On childcare

I am organizing my daughter's 7th birthday party which will be held in the Philippines. And coming up with the guest list is not easy.

Here, when my son gets a birthday invitation, he is the only one invited. So we have to drop him off and then pick him up after. The adults [meaning the parents and aunties and uncles of the celebrants] will be the one to look after all the kids. It was so hard to explain to my daughter why she can't go. Except when its a Pinoy's party, of course we all know that the whole family is invited.

In the Philippines, as I am making my guest list, I have to ask if they are bringing yayas [nanny] to the party. Yes, yayas play a very big role in children's party. Some families would even bring 2 or 3 yayas if they have 2 or 3 kids under the age of 5.

Now that summer is here, and this will be the first summer that I will be working full time, I need to make arrangement for my kids. I have 2 options: summer camps or babysitter. Obviously babysitter will be cheaper than summer camp.

So for the first 2 weeks of summer, I will have to leave them with a babysitter which will mean that they will spend their time watching TV and playing GBA and DS.

For the third week, despite putting a big whole in our budget, I decided to put them in a 5-day summer camp. This will be a first for both of them as there was no need to send them to camp before.

Patrick will be in the Future Links Golf Camp [$275/week] while Patricia will join the Crazy Campers [$161/week]. For now, I can only afford one week of camp for both of them.

Future Links Golf Camp (Age: 8Y - 14Y)
Get into the swing of summer at Harvest Hills Golf Center. The morning is spent at Cardel Place swimming, doing crafts and playing sports. The afternoon is spent at the golf center where Maximum Golf School instructs them in the Future Links Junior Program. We end the week with a 9 hole round at McCall Lake Golf Course. All kids must bring their own clubs and balls. Transportation is provided between the golf center and Cardel Place.

Crazy Campers (Age: 5Y - 12Y)
Before the days of TV, DVDs and video games, children were free to explore their imagination and discover a world of adventures. Those days are back! Crazy Campers is a week to remember, filled with thrills, drills, sports, crafts, outdoor play, creative expression, cooking, dance, swimming and more! Each week has a unique theme and a common denominator - electronic gadgets are never missed.
The rest of the summer will be spent back home...


MommyBa said...

Camp's pretty cool but very expensive. But I'm sure they'll love the experience.

Malapit na ang bakasyon nyo! Can't wait to finally meet you and the family!

Happy weekend!

evi said...

i also looked at summer camps and it will cost approximately $1,000. i was about to book but some weeks are already full! at that time, it didn't hit me that it will amount to that. i tried to calculate and compare the amount i have to pay the babysitter with summer camp fees and it is not that much of a difference and to think the child will do better things than just watching TV. my only concern is that it's only till 3 pm which means i have to pay an additional fee for after care. now, that's a lot.

Junnie said...

45 days to go!!!!! ako imbitado sa birthday ni Patricia? heheheh

Love said...

summer camps can be expensive but they are tax deductible too. your kids will surely have a memorable summer with the camp and going back to manila.

ann said...

Nakaka excite talaga magbakasyon lalo at first time after so many years.(first time nga ba?) Every 2 yrs kami umuwi pero weeks before our flight may insomnia na ako...hehehe.

JO said...

Hi Liz,
Yes, I hope they will like it and make lots of friends. Mark down the date, its 11am, Aug 12, sunday. See you there!

Hi Evi,
It's a good thing I have a choice to leave them with the grandma of their friends, cheaper for me! I just can't afford to put them in camp all summer long.

Hi Junnie,
Uuwi din ba kayo ni Mitzi??? When??? The party is Aug 12, and of course you are invited!

Hi Love,
Yes, its tax deductible, but one week camp for them is equivalent to my one week salary already... might as well just stay home with the kids, lots of quality time pa, di ba? instead of working my butts off then it all goes to camp fees.

Hi Ann,
Not first time naman, but last time we were home was in Dec 2002 to Jan 2003... tagal na din...

HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

tama ka, dito kasama ang mga yaya sa parties.

i like the summer camp idea, buti nga dyan merong available, dito din naman but usually sa church, swerte nalang if the church that you go to offers summer activities.

woohoo lapit na uwi nyo, hope you have a memorable balikbayan trip

niceheart said...

That's also what my kids do in the summer, watch TV and play games. They are lucky to have their cousins next door, so they also play outdoor games. Camps are fun and educational, mahal nga lang talaga.

tani said...

when i hear or read about summer camps for kids, i remember the movie the parent trap. must be tons of fun. :)
about children's parties here in the philippines, yup, the invite not only includes the kid being invited on the invitation card but also the family and the yaya if the kid has one. ang saya! :)

JO said...

Hi Girlie,
Mura naman ang mag hire ng yaya diyan, kaya siguro di uso ang summer camps.

Hi Irene,
It's a good thing we will be home for the summer... menos sa gastos ng camps at babysitter.

Hi Tani,
I remember my son's first birthday there, the yayas are like 1/4 of my guests... imagine 25 out of 100 guests are yayas. ganoon sila kadami! ",)

vernaloo said...

whoa! so summer camps are expensive pala :) but surely it will be worth it considering the fun your kids will have :) sometimes I wish that we also have those here in the PI during the summer.

auee said...

oh yes... sometimes I can't wait til my son's old enough to want his "own" party. You know just his friends not the whole barangay hehe, mind you I don't do that now but still inviting just the close friends can still add to a lot of guests.

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Jo. Wow, malapit na ang bakasyon ninyo. I'm sure everyone's excited.

Yes, in Phil. setting, you really have to include yayas in the list since most families have yayas for small children.

Summer camps sound fun. I hope the kids will have a great time.

lady cess said...

wow a camp! thats so cool! sa ibang bansa lang ako nakakarinig nyan, dito wala akong alam na ganyan.

oo nga, pag ma-organize ka ng party dito, you have to ask talaga for the headcount para mapaghandaan mo ang food :) nung panahon ng nanay ko, rsvp is not observed, pero ngayon lalo na pag kiddie parties, hindi pwedeng wala yan :) anyway, im sure its going to be fun. minsan lang naman so im sure bongga yan, at ang dami-dami nyong bisita. take care!

JO said...

Hi Verns,
I'm sure it will be worth it! Masakit lang sa bulsa.

Hi Auee,
I can't believe that my guest lists are more or less 100 people! ",)

Hi Rach,
Can't wait to meet you and Yohan...

Hi Cess,
I'm combining meeting my friends again [after 5 years] and my daughter's 7th birthday... para mas matipid! hehehe

jenee said...

hi jo!im also preparing my baby's 1st bday, and oo nga kailangan ko isama sa guestlist ang mga yayas. magadd nga din siguro ako ng game for the yayas hehehe... summer camp sounds cool, but expensive ha!

JO said...

Hi Jenee,
Yup, expensive but hopefully worth it! Basta mag enjoy lang ang mga bata, ok na.