Tag #16: Things that I hate

I've been tagged by Mitch.

Hate is such a strong word, these are the things that I don't like.

  • Food you hate
    [nothing comes to my mind right now]
  • Fruits that you hate
    Durian [hate the smell!]
  • Veggies that you hate
    I'm not a veggie eater, so I hate most veggies.
  • Celebrities or people that you hate
    Hypocrite/back stabber
  • Event/Incident/Situation that you hate
    News like this
  • TV Shows or Movies that you hate
    Monologue, horror and nonsense movies
  • Type of Music that you hate
    Heavy metals and rap
  • Household chore that you hate
    Cleaning the bathroom
  • Things you hate about the world
    Politics and corruption
  • Things that you hate about yourself
    My short temper


vernaloo said...

I also hate vegetables!

evi said...

i also dislike cleaning the bathroom and ironing clothes.

lady cess said...

hehe, ayoko rin maglinis ng banyo, wala lang akong choice e. :D

Junnie said...

you have gulay...that's for sure!

ay, you actually placed it pala on the latter bullets.

Raquel said...

Durian..yummy! Hehehe...I love it!

JO said...

Hi Verns, Junnie and Raquel!

Hi Evi and Cess,
If only there's a self cleaning device for the bathroom... hehehe...

Mich said...

thanks for doing the tag, Jo! Ako din super short ng temper, lalo na kapag naglilikot si Alex. Haaaay!

auee said...

ohh you hate heavy metal? hehe

I hate garage

JO said...

Hi Mich,
You're welcome. And thanks for the tag too.

Hi Auee,
Sumasakit ang ulo ko sa ingay ng heavy metal... hehehe... palibhasa tumatanda na ako. ",)