My Other Cook and A Reward

July 13, 2007

Patricia loves to help out in the kitchen... she started out by setting the table [as early as age 5]. Now, she can cook rice and instant noodles. She also likes to help me stir whatever I'm cooking... and after seeing Patrick make some mashed potatoes before, she thought it was time she prepared something for the family...

Mashing the bananas and mixing it with flour,
then scooping them into the baking cups

And here's her Banana Muffin

Then it was time to prepare the [baked] Mussels

The kitchen was a bit crowded with her around... but we had tons of fun!


My Reward

Many many THANKS to Evi of The Butterfly Journal for this "reward"!

I love it!


evi said...

what a responsible girl. it's good to learn early in life. and it's all because of your efforts.

you're welcome, jo.

Raquel said...

Evi is right! It ia a good bonding time with the children too.

Hmmm, what kind of reward is that? Ang sweet naman ni Evi, maki visit nga sa blog nya.

Analyse said...

wow, a promising chef! the baked mussels look yummy.

JO said...

Hi Evi,
Now I need to look for simple recipe for kids to do... looks like they want to do this on a weekly basis.

Hi Raquel,
Too much mess... but yes, its a good bonding time with the kids.

Hi Analyse,
Baked mussels are our favorite food.

Toni said...

It's great involving her at an early age in the kitchen! That way she'll be really comfortable in it and look forward to preparing meals on her own too. The muffins look delish!

vernaloo said...

so sweet of Patricia and it's nice that the willingness comes from her.

I's a great way to bond with your kids. I remember "helping" my mother bake when I was little. I did more messing than helping of course but she didn't mind really...twas fun.

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Jo. First of all, thanks for greeting Yohan Happy Birthday. I really appreciate it. I'll share more about his birthday soon.

I think it's wonderful that Patricia shows great interest in the kitchen. Those banana muffins certainly look appetizing. I love baked tahong. Yummy!

You're doing a great job raising your children to be responsible.

Take care!

Heart of Rachel said...

BTW, those are lovely things from Evi.

ann said...

Sana hanggang paglaki nya enjoy pa rin sa kitchen. Si tin2 ko laging nadudurog ang niluluto sa sobrang halo..hehehe.

Lapit na pala bakasyon nyo.

tin said...

when patricia grows up, i'm sure she'll cherish all the fun moments with mum.

i hope i can bake yummy muffins like patricia does! :-)

JO said...

Hi Toni,

Hi Verns,
If there's no mess, then its no fun, right?

Hi Rach,
You're welcome.

Hi Ann,
Yup, super excited na kami.

Hi Tin,
It's so easy lang... just mix cheese, garlic, melted butter and knorr seasoning, then top it to the mussels... baked for 20-25 mins at 350C. Try it!

Gina said...

It's nice that both your kids enjoy cooking. That's a skill that's really good to develop.
Oh, those are victoria's secret lotion and spray!Don't they smell just sweet?

Hey,Have a wonderful vacation (malapit na ,yeaeeah!)

Bon Voyage!

JO said...

Hi Gina,
Yes to both! Thanks!

MommyBa said...

Wow!!! Those muffins look so yummy to me :)

Ganda ng gift sa 'yo! :)


JO said...

Hi Liz,
Thanks! Muffins were yummy!