Thursday Thirteen # 26: Random Things

Job Update:
I will be resigning from my job. They won't allow me to take a leave of absence for our trip to the Philippines, hence, I have no choice but to tender my resignation. Trip to the Philippines is more important to me/us right now! Even though I told them that I like the job and that I intend to come back, Management prefers that I resign and re-apply again. Oh well...

13 Random Things About My Job

  1. My morning brightens up when I see babies and toddlers sleeping in their strollers.
  2. My heart breaks when I see kids crying because we need to take their favorite stuff toys or bags or bottle of milk or their security pillow and blanket... which needs to be x-rayed before they can go through security.
  3. I get turn off by sexy/pretty ladies walking in with their mini shirt and tank top, and then I'll see the hair in their underarm. Ewww.
  4. I get to smell and touch stinky shoes [no choice here!]
  5. It breaks my heart to see love ones crying as they say goodbye to one another.
  6. I get to see a lot of smooching too... which at times is inappropriate already considering that they are in a public place.
  7. I get to interact with passengers who are high on drugs and alcohols.
  8. I get to greet passengers that smells really good... and those that even after they left my working area, I can still smell their body odors.
  9. I tell people that their pants zippers are open [don't like doing this though].
  10. I get to see some passengers who panic when the metal detector beeps on them, like its the end of the world.
  11. I also have to deal with deaf and mute passengers [which makes communicating very hard] and those with disabilities.
  12. I also have passengers who travels with their cats and dogs. One couple have a 2 year old son and 2 black cats. That's a lot of hand carry.
  13. So far, no celebrity citing yet...
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Raquel said...

Ha-ha-ha..#3. No comment.

Don't worry, makahanap ka rin ng ibang job. With your experience and education is not hard I guess. Or maybe, re-apply nalang din.

15 days nalang, wow! How long you will be staying in the Philippines Jo?

evi said...

that's too bad. i did the same when we went home to philippines but not because they won't allow me. i hated the job and the trip came like a blessing in disguise. hehe...

the passengers do make your job pretty interesting.

vernaloo said...

Oh I'm sorry to hear about the job...I mean since you like it. But I know the trip will be all worth it :)


Peter Plum said...

I hope you enjoy your trip, and maybe your job will be there when you get back.

Happy TT!

Francesca said...

naku, good decision yan day!

ba, ang uwi ng pinas, its not everyday that you do it.
And trabaho everyday, available yan!

ikaw fa!

dlhan mo kami manggang hinog ha?
Dito sa France, 4pcs , one kilo, nasa 400pesos!

JO said...

Hi Raquel,
Buti na lang at madaming job openings dito...but most likely, I will re-apply, kasi the sched works for me eh.

Hi Evi,
Yes, I do get to meet a lot of different type of people in my line of work.

Hi Verns,
Yes, the trip comes first.. hehehe.

Hi Peter,
Thanks and welcome to my blog.

Hi Francesca,
Dito din, $1 per mango, that's roughly P43 per mango... magkano na kaya sa pinas yan?

Leah said...

Its too bad a bout the job..oh well. At least you can extend your stay in the Phil. Have a great time.

And who knows, when you come back, you'll have more stories to tell about these odd people you meet if you do come back to work for them again

Tani said...

At least you still have the option of reapplying. :) Hope you see celebs soon. I read about Hollywood preferring Canada to shoot movies. Bon voyage on your trip to the Philippines. Don't forget to visit mall-land.. hehehe... plenty of new malls around. There's Trinoma in North Edsa, there's Mall of Asia in Roxas Blvd., and the number of malls in between as you go through Edsa. Also visit Serendra in Bonifacio Global City. It's the hip district these days. You'll be spending away your hard-earned cash in the Philippines, but you'll be happy doing so. :)

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Jo. I guess every job has its highs and lows. Don't worry, I'm sure you'll find another job when you get back.

Lapit na ang dating mo. Konting tulog nalang. :)

I'm sure everyone's excited. Take care!

JO said...

Hi Leah,
I'm sure I will have a great time there.

Hi Tani,
Will definitely visit those malls! ",)

Hi Rach,
It's a good thing there's lots of job openings here... so am not really worried.

marie said...

well, I'm sure dami pa available jobs pagbalik mo dyan.
Scary naman yung no. 7.
Uy lapit na manila visit mo, exciting.

JO said...

Hi Marie,
Yes, counting the days na lang...