, Cess, Liz, Francesca and Raquel,

Thanks! Will be posting the update on this topic soon...

jean said...

hi there! bloghopped from somewhere kalimutan ko na. :) i worked at the airport before--with airlines and it has been the most interesting and fun job for me. yeah, you got to work weekends talaga but it goes on roster naman so there would be some weeks where you can have weekends free. same goes for the hours as well. you have to be alert all the time cause you're processing int'l documents and you pay for errors (even slight ones) at a very hefty price. digressing abit. so just want to say a job at the airport is really interesting :)if i lived near the airport id do the same thing all over again.

JO said...

Hi Jean,
Welcome to my blog. Thanks. I do have other options open right now, so we'll see how my job hunting goes.