LOST - Unanswered questions

I believe that LOST writers and producers are doing a great job! I love watching LOST and its island's mystery... it answered some questions but at the same time it keeps on opening more unanswered questions that makes you wonder...

  • Why did Jack said to the doctor: "get my father down here and if I'm drunker than him, you can fire me." [This was supposed to be a flash-forward and his father died before the crash?]
  • Why did Jack said to the pharmacist: "the prescription was issued by my father."
  • Why did Locke kill Naomi? [Isn't it that he can't even kill his own father for putting him in a wheelchair? And why didn't he kill Ben or Jack?]
  • And how did Locke know their whereabouts [Jack and the rest at Radio tower]?
  • Why did Naomi have a picture of Desmond and Penelope if she is not part of Penelope's crew? And how did she knew Desmond?
  • Who is in the coffin? [My guess is its Juliet, that is why Jack is really upset and wanted to commit suicide and why Kate said "why should I?" She hated Juliet. But then, why would he say "its neither friend or family?" It is really confusing!] - Newspaper clipping here.
  • Why did Naomi said "Charlie just got rescued?" [Ben implied that they will all die if Naomi made the call... but as what we've seen, he died a hero.]
  • Why did Ben said "its the beginning of the end?"
  • Why is Walt back on the island?
  • Who or what is Jacob?
  • What does Jack mean when he said "I am sick of lying... we made a mistake... we were not suppose to live... we have to go back, Kate."

    Does anyone have the answers or theories?

    9 months to go before season 4 premiers! Can't wait!


    evi said...

    i don't watch LOST. i heard from a co-worker that the season finale wasn't that good.

    JO said...

    Hi Evi,
    I actually like the season finale! If you can, try to watch it on DVD, starting from season 1.

    niceheart said...

    I also follow Lost and I enjoyed the finale, although as usual, there are a lot of questions unanswered. But that has always been the premise of Lost. I think the flash-forward is cool!

    Heart of Rachel said...

    My husband and I enjoy watching Lost and we've followed the series on TV. We're waiting for the new season to air here. We have so many questions too and we have yet to discover the answers.

    JO said...

    Hi Irene and Rach,

    I can't wait for season 4... am actually thinking of buying the season 1-3 DVD just so I can watch it again and again. ",)

    Francesca said...

    waaah, i cant relate, kasi palabas yan dito, but in french language!!! grrr and grrr!
    anyway, sa dvd na lang ata, ako para may idea, hehe...

    JO said...

    Hi Francesca,
    Naku, ma-addict ka siguro kung english yan. Manghiram ka na ng DVD.