A Mother's Day Treat

Friday, May 11, 2007

I went to my daughter's school for their Mother's Day Tea Party... first, they sang some songs in French and in English... then she surprised me with a card that read:

She then proceed to show me her journal that read:
"I love my mom because she loves me and my mom cook good food and she buys me toys."
Saturday, May 12

As a pre-mother's day celebration, we had a BBQ picnic in our backyard with two families... we had lamb, salmon, pork BBQ, chicken inasal and corn on the cob... we also had lumpia shanghai and pancit canton... Yummy!

These 2 families were the ones who convinced us to relocate to Calgary. The first family moved in August while me/us and the second family moved 1 week apart.

For dessert, we had fruit salad, cheese cake and lychees...

Later, we had fun watching the spoof of Manny Pacquio in Wowowee at YouTube.

Sunday, May 13

As a mother's day gift to me, my kids clean up the basement! And it was done the way I wanted it done!

Also during the kids liturgy at the church, my daughter made this for me --

and my son bought me a rose [for $3] that was being sold at the church.

Truly a wonderful weekend!!! How was your weekend?

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Bugsybee said...

Belated happy mom's day, JO!

Hmmm, pre-mom's day barbecue party - I can almost smell the barbecue and inasal and all the other goodies! How nice of your family to celebrate in honor of moms.

Your children are also very thoughtful. I love the card especially. Something that you should keep in a box and open again 20 or 25 years from now ... I can just imagine everybody's delight and the wonderful memories that it would bring!

MrsPartyGirl said...

i can see that you had a really happy mom's day! you deserve all of it. :)

evi said...

happy mother's day, jo! your post says you had a wonderful one.

marie said...

oh! what a treat! You're daughter is so sweet. Happy Mother's day.

Raquel said...

Very touching, both of them are so sweet...Happy Mother's Day Jo!

Ladynred said...

Very thoughtful kids you have Jo! I'm sure you are very proud Mom! Yummy foods!

JO said...

Hi Bugsy,
I do keep all of the cards from my kids... but thanks for the idea of keeping them in a lock box to be open years from now.

Hi Meeya,
Thanks! I'm sure you had a grand day too.

Hi Evi,

JO said...

Hi Marie,
Thanks. Both my kids are very sweet actually.

Hi Raquel and Agring,
Thanks! Wait till your daughters in pre-school, then she will surprise you with their lovely crafts.

Heart of Rachel said...

Belated Happy Mother's Day Jo. I'm glad you had a great time with the family. Sounds like you had a great BBQ picnic. I like all the food you mentioned. Yummy!

Your kids are so thoughtful. The card is beautiful. Now that Yohan will be going to preschool this year, I look forward to the day when he will bring home all kinds of lovely crafts. Your son is very sweet to buy you roses. As a mom, gestures like those you mentioned make the occasion extra special. Thanks for sharing.

ladycess said...

aaaww. fun-filled and uber touching. your kids are so sweet. and the meat looks yummy!

JO said...

Hi Rach,
Thanks! Second batch of mothers are coming this thursday for another picnic.

Hi Cess,

ann said...

Nakakatuwa yung mga bata eh no, parang si Josh din pala si Patrick mo, best mom daw kasi sa luto...hehehe.

JO said...

Hi Ann,
Its Patricia not Patrick who said that. Galing sumipsip ang mga anak natin no? ",)