Manila update #1

Our flight was quite long... about 22 hours with the connections, plus our flight was delayed, twice! We arrived Manila past midnight Friday. Immigration was a smooth process, no hassles. Could it be because everybody was already tired from the long day?

Anyway, upon arriving, we had 4 hours of sleep. And by lunch time we are off to the dermatologist for my son's skin asthma that occured during the flight only! Haaaayy... And then I met my best friend at Glorietta late in the afternoon.

My first food trip was the "House of Minis" at Glorietta's food court. Yummy... I can't believe the prices anymore... I used to pay P55 for a Salisbury steak meal, now its P90. Prices have gone!

I browse through the stores at Glorietta, and I can't believe that an ordinary [branded] t-shirt costs about P800 already... and shoes are averaging P3000++. Even kid shoes are at P250++.

Here's my first day expenses:

P1533 -- Full tank gas
P 48 -- Toll [one way]
P 255 -- Lunch at McDo [for 3]
P 355 -- SIM card plus P300 load
P 251 -- Dinner at Glorietta's food court [for 3]
P 75 -- Parking
P 800 -- Consultation fee [Derma] plus medicine
P 120 -- 3 books for my kids

Today, I bought my new toy! A Motorola SLVR L71. This would have cost me CDN $205 in Canada, here, I bought it for P6400 [CDN $150]. I think its a very good deal.

I remember when I started working [in 1991], my monthly salary was just P3000. And with my first 9 months salary then, I was able to save for a trip to Hong Kong. Of course, I didn't have much expenses then since I live with my parents and am not obligated to pay any bills around the house. But now, P3000 [CDN$ 71] is nothing.

And to think that the Philippines have the 3 largest mall around the world, which just proves that Filipinos love to shop!


kai said...

Hi Jo,
I'm glad you and your family arrived safely in Pinas. Have fun...

Francesca said...

Haha, kakagulat ba?

Ganun na ngayun sa Pinas, and you wotn imagine how some keep up?
Eh 6000lang minimum nila dyan!

anyway, dont think too much about the high price, or else baka ma discourage ka to go out.

The worst expenditures I made was when I went to a class parlor, in phils and they robbed me with 10,000pesos for hair spa, manicure pedicure, foot spa.
Gulat ako! tinaasan ang price kasi sama ko Lolo?

Eventually, pasama na ako sa tour guides ko, mga anak ko. Sila sabi where I should go, kaya tifid!

enjoy ur holidays, and if got time, visit the dentists there before going home.
Mas mura kasi kesa sa France.

JO said...

Hi Kai,

Hi Francesca,
5 taon din yun huling nandito ako... gulat lang ako sa mga presyo ng bilihin. Pag mag shopping ako, iniiwan ko ang mga bata sa bahay, kasi pag ng english sila, i'm sure tataas din ang presyo para sa akin. ",)

evi said...

hey jo! i also took axel to the derma while we were there coz he had huge swollen bites. not sure if they were mosquitos or some kind of bug.

bilib ako sa yo! you were able to note all of those expenses. yup, cellphones are way cheaper there than here. money is like water there. parang biglang nag-spill ba.

keep us posted. i want to know every detail kasi parang feeling ko andyan na din ako. shocks, inggit ako nasa pinas ka.

Raquel said...

Hi Jo, I am with you on the prices. Tumaas parati ang mga bilihin pero ang sweldo, hay nako.

I hope Patrick will be better soon.

Enjoy your stay and eat as much as you can, ha-ha. By just thinking of the Filipino food, my mouth is watering. *wink*

pao said...

don't forget to eat fresh seafoods at the 'dampa' in macapagal ave. (near SM Mall of Asia).

enjoy your philippine vacay! :)

Patrice said...

I can't believe the prices are that bad in the Philippines!!! I have only been away for 3 years but then like they say, a lot can happen in 3 years. Haay...
I was planning to buy a phone too in the Philippines but now I am hesitating. For some (idiotic) reason, Verizon, my cellphone provider does not support GSM phones only CDMA and they do not have sim cards and operate on a separate wavelength(?). I think it would be a waste of money on my part if I end up buying a phone that I can't use here. Hmmm, need to do more research about this matter.

JO said...

Hi Evi,
I have to note all our expenses, kasi it need to be within our budget. I dont want to be in debt once I get back to Canada. Mabuti na yun may accounting, di ba?

Hi Raquel,
Ay grabe talaga! I had dinner nga last night with friends, 3 lang kami, we ordered, gambas, an angus beef steak and paella valenciana, our bill is P3600 na!

Hi Pao,
I'm sure I will get the chance to eat at Dampa... meron din yan dito sa Sucat lang. Just waiting for hubby to arrive.

Hi Patrice,
You should do your research first, but if you can, just buy your cellphone here too. Kasi there's so many to choose from and at the same time it is cheaper!

Mich said...

awww, bakasyon galore na pala kayo! have fun and enjoy our country! ;)

Heart of Rachel said...

I can't blame you, I live here but the constant increase in the prices of commodities and services still astound me.

Enjoy each day of your trip.

MrsPartyGirl said...

the prices there were the first thing i noticed. sobra no? the prices of merchandise there aren't so far off from here, pero murang-mura talaga ang food and services (at super nice pa ng service!). kaya enjoy-enjoy mo lang as much as you can. tsaka mo na problemahin ang pagbabayad ng credit card pagbalik mo ng canada. :D

tc! :)

JO said...

Hi Mich,
Thanks! I sure am having fun.

Hi Rach,
I need to get used to the prices, para di na ako ma-shock. hehehe... will be going to tutuban today to shop, hopefully good deal talaga doon.

Hi Meeya,
Grabe no? Most of them are still cheaper than in North America, but still, thinking about the average salary here and the prices, parang sobra!

Kevin Lam said...

Wow! Ang sarap ng nasa Pinas, pero ba't parang ang mahal na ng mga bilihin?! I used to be carefree when spending at Manila, siguro next time I visit, have to check the price na.

P.S. I can post now, did u correct something?

JO said...

Hi Lam,
Nope, didn't change any of my settings. Mayaman ka kasi eh, kaya di mo napapansin ang mga prices! hehehe... I have to spend within our budget lang eh.

auee said...

"Filipinos love to shop!"

sabi ng asawa ko the malls are always full not because a lot more of us have money, but we treat malls like parks hehe

Good idea there on posting your daily expense. Gawin ko nga yan. Last year I was amazed how quickly my allowance was depleted, it's like 2000 pesos melt in your hand -- parang chocolate hehe

JO said...

Hi Auee,
Oo nga, punong puno ng tao parati ang mall, pero kakaunti lang ang may shopping bags na dala. Sa totoo lang, ang pera dito parang umaagos lang na tubig, ang bilis maubos!