Thursday Thirteen #23: About My New Job

Job Update:

For me to work in the restricted area of the airport, I will need to have a red pass. It takes time to get a red pass because they will be doing a background check on you for the last 5 years. I was lucky I got my red pass 1 week after I applied for it. That was even before I started working. Some takes an average of 2-4 months...

The other requirement is the uniform. I got my uniform 10 days after I started, while there are those who have to wait for 3 weeks or more to get their uniforms. I guess I got my uniform earlier because I already have the red pass. Though I have to request for a new set of pants since that pants they gave me were way too big.

So next in line, I have to attend a 5-day training [hopefully by next week]. And after this, the "excitement" of the job begins and a $1/hour raise... hehehe...

13 Things About My New Job

  1. I am on a shifting schedule that works for my kid's schedule but I have to be at work by 5am. And I have to work on weekends! [No exception for new hires!]
  2. I get to meet different type of people from around the globe.
  3. It is 10 minutes drive from home.
  4. I get to speak "hi/hello/thank you" in different languages.
  5. I get minimum of 1 hour and 15 minutes to a maximum of 1 hour and 45 minutes or more [depending if we're busy or not] paid coffee/lunch break. Yey! [We need the break to rest our feet.]
  6. It is a no brainer job... but very physical work as we need to be on our toes for 6 hours and 45 minutes of our 8 hour shift. My feet and legs and body hurt from standing [especially the first few days of work.] I had to buy 2 new pair of comfortable shoes that is not within my budget.
  7. I get to learn the reason behind the security measures. [Sorry but I won't be able to blog about it. Confidential.]
  8. We are provided with uniforms so I don't have to worry about what to wear. [Uniforms includes white tops, pants, vest, cardigan, windbreaker, winter jacket, belt, tie and shoes.] But I look like a security guard minus the gun.
  9. Once I become a permanent employee [after 6 months], my medical/dental benefits are better than hubby's benefits.
  10. No commuting for me. I drive the car everyday. [Because of my shifting schedule, I need to have the car since there is no bus service going to the airport at 4:30 am. Poor hubby, he had to commute most of the time.]
  11. I have an indoor parking space [Actually this is hubby's parking space from his employer. My company also provides parking space but its in an open space and about 5 minutes walk to the terminal.]
  12. If we saw a celebrity, we won't be able to take pictures since no picture taking is allowed in the restricted area. Bummmer... and I was told that Charlize Theron was there last week!
  13. I have to "manually" sign in and sign out during my shift! [so low tech] If you forgot to do that, then you don't get paid!
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Chris said...

Great list, thanks for visiting my blog. Happy TT!

TeaMouse said...

It would be nice not to have to worry about what to wear to work each day, that's a plus and seeing celebrties, even if you can't take pictures would be fun.

Junnie said...

i think your job is good for you. it will help you in a lot of ways including giving you the exercise you always wanted to do. kakatayo and kakataas ng kamay....:P

MommyBa said...

I have always believed that it's great to work at the airport. I really think you have a cool job :)

I tagged you in my blog :)

Happy weekend :)

Raggedy said...

Great TT and congratulations on your new job!!!!
How exciting!
Happy TT'ing.
Mine is posted too.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Interesting list! Thanks for visiting West of Mars and I hope you get the proper-sized pants!

lady cess said...

i wonder how youll react if brad pitt comes to you :) ako sigurado mauutal ako :)

HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

the best decision you made, this job is really for you, all things worked for you (most in advance)...congratulations!

then you can go home on your breaks since it's just 10 mins away, is that possible?

JO said...

Hi Chris,

Hi Junnie,
Yup, I am getting my much needed exercise now.

Hi Liz,
I think so too... its just not easy the first few days... hehehe

Hi Raggedy and Susan,

Hi Cess,
I don't really know... manghihinayang siguro ako na wala akong proof... maybe I should get myself those camera phone para palaging handa.

Hi Girlie,
Nope. I get 20-40 minutes break, 3 times throughout the shift. Di puwedeng i-accumulate and take it all at one time... so I can't come home in between break. Besides, the airport is quite big, walking from one end to the next will take a lot of time already.

Amanda Young said...

Man, I do not miss number six. Standing on your feet all day is a killer. Of course, now that I work from home, my hiney is growing. It's a toss up. *g*

Heart of Rachel said...

That's a good list Jo. It's great that you have a job with many benefits. A job that teaches you new things and gives you an opportunity to meet different people is a worthwhile one.

Gina said...

You better not forget signing in & out for your shifts then! After all that standing and dealing with people, it would really suck if you don't get paid ;-)

By any chance , do you work for either Air Canada or Cathay Pacific? A SIL works for Air Canada as a ground crew and is forever complaining about her feet! But she does have really nice fringe benefits!
We always take Cathay flights when we visit Philippines and back.

JO said...

Hi Amanda,
Good for you... I wish I could work at home too.

Hi Rach,
Thanks! The job is not as bad as it looks... it does get interesting as I go from one level to the next.

Hi Gina,
The PL [Point Leaders] are there to make sure we all sign in and sign out on time. I work for the airport [security side] itself, not airlines. Maybe your SIL can refer me to get into Air Canada? ",)

evi said...

they pay well for your kind of job even here in YVR. you are closer to your dream of joining the mortgager's club.

Patrice said...

Wow! That is a great job! Meeting different people that would not be boring. Do you guys get free tickets to flights too? My husband used to work at the airport and he would get free tickets to any state he wanted to go to. He used to treat his Mom and Dad to trips.
Haha, just made me think of the series "Airline". Good you don't work the counters.

JO said...

Hi Evi,
Sana kung matuloy... but the prices of houses here are crazy high! Don't know if we will be able to afford one anytime soon.

Hi Patrice,
No free flights for us, we don't work for the airlines.

Linnor said...

Is free travel a part of your job's benefits? Im just curious. Because if it is, that's enough motivation for me. :D Something to really look forward to.

niceheart said...

With all that luck in getting the red pass and uniforms, this job must have been really meant for you.

Nice list. And congrats to your new job. :)

JO said...

Hi Linnor,
Nope, no free travel for me. Sana nga meron, definitely a good motivation.

Hi Irene,
Thanks! I will undergo training next week, wish me luck. Kasi if I fail the training it means I'm out of work!

Surfergirl said...

hi jo :)
do you work for the airline or airport? do you always have to be standing or will you get to be at the check in desk in time?

dont worry mabilis ang takbo ng panahon when you work at the airport :)

PS lets exchange links

JO said...

Hi Jean,
Airport not airline. Standing all the time. BTW, what's your blog link?