Thursday Thirteen #21: Random Things About Me

Thirteen Random Things About Me

  1. I am looking forward to a Mother's Day Tea party at my daughter's class tomorrow.
  2. I am looking to a BBQ party at our backyard this Saturday with some friends.
  3. Should I continue working with my current employer till next week? [I guess I am lucky that I have this option]
  4. Maybe I should, anyway, I don't have anything else to do.
  5. My new job's orientation [at the airport] has been moved to next Friday [the 18th]... now, I am having second thoughts about it.
  6. I also realize that I still don't know what I wanted to do with my life.
  7. Or the type of career path I want to take.
  8. What should I do??? I honestly don't know [yet]. ",) I really need to make a decision ASAP!
  9. After 3 months of doing taxes and no weekends, I am now enjoying my weekends off! Yey!
  10. I'm addicted to YouTube right now... I thought YouTube only contains short video clips, never thought it also have movies. I've watched 5 tagalog movies already in the past 3 days. Quality is poor but it will do for now.
  11. I sooooo love "bad boy" Robin Padilla...

  12. and Aga Muhlach - my all time favorite ever since his Bagets days. I hate the earring though.

  13. Lastly, advance Happy MOTHER's day to all mothers out there!
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Malinda777 said...

Good luck with the new job decision. Those can be tough some days. Go with your gut and where you'll be most happy :)

Starrlight said...

Happy TT!

Qtpies7 said...

Oh, I'm a youtube junkie, myself! There is a really, really good one, search Mother's Day Card and you'll get it. Very funny.

toni said...

Robin Padilla! He's so intriguing, isn't he?!

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Jo! Sounds like an exciting weekend. Have fun at the tea party and the BBQ. Same here, up until now, I don't know what I really want to do with life. But I'm grateful for what I have and hope that there are more wonderful things in store for me in the future.

JO said...

Hi Malinda, Starrlight and Qtpies,
Thanks for visiting my blog!

Hi Toni,
He is so handsome and funny... don't really care about his personal preferences/life...

Hi Rach,
I'm sure it will be a fun weekend for all of us.

Leah said...

Maybe you were meant to be a SAHM and maybe doing blogging for a living. I like your designs btw (like your header for the blog and t13).

Love Aga and Robyn too. Guwapo nila ano?

Happy Mother's day. enjoy!

malaya said...

Happy Mother's Day!
Goodluck to your job orientation.
It's not bad to give it a try.
God Bless!

Francesca said...

Sa work choices, basta ok ang oras, ok ang salary, and enjoy mo ang work, kumbaga, no stress. Ok mga kasama sa work and ang Boss, di makulet!

sa Utube naman, if you want to have a good laugh, try: fawlty towers, you will love manuel there.

Hindi nga lang siya kasing guapo ng 2, but, he is Acute, yehehehhe!
from lola fran

Tani said...

Happy mothers' day, Mommy Jo! I dream of attending a tea party! Lucky you! Di kasi uso yan dito Pinas. Pati book club gusto ko magmember pero wala dito. Maybe I can start one... hmmmm... :)

JO said...

Hi Leah,
Maybe... but then it is a nice feeling to be receiving my own paycheck!

Hi Malaya,
Thanks! Yes, I should just give it a try.

Hi Francesca,
Sana ganoon lang kabilis mag decide. Dami ko kasing dapat i-consider eh, like I need to be home before my kids get home from school. That is why I have limited job that I can choose. Di puwede ang regular working hours for me eh.

Hi Tani,
Thanks! I'm sure your time will come...

Jeannine said...

Fun list.
Happy Mothersday and late TT! :-)

JO said...

Hi Jeannine,
Thanks and welcome to my blog!

Raquel said...

Maka Robin din ako. Si Aga nga pala medyo nag matured na sya ngayon, nawala na ang baby face.

Only you can decide, I hope you can make a good decision soon. Good luck sa orientation Jo.

JO said...

Hi Raquel,
Thanks. Yup, matured na ang face ni Aga, pero super pogi pa din!

jean said...

hi jo, speaking of robin padilla, i saw him in person when i was working at the airport. he had a flight to brisbane with his family. i'm no fan of him but he's so nice and down to earth, he even approached me to ask about overweight luggages. one of the pros of working at the airport :)

JO said...

Hi Jean,
I do hope I'd get to meet some celebrities too... hehehe... Calgary airport is the 4th busiest airport in Canada.