Photo Hunters: Creative

My creative daughter at work...
This was her bouquet of flowers for me last Mother's day!
After coloring, she's suppose to cut off the edges, and then
fold it around and viola, I have my bouquet of flowers!

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Heart of Rachel said...

Lovely work! It's nice when children take time to make creative presents.

Jo, glad you had a safe trip. Enjoy your vacation.

evi said...

are you blogging from the pinas na?

it's always good to encourage kids to enhance their creativity.

lady cess said...

wow, galing naman ng anak mo :) very creative indeed.

so youre here already! wow, im sure youll have a very hectic sched bec im sure every single one of your relatives would want to spend time with you. take care and enjoy!

JO said...

Hi Rach,
Thanks! It's our activity together at her school. She did the coloring, I did some of the smudging...

Hi Evi and Cess,
Yup, blogging from pinas na... I got so much to share actually. And since hubby is arriving this Friday, that gives me plenty of time to blog.