Waterton Lakes National Park

As I mentioned before, I don't have any weekends since I started my job at the airport. But when I went to my 5-day training, I asked for one day off, and they gave me last saturday... so rain or shine, we went on a road trip.

It's a 3-hour drive south of Calgary. This is also near the border of Montana, USA. There is actually a cruise that will take you to Montana, but the other family with us don't have US visa. I guess we will just have to do this some other time.

It was a bit cloudy that day... and it also rain in the afternoon... but overall, we still had a great time with tons of pictures to remember it by! This was our advance Father's day celebration.

If you can't see the slideshow above, please click here.

Waterton Lakes National Park borders Glacier National Park in Montana to the south, and together they make up the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park, the first of its kind in the world. A place like no other, the uniqueness of Waterton Park is a blend of unusual geology, mild climate, rare wild flowers, and an abundance of wildlife. It is a scene which has remained unchanged for centuries.

Waterton Lakes National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, an International Peace Park, and a Biosphere Reserve! The only park in the world that has these three designations!


Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Jo! Belated Happy Father's Day to your husband. I'm glad you had some much needed time off to relax and unwind with the family. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos.

Linnor said...

That hotel looks like a huge house from a distance.... Lovely pictures! :)

evi said...

may red rock canyon din pala sa canada akala ko sa nevada lang. anyway, i like cameron lake. come to think of it, canada is truly vast.

Bugsybee said...

Thanks for the slideshow. That was almost like going on a tour with you. I especially liked the lake view from the hotel ... woooow, so serene!

JO said...

Hi Rach,

Hi Linnor,
I wasn't expecting it to be a hotel actually. But its a honeymoon hotel so to speak.

Hi Evi,
Lovely, isn't it? Waterton is also near the border of BC.

Hi Bugsy,
You're welcome! Wish it was a sunny day though. I'm sure the pictures would be twice as lovely on a sunny day.

lady cess said...

wow, nakakatuwa nga ang place, sarap mag-relax dyan.

Junnie said...

naku the kids are growing so fast!

the view from the hotel is like heaven. its a waste of a view kung pang honeymoon lang...di makikita ng mga newly wed. if you know what i mean. :)

vernaloo said...

those are great shots Jo! It must have been a really great vacation. Anyway belated HFD to your hubby :)

JO said...

Hi Cess,
Scenery is really nice! we plan to go back on a sunny day.

Hi Junnie,
Yup, time flies... kids misses you and Mitzi very much.

Hi Verns,
Thanks! It's just a day trip... though there are lots of activities to do there, maybe next time we will plan a longer day.

tin said...

hi jo! nice pics! kami rin, instead of catching up on rest and sleep, 'must' na pumasyal kami as a family on weekends!

Diana Joy said...

Oh my goodness!
I'm from Missoula Montana!!!
Looking at your pictures makes me miss it all the more! In fact my twin sister lives in Frenchtown Montana!!!
Did you have a chance to stop by the hot springs in Lolo???
I'm with ya on working sooooo much.
My life has been crazy between writing and my day job :p
Love the slide show!
I am totally addicted to that program myself. Picture are a wonderful way of showing the world your life! I totally enjoyed them!!!!!
Got to go!
God bless!
Diana Joy
I have a new blogger friend...
stop by and say hi and tell her Diana Joy sent you :) hehehehehe
Here's her link!

JO said...

Hi Tin,
Thanks! Weekends should be family day! Kahit na trip to the grocery is like a family trip for us. ",)

Hi Diana,
Is Missoula along the Canadian Rockies too? I know that Montana is a big state. Didn't see the hot springs yet. Is that in Montana? We will definitely try to cross the border on our next trip to Waterton.

niceheart said...

I enjoyed looking at the pictures. Waterton looks like a very scenic place.

jenee said...

hi jo! great pix! wish i could travel as much as you do!

Raquel said...

Wow, great photos...cool na cool. Movie house and Red Canyon are interesting.

Analyse said...

my kind of weekend..

JO said...

Hi Irene,
It is... and in some ways it has a much nicer view than Banff.

Hi Jenee,
That's just a road [day] trip.

Hi Raquel,
Thanks! The movie house looks like just a regular house no?

Hi Analyse,
Yes, my kind of weekend too! Wish we could do it more often though.

ann said...

Ang ganda ng camera mo, yan ba yung gift nung friend mo dati? Para na rin kaming nasama sa pasyal.

JO said...

Hi Ann,
Thanks! Yup, this is the camera.

marie said...

Great slideshow, very serene and soothing to the senses, I mean relaxing.Uy lapit na Manila trip niyo.

JO said...

Hi Marie,
Thanks! 30 more days to go....