Photo Hunters #3: Five

Me at age FIVE

I love black and white photo, it gives the picture some elegance.

A theme is given each Saturday. Post a photo that best represents the theme. New and old photos welcome. Post photos from your personal collection and not photos obtained from the web (please, no clip-art). Just play along once a week by posting a photo for the said theme. Click here for 2007 Photo Hunt Theme.


Heart of Rachel said...

Thanks Jo for sharing this memorable photo of your childhood. You look nice in your dainty dress and hat.

Thanks for visiting earlier. HaloScan is having some repairs done so my comment link is not working. Glad you dropped some lines on my chatbox.

Happy Mother's Day!

ann said...

Hello Jo! Ano okasyon dyan if you still remember? Santakruzan ba?

Happy mother's day!

JO said...

Hi Rach,
Happy mother's day to you too!

Hi Ann,
Flower girl ako sa kasal. Happy Mother's day to you too!

Ladynred said...

Very cute photo Jo. Happy Mother's Day too!

Jose said...

Great photo and awesome looking dress. Picture looks very well preserved.

Linnor said...

Ay buti may na-preserve ka na kiddie pic/s. That should be amusing to your kids as well.

Happy Mothers' Day!

Leah said...

Oh, you're so lovely. i love the dress.

Happy mother's day Jo

ghee said...

I love black and white photos din.
and i love the dress you were wearing :)

happy mother`s day,Jo!

dangkin said...

wow, i like the dress you are wearing, te jo.. ang cute! --little maria clara style..

happy mommy's day! :)

niceheart said...

I also love black and white photos. You look so pretty in that picture.

Happy mother's day. :)

JO said...

Hi Agring, Linnor, Leah, Ghee and Irene,
Thanks! Same to all of you! This is actually one of the very few photos that I still have... sad to say, I don't really have a baby album to reminisce with. Di kasi uso ang scrapping noon eh.

Hi Jose,
Welcome to my blog!

Hi Dangkin,

MommyBa said...

such a pretty picture of you :) very elegant.

i have joined the photo hunters and it's really a cool thing to do :)


fennymun said...

a really nice photo!

Just drop by to wish you have a Happy Mother's Day! :)

JO said...

Hi Liz,
Thanks! Glad you decided to join Photo Hunters.

Hi Fenny,
Thanks and same to you!

Raquel said...

Mukhang ayaw mo sa camera.

Anyway, I agree with you. Black and white photos are timeless too.

JO said...

Hi Raquel,
Shy ako eh... ",)

toni said...

belated happy mother's day!!! :)

JO said...

Thanks Toni!